January 11, 2020

Police in the UK have placed the doomsday cult Extinction Rebellion (XR) on an extremist watch list alongside jihadist and neo-fascist groups.

Over the past year, XR has made a nuisance of themselves by blocking roads and disrupting political campaigns in London and elsewhere, the tendency also spread to Australia where it briefly stood on its own two feet before being hijacked by local Trotskyite formation Socialist Alternative, or SAlt.

Like all cults, XR peddles a standard mish-mash of pseudo-science and post-Christian, blood and thunder street preaching, which is always effective in roping in a certain type of White person, mainly women, the elderly, the thick and the clueless.

Without knowing for sure we can make an educated guess that the British climate movement has also been hijacked by people with ulterior motives.

In essence, XR is the Green ideology for halfwits and rejects the rules of civilised political action, relying solely on psychodrama and the camaraderie engendered by the use of force against regular citizens, to bind its members.

Likewise, Socialist Alternative is a dumbed-down version of Socialism, which forcefully makes its demands as an elitist vanguard without having laid any groundwork in the community and with total disregard, even contempt for the working classes.

The two tendencies look so similar that XR, being the weaker of the two was easy pickings for Socialist Alternative, the period of socialist entryism before the eventual takeover passed by in what seemed to be a matter of days, XR is now dominated by the SAlt front group Uni Students for Climate Action.

Entryism is the old Marxist tactic of taking over rival activist groups or political parties by effectively branch stacking and filling up the membership roll of the takeover target with one’s sympathisers until a coup against the original leadership group can be carried out and the group reorganised along Marxist lines.

It is the tactic of cowards and chancers whose ideology is unpalatable to the working classes or has been rejected by the masses when taken to an election; the only way they can gain access to resources and bricks and mortar assets is to white-ant other groups and eventually liquidate them.

The payoff in infiltrating XR is that the numbers of people concerned about the environment vastly outnumber those enamoured of Trotsky and the wider anti-capitalist milieu, therefore SAlt, when it activates these followers in street actions appears much larger than it actually is.

This is why we are now seeing XR activities moving to a strictly anti-capitalist stance in which real concern for the environment takes a back seat to the bashing of politicians and corporations.

The other bonus is that it eliminates the more radical elements of the Green movement by suborning them to a pseudo-left formation such as SAlt, no political group wants competition, right?

At this point, it is important to point out that, despite their declarations to the contrary, both SAlt and XR are violent groups whose first impulse is always the initiation of the use of force; street protests, which are their primary mode of expression, are by their nature forceful, civil disobedience is a form of violence even if carried out as a passive blockade or sit in.

This is no doubt why the UK authorities have moved to put Extinction Rebellion on a counter-terrorism watch list and encouraged citizens to narc on climate radicals via an anonymous phone hotline.

This is problematic because there is a genuine need for action on the environment and pollution, especially in the world’s big cities, workers need to be aware of the selfishness and cynicism of groups such as Socialist Alternative, in attempting to destroy the environmental movement simply because they cannot tolerate anyone else on their turf they act to the detriment of the masses.

There needs to be a voice for environmental protection and the mitigation of the negative effects of climate change, Nationalists are doing their part but the sincere environmentalists must stand up and have the guts to deal with entryists and white-anters, forcefully if necessary.

For any progress to be made the tree huggers need to harden up and be prepared to apply the toes of their hiking boots to the derrieres of the Trotskyites and their fellow travellers.

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