March 14, 2020

Migrants are taking the food out of the mouths of Australians as they panic buy all non-perishable foods at the supermarkets.

A scene out of a Sydney Costco today demonstrated just what a rapacious bug the migrant is, putting itself before country, and before others. It’s a vile sight to behold and so telling of the character of the opportunistic migrant which itself works at the level of a virus – particularly in Europe where it is currently swarming into the bloodstream of Western civilization to kill it forever.

The scene depicted at the Epping Costco not only shows how the demographics have changed so much for that suburb over the years but just how those selfish souls queued up in a manic procession are not native.

This is no surprise when you think about it because everything about economic migration has as its core a mercenary attitude. These grubs who come from China, India, Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq — all those horrible Arab lands; all of them are looking out for number one; working just like a virus.

They abandon their country of origin without any patriotic zeal for reform and then attach themselves to a new host. There, they compete with the native-born for jobs, housing, hospital beds, and space on public transport. Much worse, they multiply like a virus, never coming alone, but laying the foundation for importing their entire diaspora of family, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins, and even their local mechanic.

Panic in Babylon — Costco is invaded by rapacious migrants

It’s horrible, too, that Australians are also behaving like this, but then when panic is started those who don’t scramble for whatever is left in the aisle are forced into the position of missing out because of a point of principle.

First, it started with toilet paper and tissues, then it was pasta, rice and other staples, but now we’re being told there is a run on meat! Soon, everything consumable will have been hoarded, and if one did the math, the majority will have fallen into the smelly pantries of foreign-born swine whose soul thoughts are for themselves and their own kin; not the elderly; not the infirmed; and certainly not for stinking Aussies.

The coronavirus is a China virus, 100% made in China, by Chinese, from Chinese racial habits. It is a killer and if the hype over coronavirus turns out not to be bogus then they will have, in their devilish diet, have managed to wipe out much of the human race making the Chinaman the evillest creature on earth.

Yet, here they are, raiding our shopping aisles of supplies while covering their ferrety faces with surgical masks as if it’s us who’re likely to spread the virus to them. That’s China-think to a tee, and, overall, the migrant mentality. They’ve even had the gall to try and blame America for creating the virus and spreading it from Wuhan, which goes to show that they’ll never accept responsibility for anything and the Chinaman lies like a bird sings or a lion stalks its prey.

The scenario is becoming more like the Captain Trips dreamed up by horror novelist Stephen King in a short story. He investigated that theme later when he wrote The Stand, and, well, if it plays out like his imagination then the scenario will mutate just like a virus and, apart from logical quarantining, martial law will inevitably follow to curtail lootings and crimes of opportunity. Then it’ll be a long run to return to even the illusion of the democracy we’ve been ruled under for so long.

However, an image we shared recently, speaks volumes. A reader from Tasmania sent us a pic he snapped in the aisle of Launceston Woolworths. There is no shortage of bog roll down that way, no run on pasta, no limit on the amount of rice you can buy. There is no rationing because there is no panic buying and that might have something to with the fact that out of the whole nation Tasmania, for reasons of proximity etc, is the least cosmopolitan in the country. And this is while Tasmania has five confirmed cases!

Fewer migrants clearly equal less panic and more stability. If the Chinese begin to flock there as we understand they’re currently trying to do then that image of the shelves might have a ‘before’ and ‘after’.

Also, it means even though Aussies are caught up in this shameful panic buying, discounting the fact a homogenous country would not have faced such risks, the national character would have prevented such selfish focus and proper distribution would have ensured supply.

Just something to think about on this day-whatever of the pandemic they’re calling COVID-19 which was started by Chinese eating endangered animals raw and slurping on bat soup.

Sydney shelves
Tasmanian shelves

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