March 13, 2020


Writing in today’s The Australian Greg Sheridan critiques Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus. While doing so, the arch-internationalist made a significant acknowledgement to a truth about the virus’s spread, namely that “homogenous societies such as South Korea and Japan have options that Western societies do not have.”

He goes on to say, “America, like Australia, runs on a ‘just-in-time’ basis and is enmeshed in every aspect of globalisation and cosmopolitanism. The virus is almost designed to hurt societies like that.”

Or to put it another way, multiculturalism has made it more difficult for Western countries to contain the spread of the virus. A multitude of races and ethnicities pour from all corners of the infected globe into a hotchpotch of humanity increasing the likelihood of the contagion spreading through individual intersections. Whereas, those living in a homogenous order are coming from fewer places with fewer interactions and are more easily managed.

In short, it’s much healthier being a homogenous society with better checks for infected agents than a culturally divergent mess. The attendant difficulties of communication and accountability make it harder for the latter to coordinate an effective response to contamination that thrives on social diversity. But notice how it takes for the disaster to actually happen for these globalists to recognise (albeit it obliquely) this self-evident truth. Such is the frustrations of dealing with committed capitalists who can reconcile myriad contradictions without ever encountering the sphere of a conscience.

So, don’t figure on anything changing, even if Peter Dutton, Australia’s Home Affairs Minister who oversees immigration has tested positive for COVID-19, which is so fitting that it almost proves the existence of God.

Then again, it makes you wonder whether or not it’s all bullshit. See, if you think about it, with all the talk coming out about involving the military, and the same kinds of security considerations that marked post-911, the idea of the virus might’ve provided an opportunity too good to miss. That’s how it was when the Twin Towers went down, we don’t subscribe to a conspiracy, but it certainly created the basis for one, which was without a doubt.

Regardless, who is living with more of peace of mind, those knowing that among their people are many travelling to exotic places where all manner of biological transmissions abounds, or those safe in the knowledge that nobody is likely to come into contact with anyone from Wuhan China? Reducing the degrees of separation can only make sense when it comes to survival.

And now we’re appealing to reason in the matter of globalists so we might have to go and get ourselves tested because we’re clearly not thinking straight.

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