The difference between White Australia Day and  Australia Day is the difference between the colonial bondage blue flag with its
irrelevant Union Jack, and the Southern Cross, which represents our struggle to free ourselves from this ignominious status.

Bear this in mind because Australia Day is not just Australia Day because you wave a flag, it’s about the flag you wave, and why you wave it. A white Australia Day is what we strive for since Australia is a white man’s country, but the other Australia is a commonwealth nation that still proudly retains the queen as its sovereign.

Those who cling to that irrelevant, meaningless national identity, at a time when Australia couldn’t have less in common with England, if they aren’t republicans with a mind to preserving this abhorrent self-critical model are likely to wave that red-white-and-blue flag and argue that Australia is a multicultural country, and they’re proud of all and the ‘values’ that it represents (for them). Maybe they take aim at fears of Moslem intrusion, and inevitably they’re critical of ‘left-wing’ attacks upon those values, but that doesn’t make them true Australians, nor is the Australia Day they defend legitimate.

On White Australia Day we celebrate an Australia that is yet to be restored from an Australia that was never allowed to flower and prosper. The fake Australia Day celebrates a system which encourages anyone to become a citizen as long as they share our “values”, which is meaningless since they aren’t white Australian values. A white Australia Day is a defiant celebration at odds with those blue-ribbon progressives trying as hard as any leftie to hammer the last nail into the lid of Australian identity’s coffin by veiling the true fact that the Australia that they celebrate is in fact an economy above all else.

We don’t celebrate Australia Day in the way that Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest would, or other corrupt oligarchs like Gina Rinehart, who honours Australia Day with communist Chinese business friends, raising their glasses to the colonization of the northern zone and Australia’s complete transformation into a mining colony; waiting for Australia Day to be over because it’s a public holiday getting in the way of more of their dealing away the land.

What about all those other greasy multiculturalists? What’s Australia Day to them when they’re at home? Waving a flag and looking forward to the citizenship ceremonies so that they can clap as this country becomes yellower, browner, blacker, but richer in these nebulous ‘values’ they laud. If the flag they wave is symbolic of the values that include self-eradication then they might as well be waving the white flag of surrender.

How does ScoMo celebrate Australia Day? Well, he probably won’t this year because his old man has just died, but it would be in denial of the real Australia. All of that vile political class who, once they’re elected to the gravy train, are no longer part of the hoi polloi, what do they do? Fire up a barbie and pour out the Chablis because they are dutybound to behave in a patriotic fashion, all the while cynical about our nation, and interested overmuch in their lifestyle and that of their ‘class’.

Are they really any different to the majority of their unthinking constituents that believe the ‘right’ to Australia Day is to revel under a banner that is representative of Australia with its identity in the world’s economic order as opposed to the representative Australian aplomb of our white working-class forefathers devoted to a kin and its culture?

When we get down to it, the mainstream Australia Day is an artificial trope of the mercantile classes; it is written to their script even if it appropriates our icons, and it is a projection of Australian values conforming to their order, not ours.

So, the idea that Australia Day is at its core ‘bogan’ is to misunderstand that Australia Day is the product of invention by conservative sensibilities and conventions and not by those radical enough to challenge the generally accepted. The ‘bogans’, in fact, celebrate the white model, even if unknowingly, their celebration is a nationalist sort fraught only by their inability to articulate the complex reality surrounding the truth of the day.

So, make your Australia Day a White Australia Day and don’t accept the false symbols or accoutrements of the phoney Australia Day. Drink to an Australia that was, the true promise, and what, with the help of new nationalists expanding our base, will one day be again. Toast to the idea of this once hoped for white working man’s paradise — in which the Australian man cheerfully abolished the imported antiquity and prejudices of the colonial class system, and left behind our European origins to celebrate a new race of self-respecting white people not beguiled by the disease of liberalism that applauds pride in the other races but reproaches it in our own.

A free land of free men and free women who control their own future because they’re universally armed is abhorrent to those who direct the fake Australia Day but is what a nativist strives for, and drinks to. To do otherwise is to wilfully distort in one’s own thinking how the goal of all new nations is to stand alone and self-sufficient and make their own determinations. With the fake Australia Day our goal is to conform to those who aspire to pleasing other nations and alien influences.

Australia Day was, and always will be White Australia Day; anything else is a betrayal of the very idea, but even worse, of the Australian people.

Australia, therefore, needs two Australia Days — one to commemorate settlement, but the other, more important, is yet to happen, but it will be a day remembered because it will involve our emancipation from being an agricultural and mining colony, and our journey into armed independence.

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