Another year dawns and another disgusting respiratory disease emerges from the lawless masses of the orient, who previously brought us such smash hits as SARS and Swine Flu. This time it is the coronavirus.

I say lawless masses because as much as the Chinese Communist Party tries to maintain the image of an advanced and well-ordered Chinese technotopia, the reality is that its subjects are, in the main, a pack of backward oafs, crooks and generally dirty bastards.

If you pay attention to the online jottings of westerners who have lived in China and not been totally lobotomised by the experience you may start to form the impression that the CCP is full of shit and cannot even be trusted to report on the weather accurately.

This outward presentation of social harmony is simply a crude attempt at masking the degeneracy and corruption at the heart of the Peoples Republic and the fact that the Chinese people for the most part just do whatever the hell they want with little oversight from the authorities.

It is only when the shit really hits the fan that the state intervenes and drops the proverbial tonne of bricks on the problem, first by blaming the catastrophe on some poor wretches in local government and throwing them in the slammer, then making an ostentatious show of force to convince the world that the state is properly dealing with the issue.

So it has been with the latest outbreak of Coronavirus, a nasty pneumonia-like bug which supposedly originated in the city of Wuhan via the appalling hygiene in a local wet market and the illegal trade in wild animal meat being carried out on the premises.

If you listen to these critical expats the trader in exotic animal nibblies working the markets in a big Chinese city is unlikely to be bothered by such formalities as health inspections or the enforcement of any type of trading standards; yes, he knows what he is doing is illegal but neither he nor his customers care, they want fresh bat soup or a tonic made of raw monkey bile and to hell with the consequences.

Wuhan and it’s 11 million feckless inhabitants have been quarantined as of this past Friday, with all the attendant panic buying and grubby, selfish behaviour we’ve come to expect from Celestials in a pickle, though if things run as they normally do in China then the cordon sanitaire will leak like a sieve.

There are already reports being gleaned by Chinese speakers from WeChat and directly from expats acquainted with Chinese medical staff that the government is lying about the true numbers of infected citizens while cancelling all leave for physicians in the full knowledge that they are being forced to attend to with contagious patients with ineffective, or non-existent safety precautions.

What has caused this potential pandemic and the inevitable cover-up by the CCP is, in a nutshell, the slack attitudes and endemic corruption of Chinese society compounded of course by the automatic arse covering and face-saving measures taken by those in power.

That’s the thing about China, for the most part, all the low-IQ, high time preference Bat eaters are just left to their own devices under the nominal supervision of corrupt local leaders until things inevitably go tits up, then the head-shed demands bureaucratic scalps and it is collective punishment for all.

The worst part is that this pervasive laissez-faire attitude and psychopathic face-saving has been exported to the immigrant ant colonies of the major East coast Australian cities.

Should returning Chinese expats bring the disease to our shores we can expect that they would do anything to hide it from authorities, they will lie, evade health workers and then only when they are too ill to go on they will crawl into the nearest medical facility and foist themselves upon unsuspecting GP’s and hospital emergency department staff.

Video has already emerged of residents of Wuhan keeling over in the street then loudly refusing treatment as they are scooped up by hazmat teams and packed into sealed plastic isolation tubes.

These are people who are, on a routine basis, caught flouting Australia’s bio-security laws by secreting raw meat and vegies among their lumpy polyester leisure suits and frayed sweat-shop jocks. Accuse them of being a walking pandemic petri dish and you can expect the same Flounderish countenance backed-up with infantile temper tantrums which make those customs and border protection reality TV shows so eminently watchable.


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