June 22, 2022


A Newtown resident has had their privacy invaded and their freedom violated when a peeping Tom climbed over their fence to snap an image of a Nazi flag hanging in their home.

Inner West Council Mayor Darcy Byrne was pivotal in directing Newtown Police to the owner’s home as reported by The Daily Telegraph and cut-and-pasted from there into the treasonous Daily Mail website. The DM is a parasite media company that rehashes material from the major news sites and repackages it for their slack-jaw readers.

However, it is unknown how the wingnut Labor mayor came into possession of the image but he immediately passed it on to a clown journalist by the name of Jason Moran who writes for The Daily Telegraph. We say clown because a squiz at his Twitter page shows a profile pic of a middle-aged idiot leaping about with a goofy expression and colourful happy pants like he is entertainment for a five-year-old’s birthday party.

Jason Moran, a study in credibility

Meanwhile, Byrne posted on his Twitter page an image of the flag owner’s residence and private property with the message, “After being informed that this Nazi flag was being displayed at a house in Newtown I contacted the Inner West Police who have helped to ensure that it has now been removed. Right now we must guard against xenophobia — we will only beat COVID-19 through solidarity, not division.”

Well done, dickhead, that’s taking the initiative. And of course, being as no law was broken, Byrne gets marks too for misusing the police for his political ends. But it doesn’t even seem like that, it is more like pseudo-political ends, because there was no crime and no victim, and he just wants cred with the local Woke tribes who’ve thus far mistrusted him.

The swastika was once displayed in Australia by anyone who cared without anyone blinking an eye because the imported hysteria governing the culture industry wasn’t yet unleashed. Dogma masquerading as virtue is a dangerous thing when it’s enforced by the police who are not even acting on any law.

We looked at Google Maps Street View trying to find the place at Watkins Street Newtown. But we couldn’t so we’re assuming the flag is visible only from the back of somebody’s home and only when climbing the fence because if you examine the photo, you’ll see that’s how it was taken. So, somebody has literally to climb up to see it, complain about, and have it removed by contacting dotty Darcy. Again, nothing illegal about the flag, and it is not being flown in an exhibitionist fashion. What did the police tell this person? What bogus law did they threaten them with?

When a Twit Tweets on Twitter

The language used by Cr Byrne spoke volumes for any budding student of semiotics. From the simple ownership of a flag, he deduces “xenophobia” and all its attendant motives, and “division” at a time of a crisis (caused by that unnatural unity created by globalism). Likewise, the news reported that the crime (sic) was especially heinous since the flag is situated 350m from Newtown Synagogue. Even though an inch is as good as a mile not so it seems when it comes to a people whose very existence signifies persecution, or so they’d have it. It will get so one cannot park next to a Jew in a German-made car because it could be a symbolic situation implying persecution of the most persecuted people in the history of persecution.

The tommyrot surrounding the swastika is an excuse to further erode freedoms. We’ve already been lumped with a surveillance state courtesy of the War on Terror, which was, in fact, aggression by the American neo-conservatives supported by our own lackey Howard government of the time. And it is well apparent that the Jewish community, an alien people at best, are pushing hard for Australians to be punished in their own country for a symbol that personally offends them. They are behind a major campaign to ban it. Maybe the Palestinian flag will follow.

Yet, the real story of Newtown is of a university precinct which is essentially a Woke police state in its own right. Newtown cops are among the most corrupt in the world. They are the classic “just following orders” barnacles and use that excuse to obviate any theoretical moral question put to them regarding their actions, or inactions, as the case has been.

Newtown Police are notorious for serving as tools of the political class. They have deliberately failed to investigate attacks on the property of nationalists who’ve formerly lived on their patch. Newtown cops will not charge members of the far-left for crimes against political opponents and turn a blind eye when they have held public demonstrations where they have openly defaced public property.

But, God help you if you’re not on the left side of the political spectrum because they will quickly make it clear you’re not welcome in the inner west. Their tactics involve such low acts as pressuring real estates to have a person removed, giving the green light to known far-left thugs then ignoring complaints, and acting on nuisance reports made by their far-left collaborators.

This is the most laughable feature of the whole shebang: the far-left such as Antifa cries a river about non-existent police harassment and fascism when they’re a neat cosy relationship with them. It turns out that one of the leading lights of the Melbourne anarchist scene is, and has been for a long time, a police informer. That is about as droll as it gets, and especially laughable since he is connected directly to the king putz of all fake anarchist, Professor Rob Sparrow, AKA Slackbastard. He, too, is a state rat.

Again, we’re dealing with a Woke precinct: a university hub that operates on different laws, most of them not even ratified.

When a nationalist was charged last year over a fake crime alleged by the state, part of his bail conditions involved not going within 100m of Sydney University. The alleged offence had nothing to do with Sydney University whatsoever and he no longer resided in the area but that was a major condition. We will be reporting on this nationalist’s story in due course as it’s of major significance to the nationalist community but for now, we’re happy to report his attitude to this bail condition was one of deep amusement. “It’s a condition that I am going to ask the judge to enforce in perpetuity,” he told us. “That way I’ll never have any excuse for even driving past that traitor factory.”

Anyway, the flag was probably hanging out the back of the Rabbi’s house.

Darcy Byrne wears all that trash to take people’s attention away from his funny looking ears


  1. One wonders why there was no action against the peeper who looked over a wall and took a photo of a piece of material in somebody’s private residence. Wonder of Byrne is a peeper too.

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