The recent descent into celebrity infighting and chest-beating punditry by the Woke elites has been quite something to see.

By this, we refer to the meltdown of the U.S. Democrats, Victorian Labor, and the like. This series of forced, set-piece dramas are a direct result of the ignominious failure of Wokeness across the board; it cannot turn a profit, nor can it get itself elected to high office.

In reality, Wokeness now only exists on Twitter and in some parts of the dying legacy media. Even Hollywood is coming to the realisation that hardly anybody wants to be bombarded by Woke films and programs with their tedious female supremacy and an inclusive intersectional sentiment.

Likewise, the Woke online media has largely gone broke or been sold on to faceless investment houses who have put in their own management teams to restructure the sites and turn a profit.

With the possible exception of basket cases like Canada and Sweden, the majority of developed European-style societies have totally rejected the Woke Left at the ballot box. Meanwhile, the nominally democratic socialist parties, having blown their chances of an election win with unworkable policies are struggling to find candidates who are not doddering geriatrics or completely off their gourds.

This turmoil on the traditional political-left is the result of parties succumbing to the old tactic of entryism by ne’er-do-wells and fringe elements. It seems as though their drive to capture the youth vote has opened the door to forces which are neither youthful much less enamoured by democracy.

The leadership groups of the old Labour Movement are just so out of touch with reality that they must sincerely believe that young people actually accept the Woke bullshit and this erroneous assumption must be the root of their current misfortune.

As the father of young adults, I can assure the likes of Anthony Albanese and his people, the last things on the minds of the youth are intersectional feminism and inclusivity; the way capitalist globalisation has restructured society means that young people are mainly occupied with scratching out a living in the dog-eat-dog job marketplace; keeping a roof over their heads and keeping their training credentials up to date.

The whole Woke agenda is premised on competition rather than cooperation, everything they believe in seems to come down to some variation of a zero-sum game, which can only serve to create ever fracturing classes of haves and have-nots.

The most distracted workers are aware that the Woke Emperor has no clothes; he’s totally nude and prancing around as if he’s draped in ermine robes; blithely unaware that they know his tackle is out in all its ideological grotesquery. The Woke elitists are full of complaints, but they’ve never been able to put forth a solution to pressing social problems, which doesn’t increase the burden on the working classes and marginalised people.

The Woke solution to globalist capitalism is more capitalism and an even greater concentration of wealth into a Green elite; their plan for the insoluble problems of social cohesion in multi-ethnic societies is to further inflame racial antagonism and the preferential treatment of the feckless lumpenproletariat and immigrant minority groups when it comes to the allocation of resources.

The Woke is on the ropes and the people are too preoccupied with daily life to even watch the collapse of the mad online intersectional fiefdoms and the fake commerce generated by would-be elitists.

The satisfying part, as far as I am concerned, is that the whole rotten edifice is collapsing under the weight of its own internal contradictions and the spluttering recriminations within the Woke milieu merely need documentation for posterity.

We should take careful note of who says what so that if any of these elitist reptiles stick their heads above the parapet again, those who took the time to witness their downfall might lead the jeering and mockery of these desperate losers.

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