As speculation grows over the latest super virus to emerge from China questions are now being asked as to whether or not this outbreak originated in a military chemical warfare laboratory.

Tracing the origins of China’s coronavirus, which is described as being SARS-like in its nature, is vital if scientists are to understand the virus and help to create a vaccine. But getting the truth out of a country like China is like waiting for a mountain to take a backward somersault.  

And, if the virus was never meant to have escaped from a controlled environment then the celestials will be even less forthcoming to the international scientific community about its antecedents.

Theories are currently circulating as to the genesis of this airborne nasty which is transmitted from the contaminated lungs of an infected person and is said to have originated in China’s Hubei province. One hypothesis that’s being attributed to oriental boffins writing in the China Science Bulletin is that it comes from eating bat soup (bleccch-ED).

Bruce Wayne would be appalled, but the Chinese consider bat soup a delicacy. Then again, eating a fried scorpion is a typical snack for one of the planet’s more than one billion Chinese.

The scientists writing for the science bulletin put it this way, “The host could be bats”. Indeed, but if that’s the full scope of their scientific investigation it’s fair to say that it could just as easily have come from eating any one of the myriad disgusting creatures that the chinky-poos shove down their throats.

For instance, the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan, Hubei’s capital, is said to have been where the virus originated. The market has been shut down and is sealed up like Chernobyl but it wasn’t a fish that’s believed to have been the culprit but one of the live animals sold in the meat emporium.

Believe it or not, our beloved koalas, which are considered to be in a precarious phase of existence since the bushfires, are on their menu listed as “tree bears”. God knows how these vile Chinamen got hold of our beaut bears, but instead of letting them hang about in eucalyptus trees munching on leaves and looking cute these slant-eyed devils are cooking them and serving them up for supper.

The koala is among numerous other animals being cultivated for a Yum Cha snack by this insect-like race. Others include foxes, wolf puppies, snakes, rats (naturally-ED), porcupines, peacocks, and pink flamingos.

If the virus indeed came about from the Chinese diet, then that is a cultural indictment of these people, who know no gastronomical limits when it comes to what roams, crawls, or flies over the earth. A Chinaman would plant his head face-first into an ants’ nest if he was in need of a snack to tide him over until lunch.

So far 571 Chinese have been infected, and 17 have died, and those figures will be changing constantly. We would say ‘well done’ to the virus if only it could be guaranteed to be contained in China’s borders. But now our own airports have doctors at the ready and screening in place, especially for any of these shameless carnivores flying in after a bowl of bat soup and a koala steak in Wuhan.

This is because the Chinese diaspora reaches across the globe like zillions of drifting dandelion spores. Worse yet, the Chinese New Year is upon us, which means this otherwise furtive community is preparing for relatives and friends to fly in from the militarised homeland and chow down en masse on god-knows-what.

Frankly, all Chinese should be quarantined now, and all flights from anywhere stopping over there must not be allowed to land. They can fly to Indonesia instead and spread the killer virus there.

It’s only a matter of time until one of them brings it here and then, on top our bushfire woes, the fat will really be in the fire.

The Foreign Affairs Department is currently warning Australians to reconsider their need to travel to Wuhan, but given that this advice is aimed at dual citizens, we say let them go but not come back. Again, it would be of immense service to the environment if the human population experienced a cull, and where better to start than with a people who pose such a threat to all the other species on the planet. Ten dead Chinese equals one koala saved, is a fair enough way to look at it.

Another point to consider is that this disease, which they’re saying travelled from humans to animals, actually started with humans. As much was said of the similar SARS virus by Russian scientist Sergei Kolesnikov who is a member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. He published a paper claiming that SARS, which originated from China in 2003, was a synthesis of measles and mumps which he argued had to have been produced under laboratory conditions since it could never have occurred in the real world.

Earlier, a colleague of his, Nikolai Filatov, who headed Russia’s epidemiological services pretty much said the same thing.

Independent studies went on to cast doubt over this theory but then in an age drifting into Sino influence it’s not hard to imagine with money for grants on offer China could quickly turn opinion. They certainly covered up the original SARS outbreak, which is common knowledge.

How would you know if you caught this Chinese-invented virus? It’s an upper-respiratory-tract lurgy with symptoms similar to the flu, only whereas you’re likely to recover from that, you’ll probably cash-in at the forbidden city in the sky if you get a dose of this mother. Also, two hours after you are well, you’ll catch it again.

Seriously, is there nothing the chinks won't eat?
The circled item is koala bear

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