Two Asian sisters in the inner-Sydney suburb of Marrickville were abused yesterday as a result of Kung flu rage.

The sisters, who were crossing Petersham Road, were passed by a girl in a grey tracksuit and a friend with the former allegedly calling out, “Stay away from them, they’ve got coronavirus.”

Footage of the incident was captured on video, most likely by a local who was filming from an apartment above, given the angle.

It shows the two girls then turning back and an altercation ensuing in which the sisters claimed to have been threatened, spat on, and racially abused.

The girl in grey has just made a big choice not to be Woke

Sophie Do, 23, and her 19-year-old sister Rosa might not even be Chinese judging by the look of them. But they were collateral damage in a resentment which is soaring, being fed by the actions of the Chinese, but which authorities will eventually attempt to obviate at an even bigger cost to social cohesion.

Other choo flu-related incidents were reported in a shaming tone, especially by the hypocritical Daily Mail, the scuzziest fake news site on the web.

A South Korean woman was abused and bashed in Bundaberg Queensland, while a “mother” in a video published on DM verbally attacks a group of what looks like Indian males on a Melbourne train, calling them “disease-infected dogs.” Naturally, ‘diseased dogs,’ would’ve sufficed but we’re assuming that a public education coupled with heightened emotion foiled her otherwise polished grammar.

What makes the Marrickville incident the most interesting is that along with inner-western suburbs such as Newtown and Enmore it is a hub of spiritual Woke. One simply doesn’t witness incidents like that in Marrickville which historically has been a suburb concentrated in multiculturalism.

What makes all the incidents regrettable is that none of those targeted was even Chinese. That’s a pedestrian mistake to make, but it demonstrates that the antipathy is a universal reaction against non-White migrants in general. And it can hardly be wrong, either, considering that it was entirely Chinese who brought coronavirus to our shores. First and foremost, it was multiculturalism, but more accurately, multiracialism via globalism.

Globalism has taken a battering from COVID-19 so powerful that it’s probably never likely to recover. The world is hereby in unchartered territory. This is an epochal event and its repercussions will change life more so than 9/11. But how will our ‘relationship’ with China progress now that it has been shown to be what nationalists argued all along, a subordinate role in which Australia beams disingenuously while taking money with strings tied to China’s puppeteering fingers

Both government and business had been warned. The political class played a game which pitted its economic obsession against national security while hedging allegiances between its traditional US protector and its move towards China. But, big business was ever ready to sell the proverbial kitchen sink.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews seems to have more vested in ties to China than simple economic expediency. A proud socialist, he committed the most treasonable action imaginable by signing Victoria up to the One Belt One Road. In 2017, Andrews apologised to China for the “discrimination” against Chinese by gold miners, as he did in parliament for the “criminalisation” of gays a year before. In the lead-up to the China Flu shutdown, Andrews actually had Melbourne lit up in the colours of the Chinese flag in solidarity with all those ping pong restaurants that went to the wall when the virus hit. All of this makes us weaker in China’s eyes; more malleable; much easier to twist around their little finger.

Likewise, our most critical port in terms of naval defence, Darwin Port, was awarded a 99-year lease to a Chinese-owned company through the campaigning of Andrew Robb who used his former role as Minister of Trade and Investment to cosy up to the Beijing-backed company that bought it. Robb was a signatory to the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA) which dumped rubbish goods on our shores and handed jobs to Chinese workers. He now holds a lucrative sinecure provided quid quo pro by his Chinese collaborators in return for his facilitation.

The sell-off to China has been long and sustained and we’ve seen some of our iconic Australian brands gobbled up by the lying panda one after the other. Our minerals, gas, electricity, cattle, fruit, vegetables — our critical resources have been put up for sale and flogged off to China and others.

It was quite telling how when restrictions on exports were imposed with the advent of the pandemic; suddenly our markets became flush with luxury foods like WA lobsters that could no longer be shipped to China. For Aussies, it’s usually cheaper to eat gold than dine on lobster regardless of the abundance of seafood in our waters.

Despite warnings from ASIO, the fire sale continued unabated, from Australian property and businesses to land and resources. Professor Clive Hamilton published his quintessential text The Silent Invasion, which caused jitters in Canberra and elsewhere as it laid bare the threat posed to our sovereignty by a campaign of entryism by China. Following that, a major Four Corners report on Australian universities revealed the extent to which the Chinese military has been profiting from sensitive Australian research almost totally unvetted (a subject covered in Hamilton’s book).

Universities are now crippled because of the embargo on foreign travellers but they tried recklessly to sustain their addiction to Chinese students by tutoring them in a technical avoidance of entry requirements by ‘self-quarantining’ in a third country before making their way here. Subsequently, infected students arrived on our shores to spread the joys of Mao’s Revenge.

Universities facilitate the Chinese student scam which has its ancillaries in greedy property developers like the Chinese-born Jew Harry Triguboff. As the great Australian dream of the quarter-acre home is substituted by soulless apartment blocks designed for contained living in micro-cities connected via burgeoning rail networks so Australia, once foretold as the white working man’s paradise, has been transformed into the future satellite for a Chinese diaspora.

This diaspora has grown with so-called students who eventually settle and use property acquisition to further Beijing’s agenda. This plan has been tacitly supported with the indifference and moral imbecility of local governments who’ve sold it to disenfranchised natives under the guise of economic growth and with the eternal promise of jobs. However, the jobs would all go to foreign workers, and the economy would be thriving excluding the jilted Australian worker.

Nonetheless, it hasn’t been a done deal by any means. Australians, long indifferent to such matters have been steadily awakening to the quagmire of deceit surrounding the question of China. China’s advocates in the conservative and leftist camps have decried any opposition to China as ‘racism’, which the Chinese have well understood as important to their strategy of penetration. No such discourse about ‘racism’ exists in China and, as Clive Hamilton has pointed out, they’ve used it as an effective Achilles heel with which to compromise us. The unannounced arrival of The People’s Navy in Sydney Harbour in June last year left a resounding wariness in the guts of the average Australian as it struck home just how serious China is.

Concurrently, US diplomats have been concerned about Australia’s growing closeness to China. They have cautioned the Australian government about the ramifications if not checked.

ASIO had long been warning of the dangers of dealing with China but was invariably sidelined by harebrained free marketeers espousing the mentality of the economy before Australia.

Perhaps heeding the admonitions of so many the federal government nixed a tender by Chinese tech giant Huawei hoping to sell us their hinky technology. The ban was greeted with chagrin by China which has a strategy of rattling an economic stick whenever the government doesn’t play ball, which admittedly isn’t often.

Then came the case of Wang Liqiang an alleged Chinese spy supposedly defecting to Australia. Whether or not he was genuine the truth about Chinese spying as he laid it out most undoubtedly is.

Moreover, it was especially rich to have Andrew Hastie, a Liberal MP and Chair of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security break the story of this defector while in Victoria Gladys Liu, technically a party colleague, is so flagrantly connected to Beijing; creating the impression that the matter of Chinese infiltration hasn’t yet been reconciled within conservative ranks.

Chinese workers at a Chinese company shipping vital medical supplies needed here back to China

We shan’t even recount the cases of “Chinese businessmen” and women caught out donating large sums to both parties in expectation of favours for businesses backed by Beijing, even though they’ve generated enough scandal.

Yet, while this was being exposed Australians were introduced to the ‘daigou’ shopper. Daigous are Chinese shoppers who raid stores buying up in bulk on items of exportable value to the Chinese market. Thus, daigous were at work stripping Australian supermarket shelves of baby formula, a product much in demand back in the Old Noodle, leaving Australian mothers emptyhanded and their bubs unfed.

So, at a time when the world is gripped by a pandemic started in a Chinese ‘wet market’ where precious exotic animals are destined to be eaten by godless mainlanders, and which has decimated the global economy, sending millions into unemployment and creating a bigger depression than in 1929, it’s little wonder that the tide is turning against China.

How must it feel for Australians to have had their lives change into a dystopian nightmare by a Chinaman eating a bat and to confront one of those of the race which created this end-of-times horror scuttling along with a surgical mask as if afraid one of us Australians might infect him or her?

While this unprecedented turn of events alters life as we know it, China continues to drain us like a thick-shake. Having withheld the genome sequence of the virus, and avoided alerting the World Health Organisation of this new Kung Flu till it was too late, and sat by while over a million of their citizens travelled the globe for Chinese New Year carrying their sick bomb, now we discover that Chinese companies bought up tonnes of essential medical supplies such as surgical masks and hand sanitiser and shipped them back to China.

The fat is in the fire, as they say, and China is running out of aces. The government has taken the extraordinary step, during this time of economic freefall, of blocking foreign investment coming from any fire sale of Australian companies. This is a step, despite whatever nomenclature they use, aimed solely at China. It would be oh-so like the Chinese to trigger this global plague (which they blame on America) then try to seize the day by taking such advantage. But it won’t be happening, at least, not any time soon.

Nevertheless, the media has been sounding the alarm over “hate speech” directed against Chinese on social platforms such as Twitter. Hell, what can people be thinking?

Just because China’s done all this evil stuff, to go ahead and be nasty to them, simply ’cos a few thousand of your folk are zipped up in body bags lining the corridors of an overstretched hospital doesn’t mean you should hurt their feelings.

But what’s really happening is that globalisation is dying, having caught the bat bug, and average Australians like the girl we started off this piece with now recognise the simple equation that aliens equal trouble.

This virus would never have been spread if our policy of a White Australia hadn’t been undemocratically dismantled.

When a total neo-con government starts thinking in terms of protectionism and closes its borders indefinitely then the message is sinking in, as it doubtless is elsewhere in the world. Perhaps the Chinese will be the race that sets the walls of multiracialism finally tumbling down. Their dirty filthy virus certainly has. ’Cos the cosmopolitan times they are-a-changin’…

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