March 21, 2020

The anti-racist movement, anarchists, Marxists, Trotskyites all interconnect into a situation that fits hand in glove with the apparatus of civic governance. It’s especially apt to say that taken as a totality, if you understand what unites them in principle, they are the true ‘Nazis’ as per their own vague and imposing definitions.

When we speak of these fringe groups, it’s important to appreciate that their ‘fringe-ness’ ends when they link up, quite unspeakably, with the state.

You may ask yourself, since when did it become respectable to be an anarchist or even a hard-left unionist? Since when did those who preach the downfall of the state become protected by — and informers for — the very state they make such noises about? How can the ruling class have donned the togs of working-class and their movements and then suborned them into a partnership with the state forces that they criticize so intensely? Why the disconnect?

Valid questions all and worthy of a reflective essay, but let us just simply state that this is very much the case and right now, without putting a too finer point on it, that’s all that really matters. However, we can say that part of the reason this seems such a contradiction is because you may not understand that ‘the Left’ is not really ‘the Left’, but a slew of bodies and groupings that were long ago co-opted into complicity with the state on a broad range of social ideas.

This doesn’t mean that the government of the day necessarily provides, say, socialists with their desired outcomes, but in the matter of race relations and politically correct concepts revolving around identity politics, it [the state] often uses those groups as auxiliaries against the opposition. Another question is, when did anarchism become all about ‘smashing the fascists’ and not smashing the state, which they consider fascist. Moreover, that ‘fascist state’ they decry, how come it has been caught out (and we will report on this) not only protecting anarchists but empowering them in unjust actions and political frame-ups?

The state has something to gain from both identity politics and unfettered immigration (or it did, pre-coronavirus, but we’ll get to that in another article). The groups of which we speak share those ideas because they have, over time, been infiltrated and moved into a more centrist position. Anarchy, as we’ve pointed out before, was overtaken by members of the privileged class who, for one reason or another, flirt with extreme ideologies with their own prejudices and agendas.

Nonetheless, the person in the middle would consider these factions ‘extreme’ groups, or at the very least ‘the far Left’, which isn’t actually correct. Those in the middle who are obliging to the fanatics when pressed are touched by Woke, but the zealots are like the Woke Inquisition.

Those infected with the zealousness of the Church of the Woke are extremists who possess no qualms about the brutal imposition of their protean belief system: if you are not with them then you are against them and they will tear you down by any means necessary with no quarter given to either ethics or notions of justice. Of course, the Woke are not the majority by any means and their views are hardly mainstream. Yet, they ARE mainstream, so how does that paradox occur? It’s worth briefly visiting this question.

Many of us see this underbelly of Woke, and many don’t. But that underbelly has a top side which projects to the majority. Woke values seep from the top down, but what is the top?

The top is the instructive institutions of society, such as the media, academia, the arts and law. It’s little surprise that these segments are rife with Woke since they’ve been consciously manipulated over the past decades by those who were once crusaders of the Left. Their teachings influenced the model of student, artist, journalist, lawyer etc., which are the ideologically didactic voices of today. Their globalist position is based more around a progressiveness on issues of race and the environment compared to the globalist neoconservatives who attack sovereignty. The two overlap, or rather, they’re two sides of the same coin.

Hand in glove with institutions, we find that the (Woke) media in league with the police can convict you even if the charges are flimsy or beat up. We’ve seen this in the milieu erroneously labelled ‘far-right’, and persons who years ago wouldn’t have warranted more than a curt word from a magistrate are assimilated into the vast number of convictions coming out of the courts these days. This is because the prosecutions are pronouncedly political.

Consider a nationalist who was arrested in 2019. He was charged on dubious grounds because of a complaint made by a prominent anarchist who the accused had previously filed a police complaint against for the very crime(s) with which he himself was later charged. The Police ignored his grievance, offering up only an event number. Later, when his home was attacked by thugs undoubtedly sent by the anarchist, the Police refused to investigate. However, in an act of flagrant selective prosecution, the pigs — acting on political instruction from their hierarchy following an article by a journalist connected to the alleged victim — arrested the accused. And all because a fool named Brenton Tarrant expedited their anti-nationalist agenda by misguidedly shooting up two New Zealand mosques.

The matter was fairly trivial, but that’s not how it’s being treated; post-Christchurch they needed to make an example of him. As he was released after many hours from custody, having been charged, he left the police station in inner-western Sydney to be greeted not just by journalists and photographers but by a contingent of Antifa who the cops had tipped off. They had not only run him through a mill of persecution by injustice but they’d set him among the wolves once again to endanger his personal safety, which is perhaps the most disquieting element of this yet-to-be-told story.

Is this behaviour by the media and police anything the average person in the street would find acceptable? No, but then, they never get to hear the full story because the Police and media make certain the accused is gagged and only the politically correct version of events is published.

Likewise, historical extremists like Jeff Sparrow (brother of Rob aka Slackbastard), who co-founded Socialist Alternative with their dotty sister, both who were arrested for crimes linked to their extreme ideology, are socially accepted commentators on ‘the far-right’, which is the equivalent of having a Chinese scholar write the history of Australia from a Communist Chinese perspective.

So, when the state will go to these lengths to suppress political ideas and oppress dissenters, then appoint their ideological enemies as their biographers, who is the Nazi? Indeed, that ignominious label is part of their propagandistic armoury. Don’t like immigration? You’re a Nazi! Don’t feel that Aborigines – or those claiming Aboriginal heritage – should be getting special treatment? You’re a Nazi! Don’t believe in gay marriage, or the twisted idea that a person can be of ‘fluid gender’, any more than you believe a pig can fly? You’re a Nazi! And Nazi is such a strong word because it conjures all manner of signifiers, from iron jackboots stomping on a human face, to mass crematoriums for Jews. The tagged loses their humanity and is characterised as a monster thus voiding them of any civil rights and fair treatment in the mind of the accuser.

But if the majority of people don’t share the fervent belief in the teachings of the Church of the Woke, how come the tail wags the dog?

Times seem no different than the dark days of the Inquisition which Napoleon did his best to smash. One minded one’s own business and went along to get along. The same could be said about those living in oppressive regimes (such as ours), they may not believe all the crap but they won’t speak out for fear of losing their jobs. The biggest cowards are to be found on the fringes of nationalism etc., those who hide behind fake identities afraid to have their true views attributed to them lest they are penalised. And we can hardly blame them given that’s exactly what happens.

The adage about ‘I didn’t’ speak up when they came for so-and-so’, many will be surprised, applies not to those minorities who are supposedly victims of a ‘fascist’ state, but those who dare to blaspheme against the Church of the Woke in any manner whatsoever.

We are ALL thought criminals now.


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