A new crew of racialists is on the scene and they’re going to show us ‘done nuthin’ keyboard warriors where it’s at.

The National Social Nutwork is comprised of gangly teens whose entire knowledge of the world comes from social media. Except for the one book they’ve almost all read more than halfway through, Mein Kampf.

Armed with every Stormfront cliché imaginable, they’re taking Australia back to a time before the Jew Malcolm Fraser reversed the White Australia Policy and brought in all the gooks and wogs.

This is a special breed who aren’t messing about because they’ve read James Mason’s Siege and consequently have the answers which were staring us stiffs in the face all along but we were too gutless to see.

While we were going on about “nativism” and “Australia” these cluey young warriors had sussed that Australians are Europeans; not the olive-skinned mob from the continent, mind, but the ones from exclusively pale countries like Germany and Latvia. But they were also clever enough to jostle that insight with the disclaimer that only white people living in Australia are entitled to call this their soil (even if they’re Swedish-born Flemish-nationalist expatriates).

This, to their thinking, gives them a pass on the parochial nationalist stuff while enabling them to entreat hopefuls to the sexier National Socialism, which has mystical elements, and secret meetings.

See, us nationalists have failed where these young national socialists are going to succeed. That’s because they’re more courageous than us and go to the gym and inspect each other’s underwear for tell-tale signs of abnormal sexual practises. Also, they have read James Mason’s Siege.

Not afraid to pull balaclavas over their heads, dress up in black like TISM (or even ANTIFA for that matter), they’re showing us square heads how it’s done by sneaking onto Melbourne streets after dark and photographing themselves with a very derivative flag. This hodgepodge of a flag is a symbol (we think it is, anyway, because it might also be a quilt cover one of the boys stole off their mother) that is striking fear into Jew parasites like Anti Defamation Commission Chairman Dr Dvir Abramovich.

Abramovich is on hot-dial to every media outlet in the country. He is totally Australian having been born in Israel and his expertise lies in identifying extreme threats to the harmonious racial order enjoyed by Australians.

As such, the lads from the Nutwork were eager to highlight on their social media (because they’re heavily into letting everybody see what secret work that they’re doing) a recent Herald-Sun article which includes a quote from the Israeli-born Australian patriot.

The Herald-Sun article, titled ‘Melbourne neo-Nazi Group Seen As ‘Ticking Time Bombs’, plays right into the hands of the Nutwork by taking them seriously. This tactical error has been seized on by the Nuts and their leader, Jacob Pissant. Far from mocking of its hyperbolic moral panic archetype, the wolf pack is agog. See, now they’re on the map and striking fear into the heart of the system which they know cannot be used but must be fought.

“This group is a clear and present danger, and the worst thing we could do is to downplay the threat of deadly violence that such agitated and angry hardcore neo-Nazis pose,’’ Dr Abramovich said.

He added, “They dream of an Aryan Australia, without Jews, Muslims, Aboriginals, the disabled, immigrants, members of the LGBTQI community and anyone else they deem ‘inferior’.’’

Meanwhile, an ASIO spook was quoted as saying they are an “evolving threat”. And they would know since they’re helping them to evolve. After all, without a “far-right” threat the Aussie snoops would feel belittled next to their American counterparts in the CIA. That’s why they’ve worked hard over the decades to create credible threats in order to justify their existence.

This is all music to the ears of the National Social Nutwork which has eagerly linked to the article on their social media assets. They are hoping for more like it to bolster their number from a handful of ex-Lads Society & Antipodean Resistance members into a fully-fledged ‘movement’ that takes its orders from someone who won’t be Jacob Pissant because he looks too much like the singer from the 80s band Echo & The Bunnymen. Or, is he more Jesus And Mary Chain? Whatever…

Their website states that they wish for “the complete changing of the trajectory of Australia”. What’s more, they “don’t care in what way this is achieved. They add, “A revolution needs a revolutionary movement, not a club, a political party or means for self-enrichment and gain.” Naturally, the second-last last example goes entirely against history but given they’re barely out of jim-jams we won’t hold their youthful exuberance against them. After all, they’ve read James Mason’s Siege.

The trouble with this ‘at any and all costs’ posturing is that they’re technically giving everything ASIO needs to mark them down as a proscribed organisation, which would probably excite them.

This will have severe ramifications if they intend to continue pulling on their Ninja outfits and spray-painting decrepit walls at industrial complexes with revolutionary slogans. Or letterboxing their business card which has a design element reminiscent of the defunct United Nationalists Australia meets a surfboard manufacturer from Sydney’s Southern beaches.

Their “edginess” may be compromised slightly by this monumental design blunder but it bespeaks the underlying originality of the Nutwork. There has only ever been a whole bunch of other National Socialist groups before them, the histories of which they clearly know bugger all. But where those organisations were hotbeds of ASIO informants they’re going to break the mould and save Australia. If anyone has ever met Jacob Pissant, they know they’re in the company of a charismatic leader who just oozes masculine power and radiates hyper-intelligence. He IS, to put it plainly, an Alpha Male…

So, these revolutionaries, having read James Mason’s Siege and mastered his tactics will shortly be manufacturing pipe bombs and arming themselves with automatic weapons. The graffiti and stickering is just for today, tomorrow it’s going to be big explosions and disoriented crowds of non-Whites fleeing in all directions.

Or, maybe not. Because contradicting that whole line about revolutionaries and not being time-wasters like 100% of every single so-called nationalist who came before them, they aren’t advocating anything illegal. Yes, either this quote is tongue-in-cheek or they’re just the same as the rest of us, keyboard warriors.

Seriously, it says on their site, “We do not partake in or encourage any illegal behaviour. We hate and oppose the government; we want to see it destroyed, but we are not stupid enough to think that we can rectify things at the current time with illegal means.”

Well, maybe they haven’t read James Mason’s Siege after all. Still, if nothing else they’ve given the “Jews” everything they wished for—a genuine Neo-Nazi group to justify their petitions for harsher hate speech laws and bans on symbols. Yes, they saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it, providing no end of relief to ASIO who were worried they might have to return to playing up the danger of Islamic Terrorism in this country.

So, NAB would just like to say a big “well done” to this teenage honeypot and wish them all the best with the revolution. They are, without putting a too finer point on it, the real deal. Same as the last real deal, and the twenty-seven before that.

This is either TISM or the National Social Nutwork. The balaclavas make it hard to tell


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