January 19, 2020





Lol. It takes one to know one

A conservative homosexual (an oxymoron-ED) took his own life hours after a publicised confrontation with a drag queen at a Queensland library.

A video featuring Young Liberal Wilson Gavin, 21, was uploaded to social media showing him and his associates confronting a pair of drag queens at a Brisbane library. The queers have a regular gig there reading stories to kiddies as part of a Rainbow Families Queensland program.

In an unconfirmed report, they may have been reading aloud from Gore Vidal’s Myer Breckenridge, at the time of the snap protest.

Members of the Liberal Nationals, primarily a Facebook group which has since been deactivated, entered the library and challenged the drag queens (rightly), contending that children shouldn’t be exposed to their perverted presence. After surrounding the glammed-up benders, they chanted, “Drag queens are not for kids!”

LNP MP Trevor Evans, himself a card-carrying twinkie, Tweeted angrily that the protesters were “ratbags” (he probably meant ‘watbagth’-ED) and had no connection with the Liberal National Party. Thereafter, Gavin was targeted by ‘trolls’, some of whom were confused since he was a well-known practising woofter himself.

Gavin should’ve been ballroom dancing with the sodomite rather than lashing out in a hypocritical display of skewed values. But in his troubled mental state, the sensitive lad saw himself as coming from a world of traditional values.

According to reports, he was found dead at Chelmer Train Station, although we haven’t a clue as to how he topped himself. One thing is becoming clear, the Lib Nats boasts more closet homos than a Greco Roman wrestling fraternity.

As it happens, Wilson Gavin was staying with LNP senator Paul Scarr who may or may not be a shirt-lifter himself. Scarr is described as being a “family friend” of the Gavins.

We reckon Wilson’s actions sparked a lover’s tiff, and Gavin just couldn’t bear the shame, but that’s just our theory.

However, the real problem here is that these well-meaning kids had been duped. They were lured in by a party with expectations of shared values only to be betrayed by the kind of globalists they could find in Labor or The Greens. Then again, perhaps this is the education these kids needed.








Sure, the Japanese flag, fly that instead of a Nazi flag… sheesh?!

A group of 60 residents from the Victorian town of Beulah have turned out to wave every flag in the ideological rainbow spectrum. It comes as a cleansing ritual following the Nazi flag scandal which stained the town’s reputation.

Their reputation is, of course, that no one on earth knew they existed, but that didn’t stop the gawky group of liberal gronks from this garish display as part of an unnecessary narrative.

We recently reported on the ‘Nazi flag incident’ and how it ultimately amounts to nothing since its owners wouldn’t have the slightest clue about anything to do with the history of the flag. Moreover, it’s perfectly legal for them to fly the flag but after the intervention of Channel Nine, which has taken over from Fairfax as one of the most radical watchdogs of progressive values (another oxymoron-ED), moral panic ensued.

It’s amusing to watch these little creatures called liberals get triggered by a quaint symbol. They do live for such occasions and they spring into action the moment they’re blessed with a moment to exhibit their ‘shared values’.

Thus, the local contingent of the globalist values re-education unit, who call themselves the Beulah Historical, Learning and Progress Association, mobilised the snowflakes to show that Beulah is a ‘Woke’ town and not Nazified.








Mona Mohamed knows that to get support for Islamic enterprises you just need a publicity shot with a few good iconic Aussies

A stink has erupted at Bankstown City Council over a proposal to create ‘female welcome spaces.’ Given that Bankstown City Council is essentially a Muslim council what the proposal really means is ‘Muslim women spaces.’

The brainstorm has come under fire from within the council itself since it is based on a totally erroneous submission that women feel such a segregationist policy is needed.

A spokesman told media that, “Responses revealed women did not feel in danger in Canterbury-Bankstown and there was no evidence to suggest ‘female safe zones’ was an identified need based on specific issue or request.”

In other words, the idea comes from those within the council who see Canterbury-Bankstown as Muslim turf and want to begin the process of culturally restructuring it in their design.

The game was given away by local Community Support Services founder Mona Mohamed who likes to have herself photographed with Aussie firemen so that she can deflect accusations of being an Islamic supremacist.

Mohamed told media, “For Muslim women… they open up with other women and be themselves. Women connect so well together. It can be their respite time or their “me” time. A lot of mental illnesses exist through isolation and feeling alone … having a safe space would help that.”

It would also help segregate the Muslims from the unclean non-Muslims and establish a stronghold for Islamic influence.








An Indian man squatting isn’t always a sign he’s relieving himself in public, he is most likely going through your stuff

Two Punjabi Indians and five Sri Lankans were arrested in Melbourne over a string of theft-related charges on trains, trams, and buses.

An Indian man, 35 and an Indian woman, 25, were among the group of seven which included five Sri Lankan nationals comprising two women and three men aged 26-38. They were arrested as part of “Operation Galeforce” which was led by officers from the Melbourne Tasking Unit and Transit Safety Division.

The spicy subcontinentals had allegedly targeted shoppers on and travellers on public transport over the last two months.

Given that none of them is Australian, and only came here to rob Aussies (if indeed there are any left in Melbourne), then it’s doubly appropriate they’re looking at being deported once sentences have been handed down.

Many people see Indians and their Sri Lankan cousins as harmless, which is why they lead the way in crimes like rape and theft. In fact, their smiles hide the innate deceit their people are famous for.

The males would particularly have had themselves a good time since it’s an odds-on bet that they targeted mainly females so that they copped a feel while making a profit.








An identikit was released of some of the culprits

Eight homes were burned during a 15-hour riot that rocked the remote town of Aurukun in Far North Queensland on New Year’s Day.

More than 250 residents of the tropical wasteland have since fled in the capacity of refugees fearing reprisals.

The community is split into two rival clan factions known as the “top end” and the “bottom end” and unrests have been a feature of this isolated community for years. The latest argy was triggered when two teenagers from one of the clans allegedly murdered a 37-year-old man. Tribespeople armed with knives, spears, bows and arrows and star pickets went searching door-to-door for the teenagers, burning down properties as they went.

Sly grog is said to have played a major part in helping to fuel the aggression. A dry town, sly grog is shipped in and sold illegally to residents, and is an offence under local laws.

As such, Aurukun on the Cape York Peninsula is highly unlikely to ever become a favoured travel destination for international tourists, or even locals, for that matter.



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