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Welcome back to the never-ending story of valiant Nazi-hunter Dvir Abramovich and his quest to make everyone fall head-over-heels for his beloved Zionist entity.

It is hard to keep track but I believe this may be the fifth article I have written in the last twelve months on the subject of the struggle against reason and anti-Semitism in Victoria.

The latest news is that the parliamentary inquiry into the expansion of the Victorian anti-discrimination regime to include a ban on anachronistic 20th-century political symbols and memorabilia continues apace.

This is in spite of equivocation from Jewish community leader Jennifer Huppert who, it appears, has declined to state her position on a swastika ban; sparking discontent among other contributors to the inquiry.

This week also favoured us with the now annual address by Australia’s domestic spy chief Mike Burgess, after his remarks on ASIO’s posture regarding international espionage and terrorism he turned to the issue of “Far Right” extremism and let fly with this howler:

“In suburbs around Australia, small cells regularly meet to salute Nazi flags, inspect weapons, train in combat and share their hateful ideology. These groups are more organised and security-conscious than they were in previous years.”

The mind boggles at the idea of some wombat inviting his mates around to salute a nylon Nazi flag, pass around his grandpa’s rust-flecked old .22 popgun, and then participate in a drunken forced-march along the snake-infested creek at the back of the estate.

What is really interesting is that threatening, or conspiring to carry out violence and disorder of the sort inferred by Mr Burgess’ speech is illegal, so if his agency is aware of these alleged “cells” why are they still allowed to operate?

The assertion that these “Neo-Nazis”, or whatever they are supposed to be, are organised and security-conscious is also laughable. ASIO has a history of cultivating informers in such groups and the groups themselves routinely recycle the same cast of social misfits with each new incarnation, so the cops are unlikely to have too much trouble keeping tabs on the far-right.

Following Mike Burgess’ speech, the Victorian education minister James Merlino has vowed to add a compulsory Holocaust education module to the year nine and ten syllabi, as if kids needed another social-engineering programme clogging up the curriculum.

Merlino professes dismay at the idea that 15-year-old students would be hard-pressed to describe what the Holocaust represents.

Truth be told, I have been reading about the liquidation of the Jews in Europe for nigh on three decades. It is only after this extended period of study and reflection that I can say I have a pretty good idea of the context and significance of those events.

Having taken all reasonable steps to educate myself on the subject I am able to distinguish between “The Holocaust”, which is a narrative centred on fiction and contaminated by liars and fame-seekers and the “Shoah”, the catastrophe befalling Jews during the bloodbath in Eastern Europe, which followed the imperialist adventurism of the National Socialists.

It is clear that minister Merlino has his mind set-on instituting a pro-Zionist indoctrination programme based upon the tainted Holocaust narrative, rather than investing in developing a course which puts the liquidation of the Jews in Europe in its proper context as part of the wider National Socialist plan for Europe after Bolshevism.

Time does not permit a deeper examination of events on the Eastern Front in the years 1941-44, but suffice to say, if Hitler and the SS had triumphed many ethnic groups would have been similarly liquidated and the survivors placed in a material condition similar to peasants under feudal rule.

In the end, as I have pointed out often enough, this hysteria surrounding Neo-Nazism and Anti-Semitism is a staged moral panic contrived by cynical Zionist operators, such as serial pest Dr Dvir Abramovich.

The real reason for the ballyhoo is to maintain state support for the shrinking Jewish community in this country, which is both ageing and subject to unsustainable levels of out-marriage and community members turning their backs on the faith.

Unfortunately for Mr Abramovich and his dwindling support base, the relationship between Jews and Australians and our attitudes towards the Zionist entity and its founding mythology have never been the yardstick by which we measure ourselves, so this compulsory indoctrination programme will fail.

As the second great war fades from living memory I hope that all this nonsense about anti-Semitism being the root of all evil will be consigned to the dustbin of history and the focus of studies of that era be turned toward our grandfathers’ war, the battle for Australia against Imperial Japan.

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