Thanks to a ruling by our high court, anyone on earth can be an Aboriginal. The decision came after two disgusting foreign-born criminals challenged deportation orders made against them.

New Zealander Brendan Thomas, 31, and PNG-born Daniel Love, 40, both have extensive criminal records involving violence.

But a high-court verdict which returned a vote of 4-3 means that these two pieces of excrement cannot be removed to the countries of their birth because of a total fiddle of both logic and reason.

According to the court, ‘indigenous Australians cannot be considered aliens’ under the constitution – the very constitution they want to be changed to give Abos “a voice”. Well, how’s this for a voice, anyone can be an Abo now, including these two, one of whom, Thomas’s claim to Aboriginal ancestry comes because supposedly his grandmother was an Abo. Seriously.

Thomas looks about as Aboriginal as Eddie McGuire and has never once performed a welcome to country ceremony. But because this completely bogus connection to Abo blood means he has a very close spiritual relationship with “the land” he was never born on, he not only stays but can claim free stuff.

As to Love, he has lived here since he was five, and has one Abo parent, but so what? Suddenly he’s spiritual kin to the great mullet of Murray River? Does he walk with the rainbow serpent?

This ruling no doubt also entitles them to sit-down money, job preferences (not that they’d hold a job), and a discount on goon at the petrol bowser.

The four judges who dominated the ruling are as Woke as it gets, and may have been drinking kava prior to their decision. Obviously, they’ve never set foot in the real Australia, just moved with a deft entitlement from the crib to the private schoolroom, to university, and thence to the bar (not our sort of bar, but) from whence they rose in obverse proportion to their abilities into the high court where they can do the most Woke for the community.

So, get ready for any Colombian who imports cocaine, or any Tongan who bashes a school kid, or any African who chops up a passer-by with a machete, or any Arab who commits an act of terror to become unmovable. Yes, all they have to say is the magic words, “I’m part Abo” and that’s it. Bob’s your uncle. Since it’s impossible to prove any of this and even questioning someone’s claim to Aboriginality can get you sued, as Andrew Bolt found out, the game is on.

Of course, none of this assumed privilege that comes from being a spiritually advanced ‘first nations’ native person seems to do much good for the real thing. Outside of the pretenders who have one-quarter blood in them and march through Melbourne with loud hailers demanding we “change the date”, most are pretty fucked up, with poor health, and zero prospects, so none of this does them any good.

In fact, it’s actual Aboriginals who suffer from this kind of madness since there is nothing safeguarding their own racial purity. All the favouritism seems to be based on those who’ve mixed their blood thereby aiding and abetting their genocide, which is one of the inherent contradictions and obscenities of Woke.

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