January 25, 2020




The Salvos, responsible for creating half of Australia’s paedophiles

As we predicted a couple of weeks back, th distribution of donations to the victims of the bushfires has turned into a farce.

We have always been opposed to giving to big brand charities like the Salvos, the Red Cross, and St Vincent De Paul because they would use the money to pay themselves before a cent ever reached the ashen hand of a victim. And so, that appears to be the case, as reported this week.

Out of the $95 million the Australian Red Cross has received, only $30 million has, according to them, been allocated to victims. Out of 559 grants, only 1,492 have so far been honoured. Meanwhile, families are in a critical, desperate situation, but remain at the mercy of charity bureaucracy.

Out of $43 million pledged to The Salvos and the $11 million they’ve received they say just $7 million has been distributed in relief.

The Vinnies have parted with a mere $1 million to eligible cases, but as with all of them, the greater sum sits in their bank accounts accruing interest while the families struggle with the trauma of their worldly losses and dire predicament.

None of this is a surprise, however, because as sure as scumbags steal donation tins and loot burned houses, big charities will be skimming from the donation bonanza to support themselves. They will argue that the administration costs outweigh the amount which can be distributed to the

They are, after all, greedy pedo-factories that should be shut down. Unless you’re a junky seeking somewhere to flake out they tend to have snakes in their pockets.






The bank of Sudan, all rolled into one ugly, garish, Woke, hateful [insert racial epithet]

The Australian Council for the Arts has just given $20k of taxpayers’ money to Moslem-feminist and anti-Australian self-promoter Yasmin Abdel-Magied so that she can stay in Paris and write a book.

Abdel-Magied abandoned Australia on a wave of resounding unpopularity after a series of anti-Australian social media statements, one of which cost her a job at the ABC. But as we can see, being anti-Australian is a guaranteed money-spinner. Moreover, it’s the Australians who she hates who’ve footed the bill for what’s becoming a lavish lifestyle for the poor victim of racism.

Indeed, Abdel-Magied was so victimised in Australia that this Sudanese-born suffragette became Queensland’s Young Australian of the Year in 2015 for reasons that clearly had nothing to do with her deserving it; even in this Babylon of races.

Yes, what a life of rejection she had, fleeing with her family from war-torn Sudan, thanks to Australia’s globalist government, she was allowed to settle here along with every savage in her tribe.

She was so victimised at school that she graduated with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree with First-Class Honours at the University of Queensland in 2011. Regardless, she had begun her career as an anti-Australian agitator in 2007 when she created a benign-sounding organisation Youth Without Borders, which is more about expanding the concept of positive discrimination and is supported by big companies like Boeing and Toyota. She has since quit as chairwoman.

She left the country in a huff, slagging us off after Aussies got pissed at her constant attacks upon us as a people and a nation. She settled in England where she was embraced by Woke filth and now makes a killing as an ‘influencer’. Yes, the more you dump on the country that saved you, the more fans you win in Wokedom.

If only the average Aussie had as many opportunities as this tribal woman from the Sudan who’s been oppressed by whitey all her life having been forced to flee her home country because of her own kind.

Now, she’s going to write a book about how fucked Australians are, and you’ve just paid for it. 






In the event of an accident, the Turban is guaranteed to protect this Sikh’s long, unwashed, greasy hair. His head will crack like an eggshell, but

Sikhs and Moslems who ride bicycles in Canberra will now be exempt from the helmet law that otherwise sees Aussies fined for not wearing a lid.

The new road and safety rules came into effect in December without much noise and police will not issue fines to riders wearing headdress instead of a helmet on religious grounds. This might be seen as the state appeasing the non-secular but we are right behind it and give it our full blessings.

ACT roads minister Shane Rattenbury is particularly pleased that the new laws are being welcomed by Sikhs who’ve never been able to find a helmet big enough to accommodate both their head and their turban.

“Canberra is a community where everyone should feel included. The territory supports individuals practising their religion or belief and this regulation ensures that sections of the community are not excluded from active forms of transport,” he said in a statement.

This law doesn’t apply to any other state and if you’re caught without a protected bean on a bike in NSW, you’ll cop the highest fine going at $340.

The terrible thing about not wearing a helmet is, however, that if you go over the high side and hit your noggin on the asphalt then it potentially cracks apart like an egg spilling your brains all over the road. We would be particularly distressed if we felt that Canberra’s illustrious Sikh and Moslem communities were in that kind of peril simply because of a religious requirement. It would be a damned shame if any such thing were to happen. A damned shame.

What would be worse would be if they extended that to motorcycles. Naturally, we’d be behind such a rule change in sympathy with these people’s religious requirements but when heads start hitting tar… hoowee, forget about it.






This sort of thing will have to go, too, no exceptions

Joining world leaders in Israel for the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz Australia’s Governor-General is now
pushing for the Australian government to ban the swastika.

GG David Hurley is spruiking a “national debate” about the “reprehensible” symbol based on claims by Israel that anti-Semitism is on the rise throughout the world.

Israel, which has been behaving more like Nazis than the SS with its treatment of Palestinians ever since it occupied their land in 1948, has accrued a mesmerising global power based on claims of six-million Jews being exterminated in concentration camps during the war; figures that many experts dispute.

With this power, it has managed to draw world leaders such as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Woke French President Emmanuel Macron. US Vice President Mike Pence, and future king of England, Prince Charles were also in attendance on this global stage of fools.

We are unaware (and we’ve checked) of any other victims of mass killings being honoured with such hallowed reverence. No similar day exists for the Poles or those murdered by the Bolsheviks, who were of course, Jews. There is certainly no day of remembrance for those killed by Israeli soldiers in Palestine.

Yet, for some reason, the world gets together for what Jews have marketed as an event of such historical magnitude that by association the chosen ones are imbued with a victimhood privilege bordering on the divine.

Anyway, David Hurley is now full of Jewish gas and wants to ban swastikas which, if it got passed, would lead to the arrest of anyone suspected of being critical of Israel. Many countries already jail ‘Holocaust deniers’ for no good reason.






Three American heroic firefighters who lost their lives helping out us Aussies

Three heroic American volunteer firefighter went down when their air tanker crashed while battling bushfires in NSW.

The three heroes were battling two blazes over the Snowy Monaro region when their C-130 Hercules lost contact with ground crews and crashed in a massive fireball.

The three dead have been named as Captain Ian McBeth, first officer Paul Clyde Hudson and flight engineer Rick DeMorgan Jr.

It is unclear how the plane came to lose control, but the wreckage was strewn over a distance of 1000 metres.

The families of the American heroes are expected to arrive in Sydney over the long weekend. The impact upon what is now an international force battling the unprecedented blazes has been immense. The firefighting community are as one so when one of theirs fall they all feel it, as it should be.

New Australian Bulletin honours these three tragic heroes for giving their lives trying to save our bush and the lives of the countless animals that call it home. That is true mateship and we salute them.






Give a crazy bitch power, and she’ll try to ban a full moon

Adelaide Councillor Anne Moran has distributed an email to her colleagues calling for Australia Day fireworks to be banned because immigrants might mistake them for the sound of bombs.

Mrs Moran sent the email targeting an event to be held in Adelaide’s Elder Park on Sunday night. She wrote, “Fireworks are extremely upsetting to some of the new immigrants because they remind them of the bombing and wars they have been traumatised by.”

What makes her brain-snap even more embarrassing is that the fireworks are being run by the Australia Day Council and all funds are earmarked for bushfire victims.

By all accounts, Mrs Moran is as permanent a fixture in Adelaide’s town hall as Clover Moore is in NSW, having been there since 1995, and was re-elected in 2018, so these croweaters have no one to blame but themselves.

Indeed, it seems impossible to get rid of the madwoman despite the fact that she’s noted as having had countless issues over just about everything. In 2019, she walked out of a council meeting in a huff vowing never to return. Council should be so lucky, we reckon.

Deputy Lord Mayor Alexander Hyde spoke frankly to independent Adelaide news service InDaily, remarking, “I would be very surprised if any new migrants contact Anne Moran at all, let alone on this issue… God help us if we’re subjected to such commentary for the rest of the council term.”

*Sound of cicadas chirping.



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