I would honestly hate to be a Woke SBS reporter during the current period of unpleasantness, the state-funded multicultural broadcaster, far from showing any humility during the CCP virus drama, has lately doubled down on its usual spurious claims about the “Far-Right”.

In one recent article the online news section draws upon the opinions of two of Australia’s most unreliable sources, Monash University academic Rob Sparrow under his nom de plume “Andy Fleming” and The White Rose Society, an “Anti-Fascist” blog run by another professor from Hobart.

The premise of the article is the alleged attempts by neo-fascist and right-wing elements in Australian society to gain ground under the cover of the pandemic emergency, supposedly by trying to break social cohesion and demonise Asians.

One might raise their eyebrows at the suggestion that social cohesion is a reality in a cosmopolitan society. In fact, the two ideas are in conflict, but what I think the author means is that frustrated, angry people are nowadays less likely to ignore the glaring problems inherent in living in a globalist melting pot.

If we take two seconds to step back and look critically at the situation it seems to be the reaction to the virus from the authorities which runs the risk of breaking society apart since so much of normal life and social intercourse has been stymied by the suite of restrictions applied to suppress the Wuhan plague.

Whatever the origins of the pandemic, be it a filthy Chinese market or a laboratory accident, Australia’s share of the disease has been brought home by tourists and it has barely spread out from the ranks of the cruise ship passengers and other holidaymakers.

There is no capital to be made by anyone from this situation by sticking to the facts, it simply is what it is, the Beijing regime and its agents in Australia have behaved appallingly from the start of the outbreak, but this is nothing out of the ordinary and it doesn’t really concern “Asians” as a demographic group.

SBS is wrong in this case and its Antifa informants are self-serving liars. In its heyday, there was never any animosity between the patriot milieu and citizens of Asian ethnicity; take it from someone who was there reporting on the 2015-2016 patriotic rising and who stood incredulous as a trio of alleged “fascists” berated me for my opposition to Chinese influence and declared that “Chinese are basically White”.

Remember Vietnamese Steve who was granted permission by Blair Cottrell to lead a United Patriots Front march? How about the two clowns waving the South Vietnam flag and posing for photos with Cottrell and conservative con-artist Fraser Anning at St Kilda beach?

The “Far-Right”, as described by SBS is now defunct, with only a few hold-outs still shouting into the void on Gab or in obscure Telegram chat rooms, all that this erstwhile movement is able to inspire in the present moment is more futile social media posts by troglodytes and crackpots who were socially isolated even before the pandemic shutdown.

Much has been made by SBS of a protest in a small Victorian town wherein a CCP hammer and sickle was hung with a crudely fashioned NSDAP swastika and the words “COVID19”. This is touted as evidence of a nascent neo-Fascist presence, but it could also be interpreted as a comparison of the two regimes to many on the right all socialism is to be condemned and the Nazis and Commies are as bad as each other.

Similarly, a series of minor skirmishes between a very low element of the White population and Asian citizens have been inflated into racial incidents by the media; insults being thrown about on public transport and a fight between two groups of young, female troublemakers in Melbourne’s CBD has been blown out of proportion; in part to back the SBS case for a rise in White supremacy under the lockdown.

As anyone connected with Australian Nationalism knows, the far-right, such as they are, have no political consciousness, they are full of circumstantial bluster according to the flavour of the month but there is no way for apolitical cads such as Mr Cottrell, or the even wackier characters on the margins, to capitalise on the pandemic because they have repeatedly shown themselves to be incapable of consolidating their meagre following into a movement.

For our part, the nationalists see the Wuhan epidemic as an unmitigated disaster for ethnic Australians and we fear that worse news is to come after the initial wave of infections is brought under control. If history is any guide this virus will be with us for decades, even if intermittently, this will have overwhelmingly negative consequences for our people.

As we have seen over the last few months many foreigners, whose sole reason for being here is for economic advantage, are packing their swags and heading home. Reports suggest that up to 300,000 migrants have already gone home.

This is good news if only from a practical point of view, the east coast cities, where most Aussies live were already bursting at the seams with migrants. But more room to breathe is small consolation when your social life is gone and you are housebound and unemployed.

See that’s the point, as they did after the gold rush the foreign opportunists will simply go home when the money stops rolling in, however, we are stuck here on our island dealing with the consequences of an imported disease and a devastated economy.

Australian Nationalists have been pointing out the dangers of globalism, which in our case means Sinofication, for a decade or more We were right all along and we are still right about corruption and foreign influence in our country, yet the present difficulties do nothing to accelerate our movement.

The SBS articles mention the mad accelerationist mindset of the VK Melbourne Nazis, whereby the collapse of globalism under the pressure of the pandemic heralds in the new dawn, where spotty bedroom Fuhrers somehow form the vanguard of a racialist awakening.

To the realists, those of us who form genuine political formations in real life, social collapse, or at least the kind of restrictions we labour under at the moment is nothing but an impediment to the vital face to face work which is involved in real grassroots activism.

Going forward the questions on Australians minds are most likely going to be concerning how an alternative government would handle future outbreaks of the Wuhan virus in order to protect the health and livelihoods of citizens.

Any party that’s throwing their hat into the ring in 2022 will be asked such questions and unfortunately, their responses will be dictated by the advice of scientists and public health bureaucrats, so there is probably only one viable path forward as far as the virus is concerned, ideology or the wishful thinking of internet Fascists will play no part in these scenarios.

Contrary to the blathering of woke SBS writers the nationalists do not barrack for disasters because we are not opportunists and we don’t sit and dream of the collapse of society because we have no desire to see our friends, family and countrymen suffer. The adversity of the sort that is likely in the coming years sometimes brings out the best in people, but for the most part, it degrades and dehumanises them; a severe depression with widespread poverty and hopelessness scars a nation for generations, it is not something any sane person would applaud.

A time of political naivete

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