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Melbourne anarchists have praised themselves widely for attacking a militaria shop in Pascoe Vale.

The store carried such World War 2 collectors items as Hitler Youth badges, Confederate flags, and Nazi armbands; all the kind of stuff you’d find on a Hollywood movie set. But the owner has closed his doors, and the anarchists are taking credit, following an act of gross vandalism fuelled by a fanatacism that equals the madness of ISIS.

Posting on their anarchistsworldwide blog the middle-class vandals admitted, “On the night of January 19th-20th, 2020, we paid a visit to the premises of the ‘EK Militaria’ store at 439 Gaffney Street in Pascoe Vale. After disabling a nearby surveillance camera, we sabotaged the entrance locks to the store, spray painted antifascist slogans (sic) on the store facade and smashed one of the storefront windows that was displaying a US Confederate flag.”

Just when Victoria Police began protecting anarchists we don’t know, but we do know those anarchists they’re protecting are about as genuine as a $5:00 Rolex. Nothing they do anymore has anything to do with anarchy, and it hasn’t for years, ever since ruling class infiltrators Luke McMahon and Rob Sparrow got their glittery nails into the movement.

Now, anarchists are nothing more than tools of the state, there to uphold a civic narrative.

Putting aside the criminal aspect for a moment, let’s consider what they’ve achieved. Firstly, we have it on certain authority that the store owner, Garry McDonald, chose to move because of a rent hike, and not intimidation by Rob’s Army. McDonald has regularly changed addresses.

Having said, what we have, is a case of Woke automatons, living out a subcultural fantasy. For instance, how come they never attack anything that is truly representative of anything now-and-happening by way of freedom causes. Why is it they chase after ghosts? But more importantly, why are they so dedicated to headbutting history by waging war against symbols?

The obvious answer is because they’re a pack of Charlies, but the true understanding we’ve already laid out. In fact, it intersects with the same reason that the Police have given them such a free run: because, once again, they’re tools of the state.

World War 2 insignia, be it Allied, Soviet, or Wehrmacht, are now bygone symbols. They represent historical page-marks, but nothing more.
There must be an entire academic paper to be written on the subject of WW2 semiotics and how they create a reactive frenzy in the Woke.

These are the kind of crypto-Taliban that have torn down Civil War statues in the United States and who rail against any marker of history that they disagree with. They are, in a sense, trying to fight history. This is not a war they’re likely to win unless they manage to completely erase it, and by the time they reached that kind of action, we would hope the irony might dawn on them. It would be like saying, “We must fight fascism with totalitarianism.”

But because they equate these symbols with fuelling a ‘rise of the far-right’, which is of itself mythical, they justify to themselves the kind of targeted vandalism that saw Phil Galea locked up.
Only, Phil only allegedly planned to attack an anarchist shop, he never actually did anything. These spoilt rats did attack, and they’ll probably never be held accountable by law, the same way a major anarchist was not charged with harassing a nationalist, nor was CFMEU thug and antifascist troglodyte David Gullis ever pursued over death threats and vandalism. It is also why the secretary of the Melbourne Anarchist club has been given favoured treatment by police in two states as well as by a major Australian media masthead.

What the state relies upon with these duckies is their fantasy, for in living their anarchist subculture, it’s so important that they relive the Battle of Cable Street. In the pursuit of that fantasy, they’ll do all sorts of things that will support a narrative, which is, of itself, irrelevant. This means that the state can get on with a whole bunch of other rotten stuff having locked up any political energy in a useless struggle against symbols and history.

In this meaningless fight, they forever have the backing of Jewish bastard, Palestinian-hater and anti-White bigot, Dvir Abramovich of the so-called Anti-Defamation Commission.

When the egregious Daily Mail reported on the incident, showing great favouritism to the vandals by describing them as “vigilantes”, they naturally reached out to Abramovich for comment. He wasn’t the least fussed by the criminality of the action, but rather applauded the terrorists, saying, “The closure of the shop is a victory for decency, and for every person who was disgusted by the fact that in our tolerant city, blood-soaked instruments of death, the face of pure evil, were proudly displayed an sold.”

OK, we think it’s about time that Abramovich went and saw some people because the frequency level of mania in that quote is through the roof.

“The presence of this shop in the heart of our suburbs was not just an insult to the memory of the victims and the diggers who sacrificed their lives to defeat the Third Reich, but was a spit in the face of Holocaust survivors.”

It’s nice how these Jews push their way into our country, and then use the word “our” over and over, hammering it for effect, when they are not us, and nothing of ours is theirs. Having said, this is the same nutjob who wants legislation to ban the swastika to appease his semiotic-phobia.

Why he hasn’t fucked off to Israel so he can channel all that twisted energy against Palestinians is beyond us, but he chooses to stay here and try to mess with our freedoms on the basis that they cause him angst. It’s clearly a lot easier to remove him than to pass legislation to placate his lunacy and those who’ve made his day by attacking a legitimate business.

And that’s the thing that’s lost on all these headcases; it’s a perfectly legal business. You wouldn’t think so, as the anarchists wrote, “With this action we are sending a clear message to Garry McDonald — if the authorities are not prepared to do something about your fascist business, we are.”

Now, wait a minute, these are anarchists condemning police for not acting beyond the law. Once you’ve thought about that, think about this — as we’ve pointed out, these galahs come from the same anarchist stable that has supplied police with information, and we are convinced, had one leading figure working as an informant. Isn’t all this a perverse paradox of antithesis?

Still, what next? This fear and loathing of anachronistic symbols can’t just end with this, there must be bigger fish to fry, more fascist emblems and decals to eradicate. We’re pretty sure, though, that among the symbols they won’t worry over are the Soviet-era collectables, regardless of how many Jews Stalin killed, or how many of everybody Stalin had liquidated; a murderer who made the Third Reich look like a benevolent association. 

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