NSW Labor is under scrutiny for comments made by Lebanese-born anti-Australian MP Shaoquett Moselmane.

In words which would have John Curtin wishing the Japs had won, after all, the 55-year-old anti-White Labor MP is being criticised for condemning Australians as “obsolete White scum” in a love letter he wrote grovelingly praising China.

Moselmane, whose position as Presiding Officer of the Chamber earns him an extra $57,000 from the very Australians he wants to be killed off by the Chinese military, showed no qualms about defending China while millions of Australians are unemployed and thousands infected thanks to China Flu.

In a treacherous op-ed piece published by the East China Normal University (Normal?) Moselmane made a shameless overture to liberty’s greatest threat. The Lebanese MP wrote, “Today, media xenophobia and full-scale war against China have become the norm. Today the obsolete scum of ‘white Australia’ is once again flooding, and the theory of yellow fever has once again surfaced.

“Some mainstream media have bred and spread these racial viruses in our multicultural community with the purpose of inciting hatred.”

Interesting that it’s the multicultural community that has been exposed as the most hateful and dangerous to its host nation. The unforgivable treason committed by both mainstream parties after 1967 has brought Australia to its knees, first by making it vulnerable to the China Virus, but also by importing enemy agents. It goes without saying that races don’t get along and despite having given Moselmane a life he would never have experienced back in Lebanon it is his avowed duty to put an end to White Australia for good and all. He that speaks supposedly against hate is the one who feels it most for us; those who gave him and his people succour; much against any grain of common sense.

Can Moslemane, the anti-White Lebanese MP say better about his beloved China? Can he praise their human rights record and support their indomitable commitment to multiculturalism, or rather, multiracialism?

Labor has a long tradition of betraying this nation to China which is why it’s just a good thing they’re not in power at this current time. However, it’s quite clear that their agenda — far removed from its proud white founders — is to hand this country over for Asianization to the Chinese.

Labor is opposed to everybody white. Right now, the very founders of the party would be calling for its rank-and-file along with its leadership to be carted off to the outback and shot as traitors. They have betrayed the very Australian people that the party was established to represent.

We publish Moselmane’s email address at NSW parliament below and urge our readers to let this sleazy traitor know that it’s time for him to return to Lebanon. Australians should no longer be paying for him. He must surrender all his possessions and pay for his own ticket home.


  1. It’s white Australians who built this country and created the cushy living standards and welfare state that migrants like Moslemane enjoy. His arrogance and ingratitude would get him thrown out of many other countries.

  2. Fuck off ya bludging fkn wog, back to ya war torn hole ya come from. Don’t need your fkn type here ya traitor, gaarrrn get.

  3. Who do you think you are if we are the obsolete Scum of White Australia then pack your bags and your family and leave with what you came to Australia with you should be stripped of all you have gained by the Australian people we don’t need racism or racists like you .You are spreading hate and racism with you sucking up to China do you think you would be safe there China is killing of its own people . Nose don’t want you here you will not be in government or have any power if we the real Australian have anything to say about it your nothing but a blood sucking scum your self go back to Lebanon pay for your own way

  4. he is nothing but a scumbag that needs to go stick his head up his ass and get out of this country we love Australia so hand in all you have gained and get a one way ticket you moron and leave our country we do not need people like you here

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