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Chinese home grabbers seeking bargain-priced properties are lining up to take advantage of the crisis created by their government.

Young Australians had hoped that the down-pricing of property might create favourable circumstances for them to be able to afford their first home. However, the Chinese are not likely to allow Australian home buyers into our own market; not when China’s flexing its military muscles in the South China Sea and Pratas islands.

Robert Karic, a real estate adviser told Nine’s A Current Affair, “A lot of the mainland Chinese are seeing this as an opportunity to exploit a great deal. That’s what they’re going to see in the property market in the next six months. Wealthy mainland Chinese look towards Australia now to secure their wealth and health.”

Australia’s relatively easy ride through the bat flu is another incentive for the cashed-up communists to come down under and take our homes.

If ever an industry could be considered so low that its participants are little more than pond scum, it’s real estate. The only qualifications required for this industry are a predatorial sociopathic personality and a fake smile.

Michael Pallier is a race traitor AND a real estate agent, which is indistinguishable. He is an elderly geek married to a Chinese woman with a plain pan face and works tirelessly to import Chinese into Australia. They sell Chinese homes at inflated prices that force Aussies into a rental market no longer affordable to any but wealthy Chinese students. In short, his greed is in direct proportion to the number of homeless Australians he and his wife create.

He and his bank manager are delighted with the idea of Chinese piranhas swimming into our housing pool and stripping it bare. Therefore, he is a perfect choice to quote on the subject.

“They can’t get enough of it,” he gushed, popping a champagne cork. “Clean air, clean food, great education, safe environment — it’s a paradise for them.”

 “There is always demand and Chinese people will always like Australia,” his Chinese wife added, clinking glasses.

This is not good news to the 1.4 million Australians out of work thanks to China. It is no consolation for those forced onto welfare only to be called bludgers by fake nationalist Pauline Hanson, the Liberal party’s bellwether girl. It’s especially not good news if you’re one of the nearly 100 to have shuffled off this mortal coil while choking on a ventilator thanks to the Chinese. Frankly, any good Australian should be right now treating the Chinese like a turd in a swimming pool.

Australians who understand our history and who haven’t been brainwashed by the agents of China know that this is our country and not an extension of mainland China. They realise that having travel agents situated in China where new properties are advertised solely to wealthy Chinese is not in the national interest. It is, to put it frankly, a benign means of invasion.

Already we’ve lost our institutions of higher learning to the Chinese, and as a result, our homes have followed. Thanks to China, we’ve lost our jobs, and we can’t leave our dwellings. The reality of life in Australia will have permanently changed along with the rest of the world, all thanks to the Chinese, so it’s wonderful to think so many traitors in our midst are still concerned more with profit than sovereignty. It is what makes them so exploitable to the Chinese.

If anyone cares enough, they’ll use peaceful means to break up auctions where wealthy Chinese are and will target those traitors in the industry by exposing them. If you work in hospitality, and one of these quisling swine orders food, spit in it and hand it to them smiling. Likewise, harass their families and drive them out of whatever neighbourhood you live in.

If the government won’t do anything, it’s up to the people. Make it so the Chinese would prefer moving to Japan before they’d risk life and limb coming here. Get the message across. Do it legally. Smile. And spit them straight in the eye. Chinese are our enemy, no two ways about it.


  1. This is where we need a 3 part policy
    !. introduce rent control
    2. tax all collected rents
    3. only citizens can own investment properties( including housing , retail and commercial properties).
    This would bring about more affordable housing, lower rents and a higher disposable income. Putting less pressure on wages that would allow Australia to manufacturer again and reduce imports.

  2. It is up to each premier to keep their state save Unlike NSW where 62% of clusters can be traced to foreign students here come another 3000 of them. No wonder the other states what to isolated themselves from NSW.

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