One thing that was notable about the quisling councillors defending Wagga Wagga’s mayor Greg Conkey’s motion of rescission to cut ties with its’ China sister city Kunming is their focus on “the people”.

Conkey made the argument at least twice that “it’s the people [of Kunming]”, and not the communist government. Those supporting the rescission told how “the community” was unanimously behind their move to right a supposed wrong. Meanwhile, the people of Kunming were lost in helpless wonder at how their Australian sister city fell out of love with them simply because they’re unfortunate enough to be ruled by a brutal dictator who resembles Winnie The Pooh.

Trade was emphasised less in favour of this narrative about “the people”. Trouble is, what Wagga Wagga citizen who’s not flying high on the ratepayers’ chequebook will ever meet “the people” of Kunming? What Kunming citizen who defies the communist party will ever be permitted to travel to Australia to work the China brand? None, that’s who, so it’s a croc.

Trouble is, the councillors themselves, other than the Sinophile Dan Hayes who has a predilection for Chinese girls were hard put in their addresses to express anything but simpering rhetoric. On the other hand, Paul Funnell, the councillor who created this the motion to cut ties with Kunming and that achieved a vote of 4-3 has been powerfully expressive and — for a big bloke from the land — articulate about his position, which no good Australian could argue with.

Dan Hayes proved his love for China by fathering a Chinese daughter

Perhaps his next move should be something like voting to have Wagga Wagga declared a part of Communist China’s territory. Let’s see how that would look when the other councillors are forced to vote against it.

But it’s all about “the people” and the Van Dyke bearded Greenie Kevin Poynter, who is lost in the time when Supertramp had all their big hits, took to the camera of his laptop with his collection of silly hats on display behind him to make a speech that sounded as if it was written by a Californian stoner. It had a kind of staccato cadence to it which suggested a man whose train of thought is as unwieldy and erratic as a beatnik with tunnel vision.

Poynter, who was “yay” rescission but comic relief gave an almost irrelevant anecdote about some westerners in Thailand refusing facemasks and stirring up nationalist sentiment in Pattaya (we doubt he was even there, a guy like him wouldn’t remember what he had for breakfast). He coupled this with a bubble-like anecdote about being in Kunming on behalf of the mayor and meeting “hundreds” of students from a business college. It was, like, beautiful, man, and “we were able to talk to their students and the staff about their hopes and dreams”, he said. He had previously mentioned how these groovy Kunming cats had had “contact with Australian values and way of life.”

That was the Jimson Weed speaking right there, given that if anything resembling Aussie values and our way of life was allowed to breathe air in Beijing then the market in freshly harvested human organs would have experienced a noticeable glut. Every crooked mayor from each of China’s provinces would be swaggering around with a new kidney and a fresh set of prairie oysters. So, again, we call bullshit. It’s not as if any of these crawling councillors had anything in the way of conviction to what they said, unlike the steadfast Cr Funnell.

Paul Funnell, in the same position that Churchill was…

However, again, the hippie was talking about “the people”, man, and he ended by saying that all of those beautiful contacts he made in far-out Kunming were important contacts. The questions he didn’t propose or therefore answer was “why” and “how”?

But the piddle coming from the pro-commie councillors eager to keep the sources of their kickbacks happy and fruitful had little impact following the three Chinese persons who addressed the council.

First up was a doctor (of something) that arrived in Australia in 2005 via Canada having departed China on not very pleasant terms. Dr Lucy Zhao’s family were either incarcerated, executed, undergoing re-education or knitting images of Chairman Mao in big, cold factories with armed guards watching over them. Her major blunder was to get involved in the quasi-religious practice of Falun Gong which the Communists hate because it gives people something to think about other than what the party tells them.

She has been informed by the Chinese government that they know everything she is up to in Australia.

“The whole world is watching whether the council can take a principled stand under the pressure from the Chinese government. History will remember what you’re doing today,” she warned.

Next up was Dr Bin Lin, who had plenty to say. “What this reminds me of,” he said, “is the Jews suppressed by Nazi Germany. In the beginning, many western democratic countries still kept friendship with Nazi Germany and supported Nazi Germany to run the Olympics. This gave an illusion to Nazi Germany that the Nazis were supported by western democratic countries.”

That made us wonder if the Jewish community in Australia which is so vocal when a kid scratches a swastika into a park bench has ever expressed the same kind of wailing solidarity that they have had for others with those persecuted by the Chinese? He went on: “I just read this from the New Australian Bulletin (yes, that’s us-ED). ‘It was a heated motion in a city corrupt with Chinese money’.

“Chinese money can earn you big business. However, I would rather choose to stand up to oppose the motion of rescission Dear Mayor and councillors. I hope you share with the people in Hong Kong and China who fight for freedom.”

Dr Lin was obviously not talking about the same people as hippie Kevin Poynter was because Kev’s “people” do what they’re told and the ones Dr Bin fears for, dare to actually express those things approximating “Australian values”, which kind of gets them tortured and killed. It creates a dilemma that the next speaker, Xiaoguang Zhang only added to.

Thus, the dribbling councillors’ speeches were interspersed with the colourless commentary of Comrade Conkey cutting in with recriminations and moral outrage that never got above the pulse of a stamp collector tucking in at bedtime. It’s hard to believe a man who sounds as if he’s reading out the team scores at a Blue Mountain resort’s trivia night.

“We had 48 emails from Wagga Wagga people,” he said in a voice not accustomed to sounding thrilled. “Forty-seven of which expressed disappointment” (at last week’s vote).

Well, that’s a big bowl of whoopee right there! A whole 48 emails that we’re to even take the word of a dodgy mayor were just bursting with solidarity for ties to a communist state that’s caused them to be locked up, isolated, and put out of work indefinitely. Pull the other one it sounds like a wind chime. You get 100 times as many anti-rescission comments on a Facebook page!

Conkey even tried to approximate a man with principles expressing his disgust at a grievous affront to his sensibilities when he said that the original vote made him “physically sick”. He was, of course, referring to that giddiness which affects a man who fears he’s just lost a substantial loading in kickbacks and junkets.

“Yes,” he thrashed on like a floppy balloon air dancer outside a used car lot, “I was shocked and disgusted and physically ill when the motion was passed and I immediately texted the general manager with my decision to lodge the rescission motion.”

More like he was three-sheets-to-the-wind on Chinese-bought Penfolds and woke up groggily to Deputy PM Michael McCormack tearing him a new one down the earpiece of his mobile.

Thereafter, Cr Rod Kendall (ex-mayor) appeared in a guise that brought to mind that infamous mugshot of Nick Nolte during his drugs crisis. Only he didn’t look quite as good.

Cr Rod Kendall after a junket in Kunming

He went on with a rant that basically accused Donald Trump of creating all the problems and for “discouraging discussion around areas of collaboration and commonality with China.”

Again, another moral imbecile who’s so in hock to the Commie regime that they’ve probably got a whole file of compromising photos of him whooping it up at a seedy bar in Kunming’s party district. Who knows what makes these slugs slither the way they do?

But it is Paul Funnell who brought integrity and courage to the commentary. Growing increasingly impassioned he argued that the (sister city relationship) “…is not meant to be a method by which a foreign government stealthily bypasses the democratic structures of our Australian democracy.”

Using expressions like “grand deception” and “furtive activity” to characterise the actions of the communist regime he thundered, “My country does not want a foreign government to dictate, my council doesn’t either!

“Not only have we endured the CCP militarising fake islands in our region, taking long-lease holds over our ports, putting Confucius Institute propaganda into our schools and universities, buying up our water, and our largest beef and dairy stations, we now have them concealing they had a serious epidemic happening.”

Councillor Tim Koschel’s vote was critical in the previous motion to cut ties passing over the line, as it was last week deadlocked 3-3. In no time at all Tim was regretting his decision, or rather, being made to repent or rethink it. We don’t know whether offers came from the Nationals if he turned, or threats, but during Wednesday’s night emergency council meeting he was grovelling like a snivelling pup. He gave a not-so-extraordinary apology, denied rumours about what forces had come to play to influence his humiliating reversal, and then ate humble pie. It was as an artificial effort as we’ve ever seen put in by a faux wrestler on the World Wrestling Federation. But then, except for Cr Funnell and the three guests, it was all a big fake. That is except for those who sincerely wish for Australia to continue as a satellite nation only this time with China calling the shots. That would be Labor’s people, like Dan Hayes, who has now mixed his blood with the Chinese. Any objection from him is unsurprising both as a miscegenationist and a Labor man. 

Listening to Hayes yack on was like hearing a school sports captain with a low popularity rating trying to reprimand uninterested students. In fact, the whole inevitability of this foregone rescission had a schoolroom ambience with the inevitability of the decision being as predictable as Queensland winning the State of Origin. It was a fait accompli, a lead-pipe cinch, a sure bet and shoo-in. Nothing the three guests had to say about their true-life experiences at the hands of the communist regime made any difference. It did not ruffle the plumage of these birds of a feather one iota; this was a dictum from Beijing, either bend the knee or go back to hiking parking fees.

Hippy dickhead Kevin Poynter contemplates a “doobie”

The three Chinese guests were literally taking their lives into their hands to speak out on what had become an international issue regarding Wagga Wagga’s sister city ties. The world — especially the politburo in Kunming — were watching to see whether the troublemaker Funnell would again smear the prestige of the CCP. It went like clockwork, and while the three outspoken guests who were just short of pleading for the council to do the right thing, the councillors bar Funnell opted for the money bags. Dan Hayes even looked like he wanted to leap through the screen and savage Funnell’s jugular with his pearly whites, he is such a rabid communist sympathiser. It’s easy to be a sympathiser, however, when you’ve never lived under the rule of a dictatorship like the Jinping Beijing Circus.

Clearly, the bravery demonstrated by the three guests and Cr Funnell was not to be adopted by the councillors who have no moral credibility whatsoever. Even more sickening, all bar Funnell voted for the mayor to send a letter of apology to his equivalent in Kunming.

Such ethical hypocrisy at this time will indeed, as Dr Zhao remarked, remain in the mind of history.

China under communism is power without glory. It is strength without honour and a state without a soul. Whereas ancient Egypt, Athens, Rome, all of these historically mighty states tempered their power with the civilising graces of the arts and humanities, China has no such cultural redemption. It merely has loudspeakers, boots, and iron gloves: aesthetics is regarded as counter-revolutionary.

The time may soon be approaching when we are at war with China. The world has taken a grievous blow from China and yet it won’t back down from its lies, cheating, name-calling, and blame assignation. It will simply not come clean. As guilty of international affrontery as the United States has been in recent history there has, nonetheless, been a force of people power which has compelled it to address its shameful wrongs, such as the movement against the Vietnam war; and the forced resignation of Richard Nixon; elsewhere it hasn’t been so great.  Notwithstanding, if that’s how a democratic western nation can behave imagine the shamelessness of China pursuing a similar agenda of geopolitical control and self-interest.

The National Party is in a coalition with the Liberal Party but what does that look like right about now? While McCormack is ordering Wagga Wagga council to get down on its hands and knees and lick the feet of Communist China Morrison is shoring up a western alliance with the likes of Trump, Merkel and Macron calling for accountability from Beijing and threatening to sue for historical damages. Morrison is playing a key role in trying to remove Beijing’s man in the World Health Organisation, Tedros Adhanom. The impossibility of this conflicting position of Australia’s cannot be sustained and something will have to give. This is how war foments. Should we find ourselves in a world coalition against China, what would be the protocol for dealing with the treacherous Wagga Wagga councillors who voted for evil? Surely, we couldn’t let them back amongst us? Would they not have to be interned, along with China’s diaspora?

Mayor Conkey’s philosophy is simple ‘better Red than having to pay for everything myself’

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