January 22, 2020


A group calling itself W.A.R (Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance) will target Australians on January 26 seeking ‘rent’ for colonisation.

The group, which we understand is essentially a pack of quarter-Aboriginal middle-class malcontents who mainly post on Facebook and other social media, will be armed with mobile payment terminals for 2020 Melbourne “Invasion Day” rally. Of course, they will.

These professional complainers will be using the day, really, to cover the cost of their grog and other inebriating products (probably) under the guise of “funeral funds”. Once upon a time, the Aboriginals would leave their deceased on a platform out in the open until time passed and only their bones remained. Then, they would paint those bones with red ochre.

Now, they’re talking about culturally appropriating a White Lady funeral, which is no problem, but seeing as how Aussies paid for them while they were alive it’s a bit rich to ask for their burial costs, too.

But that’s what this is all about, and the joke is, the only ones who’ll be targeted in this scam-disguised-as-activism are the self-hating Australian white students who wouldn’t have enough in their accounts to buy a premixed alcoholic soda.

This noisome group-whinge, naturally enough, has the blessing of the Greens. This is because many “Aboriginal activists” call that loathsome party home. One of those is Lidia Thorpe, who looks at least 20% Abo, which is a start. She told Melbourne’s radio 3AW, “It’s about reparations. If we look at South Africa, for example, they’ve had a reparation system with $100 million in their funds. If you look at the Canadian government $600 million to survivors of the stolen generation. Then we go over to New Zealand where they’ve paid close to $1.5 billion in reparations to Maori (that was money well spent — ED).”

She raved on, “Australia has not paid any reparations at all, and because we don’t have a treaty with our first peoples, this is a way where ordinary Australians can contribute.”

Good luck with that. Meanwhile, we encourage all Aussies who encounter an indigenous person on Australia day to walk up and cheerfully ask, “You got a dollar, bud?”

Neil Mitchell, 3AW’s morning host rightfully expressed his concerns for W.A.R.’s racket, saying, “Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance is not the most credible organisation in the world. You don’t freely go out and collect money without being accountable.”

Frankly, if you’re an Abo and you don’t live in a dry community, we reckon you should just crack a brew and go with it, enjoy Australia Day. Quit moaning and tell those pesky troublemakers from W.A.R to get a bone up them. It’s party time, and Australia’s had a rough trot and continues to suffer.

Think of all those Aussies burnt out of their homes, this mob isn’t interested in them, because they’re not genuinely humanistic when you get down to it: they live to stoke discord and enmity because they’re hopeless grouches who haven’t properly grown up yet.

But again, they won’t be taking from anyone but their own misery-guts kind so enjoy your Australia Day and spare a moment to laugh at these dickheads.

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