A Chinese-Malaysian Greens MP for the upwardly Woke suburb of Newtown in NSW has written an op-ed piece for the SMH beseeching Australians to “Support (OUR) Migrant Workers and International Students.”

Jenny Leong is not only all the things listed above but just in case her inner-city credentials weren’t cosmopolitan enough, she is also described as being the NSW Greens multiculturalism spokeswoman.

That’s why we’re a little concerned by the determiner “our” since they’re certainly not ours. Perhaps we’re mistaken in thinking that she was addressing Australians and not her insular constituency. Right about now to be “Chinese-Malaysian” and ask over one million newly unemployed Australians to support those who come from the country that made them unemployed is so audacious as to require a wet towel across the jowls.

Leong IS a “migrant worker” only she belongs to the Greens so what she does can’t be considered work but you follow our drift. In many ways, she is an invader lecturing the invaded on how to treat their replacements. That aside, she writes, “Migrants are more than just a resource to be used to boost the economy or improve quality of life for Australians, only to be forgotten when they are no longer needed. People who are living in our communities on temporary visas have the right to be treated equally, with dignity and respect. They are our families, our friends, our loved ones.”

Jesus God, what PLANET are you on, Leong?! They are ALIENS, like YOU. How can they be “our” families, “our” friends, “our” loved ones? Unless you know something that you’re not telling us. They take our wealth, they don’t create it, and they are NEVER needed by other than the capitalist exploiters. Derrr. That’s like socialism 101 you bat brain. Besides, “THEIR” families, “THEIR” friends, and “THEIR” loved ones are all the way back in the land of Kung Flu. Or India. Or whatever contemptible mudhole they sprang from.

Furthermore, you just said they’re on “temporary” visas, so, aside from the fact we don’t even want those, their transient status permits everyone to not give a fig about them since they are, by contract, supposed to be shucking off back to their bamboo swamps as soon as they graduate from their bogus courses.

Anyway, that appears later in the piece, an earlier quote which is a doozy reads, “In my workplace, the NSW Parliament, most of the people who look like me — and those who reflect the diversity of our community — are actually not those sitting in the chamber; they are the ones working hard behind the scenes, serving the food, cleaning the offices and keeping things moving.”

In other words, they’ve taken jobs from needy Australians, a fact which can be witnessed just about everywhere in the service industry. It is owned and controlled by aliens like Leong, but we haven’t overlooked her remark in which she discloses a passion to see other foreigners exerting influence on the floor of OUR parliament.

“It is hard to ignore that while many of us work from home to avoid contact with COVID-19, almost everyone riding a bike with a branded delivery box on their back of restocking the shelves at the supermarket is a person of colour,” she writes, stunningly oblivious to what she’s actually saying.

Yes, indeed, and they’re WORKING, Leong, unlike over a million Australians who’ve lost their jobs thanks to the bat flu, which your people unleashed on the world. Moreover, you make work sound like indenture. Where you come from, it most certainly is.

Her next few paragraphs concern the “racial privilege” involved with the unloading of the Ruby Princess and how that’s a case for the kind of persecution that — as a big-mouthed migrant living large on the taxpayer with a pension and everything — she feels most cruelly. Aside from her words being chosen to appeal to the patent grievances of a non-White demographic they are delivered with all the forkedness of the Confucius Institute from which she learned her trade in propaganda.

When you have no other relevance during a pandemic, and your victim status is threatened, just make it sound like your experience is worse than the rest of the host country that you’re criticising. This is Leong’s crocodile cry, “Why the virus does not discriminate, the measures and protections you are afforded to keep you safe right now and the support you receive are absolutely determined by the colour of your passport or the status of your visa.”

Jesus, god, OF COURSE, they are. This is OUR country, not an international Medicare service for itinerant global fortune seekers! The mentality displayed by an actual MP is one of those things that will require major addressing when life gets back to whatever qualifies as normal in this country. Apart from the matter of our ‘relationship’ with China, dangerous agitators like Leong will have to be assessed and dispatched according to the gravity of their transgressions against our nation. This false victimhood cry is just the sort of disruptive twaddle taught back in Beijing as a means to divide the Australian community so that Chinese influence can permeate while we’re all busy fighting among each other.

However, so far Leong’s comments have been infuriating, especially at this time. But they reach their climax with this pearler, “International students and backpackers now find themselves relying on handouts of food. NSW has the highest number of temporary visa holders and international students in the country, yet these people have been left out of support measures. Unlike Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT, the NSW government hasn’t committed anything to assist these people, beyond protections from eviction and legal and mental health support.”

See, New Zealanders don’t get the dole here, but Leong would have the unemployed Australian taxpayer shelling out — like those other silly states and one territory — for tourists and students who’re meant to be making their own way. You don’t rock up to another country and then (even) in a time of crisis demand to be taken care of: you piss off back home. Moreover, Leong speaks of food handouts without a thought for the countless Australians dependent on those as a matter of course, a situation that might be ameliorated exactly if students and backpackers didn’t provide such good exploitable labour.

What other countries anywhere would take on the financial burden of those who’re here of their own volition? What other countries would be browbeaten by an alien in a position such as Leong’s, which is, as it happens, the definition of the shame word she uses so freely, “privilege”.

You ARE privileged, Leong! You are more privileged than sons and daughters of multiple generations who built this country! More privileged than the Australians now unemployed thanks to the coronavirus, the origins of which you have conspicuously avoided commenting on.

But Leong cannot even, in her unintentional sophistry, follow a logical argument. As she’s winding up this crabby civil rights pitch for non-residents, she has somehow segued from speaking about “students and backpackers” to “migrants” in all their broad definition. We return to the paragraph that we originally dissected at the start of our piece: “Migrants are more than just a resource to be used to boost the economy or improve quality of life for Australians, only to be forgotten when they are no longer needed. People who are living in our communities on temporary visas [are not migrants -ED] have the right to be treated equally, with dignity and respect. They are family, our friends, our loved ones. They are community.”

The “right to be treated equally”. Um, no. They don’t you know. In fact, their only “rights” come as guests of this country, not as citizens, which is the benefits you’re asking they be granted because you’re a foreigner who loathes Australians and wishes to see this country look more like where you come from.

We’re awake up to you, Leong, and all like you. After this lockdown, you won’t get away with this kind of divisive rhetoric much longer: Australians as a whole will have become too tired, too drained, too cynical to buy your crap. Better you make plans to head home now than find yourself one day ordered to leave.


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