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On Monday, April 14, Wagga Wagga City Council voted 4-3 to cut ties with its sister city in China, Kunming. It was a heated motion in a city corrupt with Chinese money, but the argument was sound. The motion was brought by Councillor Paul Funnell in a rare act of political bravery unseen in our times. By the following day, a rancorous Deputy Prime Minister and National Party leader, Michael McCormack, was shouting down his phone like a madman.

Councillor Tim Koschel, whose deciding vote as acting Chairman broke the deadlock and allowed the vote to succeed is now apologising. Having previously run on a ticket with a fellow councillor and former mayor Rod Kendall, it’s fair to suspect that something is well up. Kendall is a firm part of Wagga’s graft culture.

Wagga Wagga is Nationals’ country, and McCormack, aside from being deputy PM, is the federal member for the Riverina. Other Nationals include Beijing’s man in The Riverina. Wes Fang is a member of the NSW Upper House and MP for Wagga Wagga. He has more than just sentimental ties to China. He is of Chinese heritage and gung-ho with it, with the officious hubris of a politburo chief and is given to teeth-gnashing and fulmination when challenged about anything. Some consider Fang insane as he is easily set to raising his hackles when confronted on social media, a platform which he stalks like a prairie killer.

McCormack undoubtedly let Fang off the leash for this one and he gathered up all the arms he could bring to bear against the ‘traitors’ who would dare be so pro-Australia and snub China. One can only imagine the vitriolic texts and bellicose language used by Fang who was upset both as a quisling National MP but more importantly as a Chinaman who views Australia and everything in it as China’s property.

Wes Fang, Beining’s man in the NSW Upper House

Given the kind of business muscle that pulls together in Wagga Wagga, a city unique unto itself, with a council that is arguably the most corrupt in the nation, it is worth asking what turned Koschel? Was it a bribe or a threat? Will the Nationals offer him the chance to run for a seat? Was there money involved?

“I did have a gut feeling… that I might have gone too far and did not take into account the impact the decision could have,” he told The Daily Advertiser. “I should not have brought my emotions into it and it probably went a lot further than I expected the motion to go. I didn’t think of the flow-on effect, which is why I have changed my mind.”

Tim Koschel had his 15 minutes of bravery

Whatever the truth, the plans were already decided to propose a motion at next week’s council meeting to overturn the vote as per McCormack’s orders. The arguments for doing so are specious and disingenuous and are being misrepresented as coming from the community.

This “community backlash” they speak of is not the community as you or I would know it — the people who pay the rates — but rather those who’re paid by the people who pay the rates. The political class, the good ol’ Rotary boys, and the Beijing Mafia whose shonky deals with China have not been fully exposed except through former NSW MP Daryl Maguire who was brought before ICAC regarding a “mega-rich” Chinese ‘client’ and a sleazy development deal with another council. Nothing so far has come of that by way of a conviction, and the role that the Chinese influence has had in corrupting Wagga Wagga has never evolved into an open dialogue.

Instead, the media played its role in misrepresenting this vote by focusing on lunatic fringe identities with no real political standing, such as Belinda Crain. Described as ‘chief executive of Wagga Wagga Multicultural council’ Crain is quoted by the ABC as saying, “We’re a refugee welcome zone, we have street festivals every year to celebrate cultural diversity, and we recognise the contributions that people from all different background make in our country.”

Crain has great potential for stowing knowledge since her head has never collected anything but hot air. Subsequently, such a vapid comment could only be expected without addressing anything about the corruption of China and the need for Australia to break free from it economically but especially politically.

One Wagga resident messaged us about Crain and wrote, “The multicultural Industry and advocates are very much a minority in Wagga, the population is largely whites and Aborigines and the political power groups and cliques. No one cares what they say or do, their street festival is only popular with refugees and a few leftist drosses or those making a buck. The refugees do not have sympathy and are not welcome by most of the community. The refugee narrative is pushed politically to suit occasionally but no one bothers or gives a fuck about the refugees. The Aborigines don’t mix with them either. The political mafia is the focus of this town.”

Madwoman Belinda Crain is a cosmopolitan joke in a rural setting

Yet, the mainstream media has run with the race card while reporting on this vote. This is ironic, too, since it’s long been a stratagem of the Chinese to exploit western liberal sensitivities over race. However, the Chinese have no such qualms and might rank as the most racist people on earth. This media shellacking over the vote comes at a time when concurrently The New York Times ran a story entitled As Coronavirus Fades in China, Xenophobia and Nationalism Flare. This is an extract:

As China tames the coronavirus epidemic now ravaging other countries, its success is giving rise to an increasingly strident blend of patriotism, nationalism and xenophobia, at a pitch many say has not been seen in decades.

A restaurant in northern China put up a banner celebrating the virus’s spread in the United States. A widely circulated cartoon showed foreigners being sorted into trash bins. African residents in the southern city of Guangzhou, including Mr. Mwamba, have been corralled into forced quarantines, labelled as dangers to the country’s health.

Some of the uglier manifestations of nationalism have been fuelled by government propaganda, which has touted China’s response to the virus as evidence of the ruling Communist Party’s superiority. And recriminations from abroad, including calls to make China pay for the pandemic that began there, have triggered defensiveness on the part of many Chinese.

In fact, the reasons for the backlash, as inevitable as it was, are twofold. Firstly, is business, as McCormack told the ABC.

“We need to remember that China is our largest trading partner as a nation and the Riverina, and Wagga Wagga specifically, does well in our two-way relationship with China, particularly our farmers in the way of agricultural exports,” he said.

“The sister city relationship between Wagga Wagga and Kunming extends back more than three decades and it has been mutually beneficial. I think the sister city relationship should be allowed to continue.”

Which farmers is he talking about, we wonder? The ones starving on the land or those who’ve sold up to the Chinese. It’s impossible to believe a single Wagga Wagga citizen who isn’t in on the game receives a cent from any of the dodgy wheelings and dealings by its fetid business mafia.

But business is only one of the reasons, the other is pure fear. The Nationals are a pro-China party as much as Labor is, so there isn’t much hope for the average Australian who can’t so easily turn away from what they’ve suffered because of the Chinese.

The folks in retail who’ve lost their jobs, the hospitality workers and all now with the Centrelink noose around their necks. People who’ve worked hard all their lives and never had to take a handout have been forced into financial oblivion because of China and its vile cultural practises, if, in fact, the Kung Flu was not, as America is investigating, a lethal biological experiment that got out of hand. Not forgetting those infected with the bat bug or those who’ve lost their lives owing to China’s coverup. Those who may have lived if China hadn’t knowingly sent nearly a million of its people off travelling the world after the breakout.

Even after witnessing Chinese companies buying out much needed medical supplies from us and shipping them back to China, despite the scourge of daigou shoppers stripping shelves for the Chinese black market, in spite of the fact that in April last year the Chinese navy sailed into Sydney Harbour in a symbolic shot across our national bows. Regardless of the fact they sent us faulty medical equipment and now claim moral superiority and consummate handling of the crisis that they started any message negative of China is being censored by our own.

The Chinese Consulate in Sydney issued a statement following the vote by Wagga Wagga councillors accusing hero Paul Funnell of “slander”. They wrote, “The Chinese Consulate General in Sydney expresses regret over the council’s decision and firmly opposes the slanderous remarks made by the councillor…. The unilateral decision of the Wagga Wagga City Council to server its sister city relationship with Kunming has caused damages to the atmosphere and foundation for exchanges and cooperation between the two cities, and it does not serve the interests of the city of Wagga Wagga either… Since the outbreak of COVID-19, China has always maintained an open, transparent and highly responsible attitude, informing the whole of China and foreign countries with information about the epidemic in a timely manner while actively carrying out international health cooperation. China’s prevention and control measures and achievements have been witnessed by all and have been highly praised by the United Nations, the World Health Organization and relevant countries. With the rapid development of the global pandemic, China is providing support and assistance to the international community within its capacity. The false claim by the councillor of the Wagga Wagga City Council is a complete misrepresentation of the truth and done with ulterior motives.”

One has to hand it to the Chinese, they lie like doves sail through the sky, or a cheater bounds on an open plain. They have no remorse for their lies but have all the facility to believe them and lay the blame for their evils squarely on everyone else. They say that it’s a communistic trait but the Chinese took to communism so easily one can only reason it is in their DNA.

Meanwhile, the donkey on the ground, the Wagga Wagga mayor whose absence from the vote due to sickness enabled it to get up, Greg Conkey is set to issue a self-abasing and humiliating apology to China. It is unbelievable and will be the first such apology issued by the council in 150 years. It is almost impossible to accept the spinelessness and cravenness of such a cretin. Nonetheless, The Daily Advertiser reports, “Mayor Greg Conkey… will also push for councillors to approve a formal letter of apology to Wagga’s sister city Kunming and the wider People’s Republic of China.”

Greg Conkey… The “D” in his surname was misspelt on his birth certificate

He told The Advertiser, “I totally and absolutely regret the damage that has been caused by this decision, it will take a long time to repair. This incident does not only impact us in relation to Kunming but the entire international community.”

One is reminded of the Kapos when one grasps the Sinophiles and “business” traitors who are setting Australians on a course of bondage to Beijing. Kapos were Jewish prisoners of concentration camps who worked for the Germans and turned in their own kind. It is not such a nice simile but it seems appropriate here. This is how this treacherous bilge behaves. They are China’s thugs in our guise who punish their own people for standing up to the evil communist power.

However, let’s not forget the hero in all of this who is being targeted by both China and the political villains from the Deputy Prime Minister on down. Paul Funnell raised the hope of angry Australians when his vote passed by the narrow margin of 4-3 on Monday. Whether he knew it or not, he had just done what Pauline Hanson promised yet never delivered on — action. Not content with words alone, he found a gap and he went through it to the delight of patriots nationwide.

Now, we understand that he’s being threatened in all sorts of ways, but particularly there is a rumour that Chinese persons are touting a defamation suit against Mr Funnell.

Remember, the fallout from this virus hasn’t yet begun. Once the smoke has cleared and the bill needs paying what do you think the Sinophiles will want but to sell off more Australian business and assets to China. Even after the stark warning of what comes of being tied to China, the greed of those few who pull the strings cannot be persuaded against. They will never leave their sinecures on any patriotic grounds because they are loyal to only mammon.

When the day comes, we all must stand with Paul. #WeStandWithPaul.

Nuff said…


  1. Thanks for exposing all this, Wayne, it’s shocking! It shows that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is not just controlling the Chinese people both inside and outside China, but also trying to control the world. WHO has been controlled, so has the United Nations. It’s disturbing and sad to see that even a local government here is under their control. Australia has sister city affiliations with 99 Chinese cities. For the sake of Australia’s future, we need to wake up! We need more courageous heroes like Paul to speak up!

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