May 23, 2022

The propaganda war for Australia went into full swing this week following the Chinese ambassador to Australia, Jingye Chen’s threats made to the Australian Financial Review.

Last week, the nasty little communist representative from Beijing took a swipe at Australia in response to the Morrison government’s approach to soliciting an inquiry into China’s accountability over their handling of the spread of Kung Flu.

In a flagrant warning of economic payback, he told the periodical, “Maybe also the ordinary people [of China] will say, “Why should we drink Australian wine or to eat (sic) Australian beef?”

We would rather they didn’t, but spoilt merchants will argue anything to capitalise on large markets, particularly lies about their deals with the inscrutable yellow man creating local jobs.

Later, he added fuel to an already substantial fire by leaking details of a private conversation he had with Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade secretary Frances Adamson. The communist claimed that contrary to the government’s stance Frances had “congratulated” him on China’s response to the crisis. He added that Adamson allegedly said that “it was not the time to commence the review now.”

There have since been calls for the ambassador to be packed onto a plane and returned to his homeland where the bat bug is supposedly being expertly managed regardless of how it was inexpertly allowed to infect the world. Indeed, it’s that very contention which so chagrins the guiltiest nation on earth. Never has a nation been so culpable as much as China is right now over the spread of COVID-19, and yet, as is the custom under their communist leadership they simply claim innocence and feign outrage at their accusers.

As such, one of Beijing’s media mouthpieces Hu Hijin, a colourless Chinaman with a face like a buckled butter pan snapped out at Australia in a follow up to condemnation of the ambassador’s denunciation of us criticising Beijing.

Hijin, the editor of the communist Global Times, commented on Weibo, “After the epidemic, we need to have more risk awareness when doing business with Australia and also when we send our children to study there.”

“Australia is always there, making trouble. It is a bit like chewing gum stuck on the sole of China’s shoes. Sometimes you have to find a stone to rub it off,” he added, taking to the Chinese social media app after sipping on a bisque made from flying fox and washing it down with a bottle of Foo Yuck.

Needless to say, at present, there is no romance between Australia and China, which is causing certain oligarchs of industry much consternation. Their entire universe exists on a financial plane governed by charts of trends denoting product moved and units shifted, and a fear they might fail to do either as ties with Beijing sour makes them do treasonous things.

As such, mining maggot Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest gate crashed a ministerial press conference dragging with him China’s consul-general to Victoria. His plan? To embarrass the government over its contretemps with our largest trading partner and remind them of the power of the mining industry. Plus, he’d no doubt been slinging back the Johnnie Walker Blue Label on his private jet. Evidently, he wasn’t under quarantine like the rest of us. Twigs figures he’s an important go-between for Australia and China and has claimed to have finagled 10-million Choo Flu test-kits from China through his “business contacts”, a feat he later spruiked at the conference.

His stunt occurred in Melbourne on Wednesday night as federal health minister Greg Hunt was addressing a press conference. One moment Hunt was in control of the podium, the next Twiggy appeared dragging Long Zhou, confounding his governmental mojo. He nudged Zhou onto the podium much to the surprise of Hunt. Zhou then ran through a spiel which played up the ‘friendly relations’ between Australia and China as exemplified by his and Twiggy’s ‘deal over the testing kits. Then, of course, he lied.

“The Chinese government has released information related to COVID-19 in an open, transparent and a responsible manner,” he fibbed.

“We have worked closely with the WHO (not the band-ED) and other countries. Including sharing experiences and providing assistance within our capacity.

“China very much appreciates and is thankful to the compassion, support and sympathy of the Australian people.”

His tact might have been new and refreshing but thankfully a now hardened Australian public isn’t buying the bogus fortune cookies. Hopefully, they won’t allow the chorus line of industry figures and their advocates to dissuade them from their cynicism either, such as former PM John Howard attempted to do.

Howard, whose rein augured the greatest avalanche of immigration from non-white countries this country has ever seen, aimed to influence Liberal Party policy on the matter of China. He has warned we take a “pragmatic approach” in regards to China. By “pragmatic” he means forget the coronavirus and grovel after the money! Who cares if we end up dead of bat flu or controlled by China, it’s the money that matters, stupid!

While ostensibly backing Scott Morrison, the chortling little weasel told The Australian, “I wouldn’t want to suddenly turn our relationship with China on its head because that’s not going to serve our interests.”

“We have to be very careful. There is understandable anger about the origin of the virus and the cover-up and I accept all of that, but we still have a very important trade relationship with China a very important people-to-people relationship with China.”

What “people-to-people relationship” is that, Johnny? They hate us and we hate them. They have bought the housing market out from under us and left Aussie renters struggling to find affordable housing while in competition with all the other foreigners here to make a grab at our alleged prosperity. The struggle has resulted in massive debt for Australians.

The university sector, which is wailing and screaming about the loss of foreign students and is ready to leap out the proverbial skyrise window, has been nothing but a pay-for-visa business for ages now. They have contributed to a direct route of scamming for students not much interest in studying but here to buy a property and settle their family. And while they keep coughing up the exorbitant fees the universities continue to model rhetoric which espouses the importance of “overseas students” to “our” economy.

Again, here’s some news for you vipers from the universities, you are SUPPOSED to be about educating Australians. If Keating and Hawke hadn’t tampered with the system then subsequent generations of Aussies would be doing just that and without incurring crippling lifelong debt. As such, overseas students are far more desirable than the niggardly local variety. Sure, it means that standards drop a little, which you have to expect, given the language barrier – and sure, you have to try to overlook cheating as much as possible since it’s so endemic to truly address the matter would likewise impact on the golden goose — but they pay up and keep the universities’ top brass securely employed and safe in a sinecure.

So, if you assess the litany of voices trying to drown out that voice of reason warning us about becoming indentured to China, you get industry figures who benefit whereas Australians do not. There is, after all, little benefit to dying of COVID-19 all because a gook wants to slurp down bat soup, or because the Chinese government (with the help of our taxpayer-funded CSIRO) wants to develop the virus for reasons which are obviously nefarious, yet it gets out of hand, and whoops, apocalypse!

There is no benefit in becoming unemployed as a necessity to help control the spread of the virus, nor is there a benefit in having our ports, farms, airways, and nearly our power grid owned and run by the communist state.

We have time and again been fed bullshit about jobs creation as part and parcel of the Chinese Australia Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA) and yet all it’s created is more wealth for China. Those Chinese workers here send all their money back to the land of the Panda.

Now, with the pandemic having struck us, we have witnessed starkly and firsthand the insanity of having made ourselves so totally reliant on China for everything. We could be manufacturing, but we leave that to China. Our scientific achievements could benefit us and qualify for our own patents but we share them with China’s military. Our produce could feed us without having to rely on the glut of a Chinese market and it would benefit our farmers and the environment if the produce sector — along with every other — was nationalised.

Australia will politically, economically and philosophically become the rope in a tug-of-war between the industrialists who favour commerce at any cost, even if it means being owned lock & stock by the communists, and the wiser protectionists who threaten to tilt towards a nationalist saviour. Beijing will be manipulating this argument and stoking the flames of difference in their favour. One can no longer sit on the fence but must become active in the fight for Australia because if we continue with the madness of the system which has taken us to China Flu then we will pass the point we can ever reverse the damage.

After all, it’s our geographical size and the fact we are a continent and not joined to any other country which has helped spare us the fate of Europe. Our borders are paramount. The effects of COVID-19 may be petering out here but that won’t be so for the rest of the world, which has yet to have experienced its peak, particularly in Africa, which will go off like a hundred Hiroshima bombs.

As the rest of the world squares up against an increasingly hostile and unrepentant China, which has all the while through the flu crisis continued its military build-up on our doorstep, it would ill-behove us to maintain this snivelling partnership. It would be more in our interests to learn to stand alone, to arm ourselves for defendable neutrality, and become self-sufficient by utilizing the abundance of natural resources we enjoy to our national benefit as opposed to the advantage of the international trade system.


  1. Money is more important than morals to these capitalists – they have the morals of a street walker.

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