January 4, 2020


Another summer of African violence is well underway in Melbourne with news of a 21-year-old man being bashed and robbed by a gang of Sudanese youths near Station Street in Pakenham.

The attack, which happened in broad daylight, resulted in the victim being hospitalised and sharing images of his injuries to his Facebook page.

According to reports, Lachlan Brown was approached by the four African males as he walked nearabout to the Pakenham train station in broad daylight at around 3 pm last Thursday.

Suddenly, the three began chasing him, and he took off into the station probably hoping to find assistance, but none was to be had, nor was he quick enough on his feet to evade his assailants.

Knocking him to the ground, the 21-year-old was kicked and punched by three black immigrants as he tried to cover himself. But he was outnumbered and the best he could do in this unprovoked and senseless attack was to avoid them inflicting serious head injuries upon him.

As he lay bleeding, they robbed him of his wallet, the bag he was carrying, cigarettes and his mobile phone.

However, a good Samaritan did jump in to save him, and Victorian Police, who give uselessness a bad name, are keen to speak to him about the incident.

Meanwhile, posting on Facebook, Lachlan wrote, “

“Well today was eventful and a wonderful way to start the new [year], I am okay but around 3 pm I was jumped at Pakenham Station by around 4 Sudos and had my bag stolen what had my wallet and phone and house key in it.” 

He added, “I am currently in the hospital just shaken up and just wondering why this s**t happened.”

We can answer that, Lachlan, it happened firstly because of multiculturalism. This idea that all colours and creeds will assimilate into one big happy western democratic family just because they’ve arrived in the west has been proven false time and time again by incidents such as what has happened to you.

The yardstick by which they measure the apparent success or failure of this anti-white system that’s best described as ‘multiracialism’ is whether or not the host country descends into total anarchy as a result. It is assumed because the violence and cultural hostilities are more like spot fires it means everything’s A-OK.

But tell that to Lachlan as he recovers physically but perhaps not so mentally from his brutal assault.

In their eagerness to cover up the sins of the African imports, who are more-or-less a protected species in Victoria, the VicPol chiefs have lied to Victorians and told them there is no African gang problem. This is despite the leaders of the African community itself acknowledging the disastrous effect they’ve had upon our nation.

Figures for the western suburbs of Melbourne show a crisis of African offending, and these stats come from Victoria’s Crime Statistics Agency. The number of defendants from a Sudanese background surged by 60 per cent in Maribyrnong between 2009 and 2018, doubling in just the past year.

Lachlan's injuries


  1. Things are going from bad to worse – and no doubt they will get even worse from now on as more dark skinned refugees and migrants settle in this country.

  2. My son was bashed by Samoan man , three times his size and got a suspended sentence. Police had the man in custody before they found my son. We were told they they were looking for a body.,that how brutal his assault was. When are these going to get deported we don’t need them here.

    1. Most of them are better life seekers not refugees. If they don’t start sending them back it will continue. Proof of that was when one turd bragged to the cops that he would get off scott free because he is black. And of course left wing Austmerica did let him off. How to encourage bashings in one easy step. Another who surprisingly was sent back had to front court 100 times before he was. These left wing morons and the injustice system in this country, are actively encouraging these bashings. One day these imbeciles will wonder why so many people have lost total faith in this incredibly inconsistent injustice system.

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