Two great new Aussie singles have dropped over the recent period of festive merriment

First Uber off the rank is Melbourne Punk trio Cable Ties with the first single from their much anticipated second album Far Enough, which arrives in March.

Sandcastles starts out like a throbbing, hypnotic rant against opinionated political zealots, it is nothing if not topical, and, well, opinionated.

Full of call and response guitars which are echoed in the vocals Sandcastles chugs along before reaching a crescendo of screams and crashing cymbals which is Punk to the core. If you’re feeling mellow then this ought to cure you of that.

Meanwhile, NAB favourites The Chats are back with a cautionary tale concerning the perils of rooting in the back of a ute without first fortifying your old fella with axil grease.

Titled The Clap. the new single is more naughty garage punk brought to you by the boys from the Gold Coast; the name actually says it all and the video, set in a VD clinic leaves nothing to the imagination.

Featuring guitarist Josh on vocals this time The Clap seems to be becoming another live favourite among fans if the YouTube comments are anything to go by.

It’s not high-brow stuff but the inner Yob is not far below the surface in most Aussies, a few of shots of Bundy and you’ll be dancing to it with your polka dot undies wrapped around your face.


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