The trouble with conservatives is they just get in the way of nationalists. They are a particle of an enlightened being pretending to be whole.

For dyed-in-the-wool conservatives, their chauvinism masks a deeper bias and that which defines them — their abiding faith in the almighty dollar. Conservatives believe in capitalism, the free market economy, authority, property rights and the preservation of traditions and institutions.

They invest great faith in parliament, which is very useful since most business leaders enjoy a close relationship with government officials, and this is a thing known as crony capitalism.

The conservative’s need for order often transcends his dedication to parliamentary principles of democracy if he feels the status quo requires such a suspension of codes. But he is not entirely an authoritarian because his belief in private property and his disdain for paying taxes enjoins him to libertarian attitudes when he feels under threat.

One is quick to attribute class prejudice to conservatives, but that bias is perhaps more pronounced in those from the left of the spectrum; the bourgeois intellectuals who describe themselves as ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives.’ They believe that the right needs to be wiped out and that the working classes are incapable of deciding what is best for themselves.

Conservatism, while certainly the domain of the ‘toffs’, is also rigidly the province of the middle-class and its aspirants.

Lately, it has assumed a contradictory reality. If one remembers how John Howard and his Liberals utilised the prejudices of the working class and melded them with conservative values one can either perceive a political masterstroke or the astute anticipation of inevitable desertion.

For, in jettisoning its working-class roots, the Labor party, then-as-now a hive of restaurant radicals, alienated its traditional voter base. And that voters base usually voted Labor as a matter of tradition. That dedication to tradition was enough of a parallel sensibility the working-class shared with the conservatives.

The new left of the Labor was about sweeping transformation based on progressive social policies that were the vanities and snobbery of what we have come to describe colloquially as the ‘Woke’, which is being defined as ‘alert to injustice in society, especially racism.’

However, like all political parties, their policies are window dressing to veil the reality that their party is just another self-interested corporation eagerly courting financiers and baksheesh. Statements have supplanted policy in the sense of actual follow-through which is partly down to the vagaries of the parliamentary process, but also a party’s commitment to policy balances on the vicissitudes of opinion polls. But that is true more so of its leadership.

The conservative right has managed to convert the working-class into supporting them. But much of those who have ticked in their favour at the ballot box have done so under myriad illusions. Interestingly, we mentioned tradition as being key to the conservative milieu, but then we also referred to the opinion polls which have a wonderful power of persuasion.

Hence, support from the conservatives for gay marriage came as a rude shock to those traditionalists, particularly Christians, who weren’t so willing to compromise their principles in favour of support. This is why nationalists poll so shabbily overall since we’re not willing to compromise any single part of our principles.

Nonetheless, a great example of conservative hoodwinking involved the death of gay conservative and Young Liberal Wilson Gavin. The 21-year-old killed himself after copping backlash on social media when he and a now-defunct Queensland University group confronted drag queens reading for children at a Brisbane library. Now, putting aside Wilson, let’s think of those many supporters who were chanting “Drag queens are not for kids”.

They probably patted themselves on the back when they left that library. But when the social media fallout happened, with Liberal National Party MP Trevor Evans Tweeting his disapproval (being a twinkle-toes himself), those kids must’ve surely been scratching their heads. Why, because they figured that opposing drag queens reading to kids to be a pretty reliable projection of traditionalist values, but then they failed to realise that the Lib Nats are a globalist party with all that incorporates.Yes, when the Lib Nats denied any connection it must have smarted for them. We hope some are awoken now.

And think of those Liberal Party satellites now gone, The Australian Liberty Alliance, Danny Nalliah and his Rise Up Australia, Cory Bernadi’s Australian Conservatives, Fraser Anning’s Conservative Nationals et al, they all departed because the election of Scott Morrison made them defunct. But weren’t they supposed to exist because of profound shortcomings in the coalition?

Wasn’t this the reason Pauline Hanson turned up nearly a quarter of a century ago because she had tapped into a powerful sentiment felt by disenfranchised Australians who were nonetheless very much in the mainstream?

Weren’t the issues they were eager to bring to the table the very ones that were at variance with Liberal values? How come nobody ever understood this about the Liberals — that they would never support the idea of opposing Asian domination by immigration? And how come none of these new conservative supporters observed the way the Liberals did their darndest to render Hanson harmless?

Then again, how come none of Hanson’s supporters realised what their great Australian hope was doing when, after all the rhetoric, she turned out to be nothing more than an annexe to the Liberal Party? How come, Fraser Anning, who came and went like a firecracker, garnered support on the basis of his comments about immigration and yet was essentially in favour of it?

Why did those identities from the far-right social-media scene, who often borrowed symbols and rhetoric from the Alt-Right and even White Nationalists, always gravitate to these entities as quick as boiled asparagus and yet deride the country’s one true nationalist party? Where are they now? They were full of bravura at one point and now they’re like a memory of a bad hangover.

It would take a lengthy essay to get to the bottom of this but one must understand that often those who believe conservatism is one thing find out that is another entirely. But conservatism knows very much what the ‘far-right’ wants and has done its best to ape and infiltrate it to ensure that nothing ever independently comes from it but their support.

Likewise, these false far-right fronts serve to divert support away from the abominable nationalists who are universally loathed. Yet, is it not the essence of nationalism that they believe they peddle?

A brouhaha erupted over social media a few years ago when the conservative manifestation which then called itself ‘patriots’ began appropriating the name nationalism deliberately to beguile the uninitiated. Now, conservative fronts like XYZ and The Unshackled use it indiscriminately, even though there is not a single recognised nationalist among their ranks.

What are they then? Frankly, they are wowsers — but a new generation of smug, cynical, smartarse wowsers. They borrow Alt-Right kitsch and paraphrase nationalist sentiments but only in so far as at the core of their commitment is a dedication to a nebulous ‘tradition’. For this reason, they are anglophiles, not nativists; they are Christian, not anti-dogma; they are ‘white nationalists’ but not Australian nationalists; they are philosophers and not pragmatists. In short, they are just conservatives and most likely were instituted by conservative mentors and backers. In fact, we know that they were.

What, then, is a nationalist when he’s at home? What differentiates him so much from the conservatives? Don’t they both wave flags? Don’t they both hate immigration? Don’t they both want a White Australia?

No. But you are excused for thinking each has both in common since the conservatives go out of their way to give that impression. In fact, they support immigration, so long as they ‘respect our values”, whatever that’s supposed to mean. They will wave the commonwealth Australian flag while nationalists will wave the Southern Cross.

The one thing that so sickens conservatives about nationalists is precisely our commitment to a White Australia Policy. It does not at all accord with the spirit of exploitation of labour and capital which is the core of their aplomb. Moreover, they have a cultural contempt for Australiana and prefer to view themselves in the context of an international gentry which is anglophile at heart.

Of course, why we believe these things as nationalists is another discussion and one which we are constantly engaged in here on New Australian Bulletin.

Suffice to say, it’s important always to read a document before you sign it, so it follows one should familiarise oneself with their political convictions and measure whether or not what is being offered is what one truly believes and desires.

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