January 17, 2020


A Nazi battle flag from pre-war Germany has created a moral panic throughout Victoria when it rode up a flagpole and began flapping in the breeze above a home in the tiny town of Beulah.

Nobody even knew there was a town called Beulah until the flag appeared. However, the psychological damage it has caused will forever seal that small town in the southern Mallee region of Victoria as Australia’s answer to Belsen.

Nobody can argue that the couple that raised the flag intended to spread as much hate as possible. And they should have instinctively known that their flag held particular significance for one of their neighbours; or at least they would have known if they’d taken the trouble to go door-to-door asking if anyone had lived through the Holocaust. It’s just simple courtesy.

For it was inevitable that within fainting distance of that terrifying symbol of mass murder and racial prejudice lives a Holocaust survivor. We’re not making that up either because the mainstream media has reported so.

Yes, a survivor of the worst program of systematic genocide ever devised wakes up every day in his striped pyjamas and relives the horror of the concentration camp. Well, he did for a while, because the police — who had no power to intervene — convinced its “foul-mouthed” owner to take it down. Or rather, they took it down for him, he refused to do so himself. But we’ll get to that; right now we’re more concerned for the spiritual and mental well-being of the 83-year-old Shoa survivor.

Both his parents were gassed in a concentration camp gas chamber, although they don’t tell us where, but the media is reporting he is “too scared to leave his home” as a result of this ongoing trauma.

They don’t explain how they came to know this, however, since a neighbour is quoted as saying that he “doesn’t want trouble with anybody”. We take that to mean he’s said nothing at all. Yet, the media knows best, and again, we’re not about to argue. Likewise, was he a Jew, or was he part of the other untermensch they cooked like hot dogs in great boiling cauldrons? We were never told. But we know about the two haters.

Indeed, if there are two people more worthy of spewing your hatred at right at this moment, it is the evil white supremacists from the Beulah home who flew the flag. Thanks to the intrepid mainstream media we know them to be “Bill and his partner Cheryl”.

Bill and Cheryl might well be Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun for all the terror they’ve created with that dangerous symbol of racial chauvinism, especially in the “frail” Hollywood survivor. By, god! We’re sorry, we meant to write Holocaust Survivor. Damn near-miss there. Phew. We really ought to employ a subeditor.

Anyways, the sense of grief from the community thanks to whoever reported this nothing story was so profound that Premier Daniel Andrews, the man with the Dumbo elephant ears who sold Victoria to the communist Chinese, made a statement. He said, “It’s absolutely disgusting behaviour, and if there’s any decency in that household they will take that flag down immediately.”

Whoa! Thems were powerful words! Once Dan speaks to you, you know you’ve been spoken to. 

Unsurprisingly, Dvir Abramovich of the Anti-Defamation Commission was also on-hand with a barrel of verbiage.

As always, Abramovich linked this incident to a wider problem of anti-Semitism in Australia which will require more curtailing of freedoms and harsher penalties on top of those which already exist. He said, “It is terrifying to think that in Australia in 2020 there are individuals walking our streets who are proud Hitler worshippers, who openly celebrate his evil ideas which led to the gas chambers where millions of men, women and children were horrifically murdered, and who believe in a world without Jews, without Muslims, without gays, without the disabled and anyone who they deem undesirable.

“There is no perfect cure for this disease of intolerance, but a good step is to send the unmistakable message that Nazism has no place in Australia.”

We are overjoyed that Australia is such an open nation that someone who advocates entirely for a specific group of people, namely his own, can reprimand us about what is acceptable in our country.

Abramovich wants to ban the swastika, and he’s said so before. He wants to make it illegal to wear the symbol, to draw the symbol, or to so much as paint a little Hitler moustache on someone’s image to make it look funny. Because there’s nothing comical when it comes to swastikas.

We can tell that the good doc has an amazing sense of humour, just not when it comes to Nazi flags, which is why he’ll find nothing funny in what we say next.

Frankly, Dr Abramovich is off his rocker, but then most Jews are. We might be generalising in a way such as to incite ridicule or contempt against those of the Jewish persuasion, but it’s one of those things which are just true.

But what’s more remarkable about this hysteria over a ‘symbol’ is that the symbol itself, when all is said and done, is not meaningless, it’s just without relevance. No symbol can lack meaning but it can definitely be bereft of importance and this just happens to be the case in the matter of Bill and Cheryl’s flag.

It’s fair to say that nobody calls the police when some idiot hoists the communist flag, but they were straight on the blower to the corrupt Victorian rozzers when Bill and Cheryl unfurled their battle flag.

But, what about that flag? We’ve been trawling through search engines trying to find an exact match for Bill’s flag but we can’t. Without a know-it-all on all things Nazi to tell us its correct origins, we’ll just describe it as a fairly standard Wehrmacht battle design, from a period before the war.

Given such, the metalingual function of the flag imparts the observer’s interpretation of its meaning, not that intended by its true owners.

This is a larger problem with all things that can be deemed ‘neo-Nazi’; they are incongruous and anachronistic. If Bill and Cheryl were serious about shoving it up the neighbours, they’d have flown the party’s blood flag, the typical swastika we’ve come to know. But even then, once the intellectual exercise has undressed it of its false signifiers, it’s a borrowed emblem bastardised too often to be precise for any one group or meaning.

When, with enough learned argument, once can reduce the significance of neo-Nazis in Australia to mere club members, wannabe gangsters, and misguided persons, then the crisis is purely existential. This is a nationalist discussion we intend to have but right now we figure it’s safe to assume that Bill and Cheryl are not out to ‘gas the kikes’, to borrow a controversial phrase.

Nonetheless, with no legal grounds whatsoever, it didn’t stop Victoria’s witless thought police from rounding on Bill and Cheryl with their particular art of persuasion. Despite breaking no laws, they convinced Bill to let them take it down, for he refused to do so himself, which was commendable.


  1. Diversity is supposed to be good for us – or so we are told – until it upsets someone’s sense of political correctness. One wonders if they put up the old imperial Japanese ‘rising sun’ flag whether there would be as much controversy. For that matter would the flags of Communist regimes like the Soviet Union or China lead to as much controversy? Nazi concentration camps were copied from Soviet camps and up to 100 million died due to the repression of the Lenin and Stalin regimes.

  2. The latest on this saga: It appears politicians in Victoria are to make it an offense to fly the ‘Nazi’ flag. Another attempt by these idiots to turn the populace into political vegetables who have really no say about how they are governed or how they run their lives.

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