A Chinese woman was arrested at a NSW Woolworths yesterday but the media is not sharing the true reason why.

In a viral (sic) video doing the rounds, the woman who was allegedly taken into custody for “starting a fight with a worker”, was deliberately spitting on vegetables at the Chullora supermarket; apparently trying to spread the deadly COVID-19 virus.

The media has censored the actual circumstances of her arrest and simply reported that after becoming involved in a dispute with staff an attending officer placed her in handcuffs. At least, he tried to, as the woman reacted as if she was too regal a personage to be treated in such a manner. Asians, when cornered, will react like trapped ferrets. Subsequently, she refused to offer up her hands to be cuffed and repeatedly resisted arrest until finally subdued and led away to Gordon Police Station from which she was released after a simple talking to.

A carefully worded rewrite of what actually happened. And they wonder why we don’t trust mainstream media

The media has helped to soften any public anger that might’ve been felt by withholding the real reason she was detained. There is no way they cannot have known, either, as the Daily Mail for one had the video in its entirety from which it selectively published a clip. Had the public known that this vile reptile, who wore a facemask which she lowered before committing the foul deed, was spitting on people’s food they’d have wished her clapped in irons and deported.

Moreover, the video sent to us (not embedded) with (annoying) captions over much of the footage claims she was positive although there is no way that the maker could’ve known that and the police surely won’t be telling to protect future interests with China.

The disgusting woman attempts to spread the virus by spitting on these fruits and veges

But she is not alone in outrages during this period of an epochal disaster which started in China, possibly as a test virus in a lab, despite reports aiming to put a cap on that quite plausible theory. Chinese have been behaving in a manner such as to undermine our nation at this most precarious time.

For a start, it was reported yesterday in international news that a restaurant in northeastern China’s Shenyang erected a banner outside the store proclaiming, “HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE AMERICAN EPIDEMIC!” It added, “LONG LIVE THE EPIDEMIC IN LITTLE JAPAN!”

The restaurant franchisee was reportedly sacked by the company following a social media backlash but the sentiment is clear.

The sign celebrates America and Japan contracting the Chinese Flu

We don’t deny that even harsher feeling is right now being expressed in China against the hard-line communist leader, Xi Jinping over the deceptions and response to the virus. Thousands have been taking to social media since the virus got out of hand to air their anger against the communist dictator whose reign will be revisited in two years’ time.

Nonetheless, it’s clear that something is up with the Chinese diaspora and the question is are they acting on orders from Beijing?

How many more Chinese have attempted to contaminate comestibles that are growing ever scarcer during this pandemic crisis? We already have anecdotal reports of Chinese crashing various community shopping hours at Coles and Woolworths stores then pushing ahead of local elderly and handicapped folk so they can deprive them of toilet paper and groceries. And it’s also been revealed that much of the hoarding going on is being perpetrated by ‘daigou’ shoppers, for sale back to China.

Baby formula, much needed in a time of lockdown, is being sold to Chinese raiders without proper checks by supermarket staff who despite their stores’ own policies complain there is nothing they can do to stop these Chinese marauders getting around limits. However, they’re stripping shelves of everything they can get their hands on.

Today it was reported how “grape pickers” in the Mornington Peninsula district of Melbourne are being bused into the wine country in an organised operation where they pretend to be grape pickers and raid the supermarket shelves leaving locals without supplies. Again, this is so that goods can be sold back to China for a massive mark-up. There isn’t even any grape picking in that region, either, since it’s all done by machine: another alert that it was a Sino scam.

Something is either wrong with the distribution of provisions in China or else this instruction comes as a black operation from Beijing which, having spread the contagion, aims to further weaken our nations.

A Chinawoman (not a local) raids the shelves of a rural Victorian shop for goods to be sold back to China

If a wartime response is required to this pandemic, then no punches should be pulled. It is time not just for Australians to be quarantined, but for Chinese nationals and dual citizenship holders to be rounded up and isolated from the Australian population. This should be a precursor to them being flown back to China at their own expense.

Right now, the Chinese are the most dangerous race on earth, and we can’t have businessmen from universities upwards causing the deaths of tens of thousands of Australians just so that tomorrow a cadre of quislings can profit from doing business with these evil people.


    1. You’re even dumber, LM since we even screenshot the DM article’s lead stating it was Woolworths. This is what years of sucking on a rusty tailpipe have done for that squirming rat’s heart you call a brain. LOL.
      PS: Here’s a tip, Its is a possessive determiner, whereas it’s is a contraction of It Is. So, you clearly got your degree out of a chook’s clacker.

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