Pauline Hanson has come out against the unemployed in an extraordinary attack on those forced onto Centrelink payments.

“[People] need to get up off their backsides and start picking fruit and other jobs that need to be done in this country. There’s too many lazy Australians with their hand out who think it’s their right,” Hanson said, speaking on Monday’s Today program.

The government has cold feet about its $1,500 a fortnight JobKeeper payment (worth $130 billion) and is looking for a cheaper model to lessen the budget hole. Ms Hanson has long acted as a bellwether girl for the coalition and her comments will be a test of how supporters react to her remarks.

“I think we’re going to be in a huge debt for a long time. It will create a bigger budget deficit that the future generations of this nation will have to pay back,” she said.

Ms Hanson came into office over two decades ago on an anti-immigration platform which she subsequently denied. A study of her political career has since shown a woman with expensive tastes and strong ambition who’ll run over her closet supporters to get what she wants.

Of particular concern, she has made nationalist-sounding noises but betrayed nationalist principles at every turn.

Currently, the former business-owner is making critical noises about China to woo patriots. However, back in 2016, she went in to bat for mining oligarch Gina Rinehart who partnered with Chinese consortium Shanghai Cred in the co-purchase of Kidman Cattle Station. Hanson appeared in a video in which she told her followers the sale was OK because Shanghai Cred was not connected to the communist party.

Either Ms Hanson is as ignorant as she comes across, or she was manipulating her followers, but all Chinese companies are connected to Beijing in one way or another as a price of doing business. Thus, on the question of China as much else, she cannot be trusted.

Hanson’s merciless assault on those workers who’ve made major sacrifices for the good of the country exposes a woman prejudiced against her own demography. Australians, still reeling from the COVID-19, haven’t come out of lockdown yet and she already wants to take their security and banish them to work-gangs. This is at a time those workers are feeling the most vulnerable.

It is high time Hanson’s gullible voters take a long hard look at who they’ve supported and what she is really like. Her prejudice against hard-working Australians who through no fault of their own have been forced to take government-offered assistance speaks volumes about the kind of woman she is.

It is time for Australians to wake up and make more of an effort to discern their politicians. It is time for Hanson voters to switch to a real nationalist party like Australia First whose entire existence has been a testament to true nationalist idealism and tradition.

Moreover, we call on Hanson to surrender her salary, which she hasn’t earned. Unemployed Australians could use the more than $200,000 per annum which she hasn’t deserved a cent of. Then perhaps Ms Hanson could get a real job, like fruit picking, or removing fatbergs from our sewers.


  1. Hanson is at least showing support for lowering immigration – and migrants are more likely to be unemployed than native born Australians.

    1. Lowering immigration is a given right now. She has spoken a lot more besides pleasing to patriotic ears. But they remained words enough besides to secure their support which she then channelled to the Liberals the party she supposedly went into politics to challenge. Let her call for an end.

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