June 22, 2022


A restaurant in a western Sydney suburb has sparked outrage over alleged insensitivity shown in a message scrawled on a display cabinet at the shop’s counter. It reads, “The coronavirus won’t last long because it was made in China.”

It might be wishful thinking, but there’s a kernel of truth in that which is applicable to higher concerns about China.

If ever there is a guarantee that the Chinese will never achieve their imperialist ambitions it’s the Chinese themselves. At least, it’s sure looking that way, with the latest viral outbreak.

You could view it as their ultimate export fail. Let’s face it, 99% of the cheap rubbish that is forced onto us thanks to the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA) is good for about ten seconds before it either falls apart or is subject to a product recall. Everything about Chinese merchandise is hinky, and that’s because they rip off everyone else’s ideas and designs without any commitment to sincerely replicating them. Furthermore, they have no ethics whatsoever, and it’s been said, they do not possess a soul.

This is why it’s both comedic and tragic that their most reliable export has been the coronavirus. By all evidence, it has the Chinese themselves beat in terms of treating and maintaining it. When a cure is found they’ll no doubt rip that off too.

Their level of preparedness has been exposed as dismal, even if they can impressively knock up hospitals in record time, thanks to their worker ant population. Damn things are sure to collapse on everyone’s heads, but.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has issued a grovelling request to the EU to buy medical supplies to help battle their homemade killer virus. This is an indication that they don’t have enough medical supplies. An insufficient quota of medical supplies may be an indication of a crap government, a testament to how light-fingered and corrupt their officials are, or all three combined. We’d say it’s the latter.

And these clowns seriously want to take on the US military. They wouldn’t have enough bandages for a start.

Yes, the coronavirus is going to be a massive dent in the Chinese ego at a time of their national renaissance. But it won’t be until the world has managed to contain it when we’ll really be able to point the finger at what a toxic global citizen they happen to be. By which time, their hubris will count for little, but their money will still talk, so don’t hope for miracles.

As of this article the figures are worldwide a death toll of 305, with 14,569 confirmed cases globally, 12 of those in Australia.

This deserves an award!

Government bans travellers from China.

Up until Saturday, Chinese were being allowed to enter this country at a rate so absurd it’s as if the government wanted Australia to become the world’s coronavirus colony by deliberately contaminating the population.

Perhaps their idea was to convert Australia into a gigantic quarantined continent where China could send all of its infected, partly in the hope of their homemade contagion wiping out us hated Skips; that would make the acquisition of our mineral-rich nation even easier.

Obviously, we’re not serious, yet in the midst of this China-created coronavirus scare, up until Scott Morrison’s advisors finally got the message through for him to stop them, the planes were bringing 49,000 potentially infected celestials into our country each week.

Conservative radio jock Alan Jones raised the matter with Foreign Minister Marisa Payne whom he interviewed on his 2GB radio show on Friday morning. Payne certainly lives up to her name, as this affirmative action placement cabinet member is not only painful on the eyes, but has an innate ability to induce suffering into healthy brain matter. When asked why flights from China hadn’t been grounded, he was told, “They (the authorities) have repeatedly told us that stopping all flights from China is not recommended at this stage and in fact no other country has stopped all flights from China.”

Jones went on to suggest that the reason the planes hadn’t been stopped was more concern about offending our largest trading partner.

This Saturday, undoubtedly as a direct result of that on-air confab, Scott Morrison belatedly banned travellers from China and those who’ve passed through from entering the country; no doubt mourning every commie cent that will be lost. The exceptions will be Australian citizens, permanent residents, immediate family, legal guardians, and spouses. So, in effect, enough to stoke a pandemic anyway, although there will be screenings, etc, and we’ve seen how efficacious they’ve been.

Not stopping there in his better-late-than-never plan of action, the PM wants to fly in at-risk (mostly Chinese-Australians) from Wuhan and quarantine them on Christmas Island. Nobody really wants to stay in a detention centre, so they’d rather try their luck among the infected, as some have said they intend to do.

Just how widespread the infection is in China is anybody’s guess. No hard facts are coming out of China.

Being a communist country, the usual reactive plan when things go tits-up is to pull down the wool and plug your ears lest you get arrested for speaking out. Those who raise their voices are dragged off by government agents and forced to glare at lights. Just remember Chernobyl and the Kursk. Russia did the same thing; their policy was to deny everything until the party leaders said otherwise; by which time it was too late. Then, of course, they blamed America.

A 30-year-old woman’s lungs before and after coronavirus

Coronavirus is racist

Human nature is pretty set on the rules governing any contagious outbreak: those guilty of spreading it are generally treated with fear and loathing. It stands to reason to all except bleeding-heart liberals.

As such, the ABC and SBS, forever champions of everyone but their paymasters, have been reporting on how Chinese feel that Australians are beset with Sinophobia (at last-ED). Both ran articles quoting “Chinese-Australians” whingeing about being publicly shunned because of their race.

As if the situation weren’t reversed, and Australians in China had to front for a viral outbreak traced back here, they wouldn’t be lynching us in droves. But these are Chinese, and they will call you a liar while lying to your face.

One such is a conspicuous plant of Beijing’s, which also highlights the deep ties communist China enjoys with the Liberal party.

Scott Yung heads the worryingly-named Liberal Party Chinese Youth Council. That such an organisation even exists just shows how badly the Libs need dragging out to a parking lot to be beaten with tyre irons. What chance do we have when the government itself stinks with the enemy?

Yung, who wants Beijing to control Australia’s agricultural and mining assets, which is why he infiltrated the Liberals who never tried to stop him, has a bone to pick with Skips.

He told 2GB’s Ben Fordham, “We do have to remember that at the end of the day this is the coronavirus, not the Chinese virus (We beg to differ—ED). Everyone has been affected across the globe.

“To have some articles use rhetoric such as ‘panda-demic’, it’s not really congruent with the successful multicultural society that we have.”

Chinese have banded together to create a useless online petition targeting The Herald Sun and Daily Telegraph for an apology over aspects of their coverage. Good luck with that.

Other incidents which they say indicate Australia’s Sinophobia coming to the fore in this crisis-which-could’ve-happened-to-anyone is the recent death of a man in Sydney’s Chinatown.

A 60-year-old Chinese man died of a heart attack on Campbell Street because no one was game to give him CPR. This, of course, to the propagandists for white guilt, infers that Anglo-Celtic-European Australians were the heartless bastards who refused to acknowledge the poor dying man.

In fact, this was Chinatown, which, surprise surprise, just happens to be mostly Chinese in makeup. In other words, the 24-carat elephant in the room is the fact that it was other Chinese refusing to stop to help the man. Imagine that, but then again, as reports come out of China’s quarantined provinces, it seems standard practice to ignore the plight of others in the name of either disinterest or self-preservation.

As to the latter, who could be blamed? Chances are the bastard died of coronavirus, so who wants to be the one to catch the virus just for the sake for parading their civic credentials?

Moreover, it’s also bum city down that way. Deros are everywhere in Sydney’s CBD. A gink crashed out on the pavement is not an unfamiliar sight. As “heartless” as it seems, if everyone was to stop and cry panic for every old soak found unconscious on Sydney’s pavement and covered in their own spew they’d never get where they were going.

So, it must be tragic to discover this ‘Sinophobia’ is distinctly prevalent among their own kind. Take for instance Chinese ghetto shopping centres that are conspicuously empty of Chinese shoppers. Those who are trickling around all have their faces covered with surgical masks. And it’s also the Chinese avoiding their own restaurants and diners because they know that it’s their own people likely to be carrying the virus, as so far with all Australian cases, this is how it’s turned out to be.

In which case, they should be relieved that the Queensland government has banned Chinese kids from attending school and spreading the disease. It’s not like they haven’t already done so deliberately.

In Wuhan, foreigners trapped there have reported how infected citizens are spitting on health workers in a bid to deliberately contaminate them. Whether this is out of spite or frustration we cannot know, but we can report on a woman from Wuhan who boasted on social media of tricking France’s detection system when she knew she was infected. She thought it was a real kick to sneak infected into a great French restaurant so that she should tick that off her bucket list while also spreading the illness to as many as possible.

And if they want to whine about ‘racism’ being involved, what other races like to dine on live rats with a cold glass of chardonnay to wash them down? What other races caused the disease because they were slurping bat bisque and chewing the guts out of raw snakes and porcupines? It certainly wasn’t Aussies.

Furthermore, what other races which have been stripping Australian shelves of baby formula for years are now raiding them for potentially lifesaving surgical masks and hand sanitiser? There’s none left for Australians because the Chinese have been buying up all supplies. They have the cheek to spread the virus here and then swarm on all the safety products leaving none for us to protect ourselves.

If Sinophobia has returned because of this virus then it’s about time because so far this self-defence mechanism has been held in abeyance even as the Chinese become more reprehensible to our lives. The fact their navy sailed into Sydney Harbour last year to threaten us didn’t create much animosity at all.

But this is just Australia — reports are coming out of Japan, and other Asian countries like Malaysia where the Chinese are being shunned and vilified. You can understand that too. There’s a lot more to this ‘xenophobia’ it’s actually payback for all of the rotten things that China is currently doing in both this region and in the world. 

If we do end up having to send in the scoops to clear up the bodies then you can be assured it will never be forgotten.

Get it? We do cryptic gags, too!

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