Reading the commentaries from self-styled ‘nationalists’ who are really Alt-Right crypto conservatives nailed to a White Identity expression wherein their only articulation is to be located in the idea anti-Semitism is the sole expression of whiteness is like a tired professor having to mark the essays of hundreds of nascent pupils who express opinions more because they like to spread the DNA of their egos around the Web in quite the way a rapist disseminates his seed.

And that’s an opening par that is bigger than would usually be acceptable in New Australian Bulletin but sometimes you have to riff.

It’s a given that much justice would be had by the dissolution of the illegal state of Israel. Zionism is the key enemy of the western world somehow reinvented by clever neo-conservative (Zionist) hawks such as Henry Kissinger into the abomination that reinvents Zionism as the expression of western aplomb.

But that wily craft aside, these kids miss the point entirely. Nationalism is a cultural fortress erected around the nation which automatically negates alien programs. In short, there is no need to go on about it if you are resolved to homogenise and protect the racial and cultural organism.  The trouble is, they aren’t nationalists, they are identitarians and as such, they have extended the borders of what is relevant to their people’s struggle into a global issue. This, really, makes them confused globalists of the kind in Europe who claim to be patriots but argue for a European Union.

These kids will never admit that they prefer to think of themselves as relative to Australian distinctiveness because they feel there is inadequacy in Australian selfdom. They long to belong to an older culture and thus they unknowingly suffer from a cultural cringe which prevents them from seeing that being ‘white’ and Australian are mutually inclusive.

The ‘movement’, or rather the attempt to coalesce white activists under one nativist umbrella, has always failed because of the interference of those problematic foreigners who take sway in the myriad of cliques dedicated to visions borne from elsewhere. There have been foreigners who’ve taken root in white nationalist circles who deride the very idea of Australian nationalism as absurd. Their opinions, their ideas, everything is shaped by European or American thinkers whose own beliefs are specific to their own environment.

Anyone who speaks of ‘western culture’ in anything but a cultural anthropological dimension is already on the conservative train.

Australia belongs to western culture in a quaint sense, but only from our proud origins because what comes next culturally is the evolution of Australianness. It’s bad enough that evolution is being thwarted by globalist-capitalists and internationalist-Marxists but to have it come from supposed simpatico white identitarians is galling.

Every white nation is a tile in a fabulous cultural and racial mosaic but if you attempt to remove the uniqueness from each of these constituents then you end up preventing an exceptional variety from attaining its own destiny.

You cannot take the culture away from a Frenchman on the grounds that it prohibits his assimilation into a white brotherhood, because then you lose something crucial from that overarching whiteness.

Whiteness, apart from being racial, is cultural, but it is not monocultural in a universal sense. You cannot tell this to some players, however, because they simply haven’t the imagination to understand that Australians do not need a German invalidating Australian nationalism because it’s not the right shade of National Socialism for their liking.

Australians and Germans are both white, but while authoritarianism might play a major part in the latter’s psyche, it is an anathema to the former.

If this is understood, then it should follow that the issue of Iran can be summed up succinctly by saying it’s simply nothing to do with us. The imperialist running dog of America has comparable ambitions to revolutionary Iran anyway — they both wish to suborn other nations into their own ideological, religious and political dogma. Iran wants to conquer the Arab world and America wants to control it.

The nationalist position is therefore that Iran is nothing to do with us at all and any opinion on the matter should not escalate into a situation that in any way involves us.

This goes for who the American president is or whether or not a member of the Windsors marries a coon.

Australian nationalists make our best connections with those who understand this key relativity.

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