January 1, 2020


Welcome readers to 2020 and as you can see, we’re making our New Year’s celebrations on the 2nd of the first month of the new decade just so’s we don’t offend all that foreign dross which celebrates New Year’s on some other day.

We would like to briefly reflect on 2019, and all we can say is that it was just another fucked year filled with Woke bullshit, petty injustices, and the name Greta Thunberg.

Perhaps the year’s most memorable event for us as Aussies was rogue Alt-Right avenger Brenton Tarrant shooting up two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, back in March. The reviews were terrible but in about ten years they might be hailing him as an outsider genius who was way ahead of his time. Who knows?

We can say so with a straight face because at least one of our people got punished for Tarrant’s transgressions even though he never knew the guy and had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting. But try telling the Victorian and New South Wales Police about that, especially when they’re working hand-in-glove with the Woke media such as The Age and Nine News.

This year, the banks showed just how tyrannical the corporate rule has become over our nation as the bank accounts of certain persons including the Australia First Party’s President Jim Saleam were revoked on account of their politics. This is while Westpac bank — the same bank which suspended him as a signatory from his own party’s accounts — was busted by AUSTRAC over 23 million violations of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006, which related to profiting off paedophiles.

Yes, the same bank which wanted to wave the Social Justice stick because patriotic types are sick of being swamped by the brown and yellow ghosts coming to haunt the grave of someone else’s empire, was living high on the hog off the brass of rock spiders torturing babies for the sexual gratification of sick men and women.

And perhaps we overstated Tarrant’s importance on the Australian scene when the REAL major event was the People’s Liberation Navy sailing aggressively into Sydney Harbour with armed guards and every loyal gook from here to the south coast turned out to pay homage and wave tiny communist flags.

New Australian Bulletin, which was launched earlier this year, organised the only protest to greet this invading force. It was small, but then the “patriots” and “white nationalists” were all off checking out each other’s oiled pecs in their home gyms. The former is just an auxiliary force of irregular shag-sacks doing the bidding of the conservative monied classes while the latter are narcissistic youth who don’t like having old people around lest they point out to them how badly they’re fucking up.

Other stuff happened too, like the film Joker was released, and we were treated to the novelty of having supposed white nationalist youth from the Alt-Right make an existential hero out of a Jewish creation in a film that wears its interminable influences on its camera lenses. Go figure. In fact, the best film of 2019 was probably a rerun from the 1970s we watched on Amazon Prime. Besides, nothing beats Heath Ledger’s Joker.  

Many of us got fined for not voting in an election which the media arrogantly assumed Labor would romp home with but we picked would go to evangelical Zionist Scott Morrison. In an apocryphal history, Nero played a fiddle while Rome burned, but Mozza put on his floaties and went paddling in the kid’s pool of the Hawaiian resort where he was staying free of charge while Australia’s bush was reduced to a flaming ashtray killing off two-thirds of our beloved koala population and some arsehole snakes, which is why we call today and every other day till it’s over Ashtraylia Day.

Still, it was a good year for exposing just how badly the security of this nation has been compromised by China thanks to the profiteering of quisling politicians whose entire notion of nationhood is based on the principles of import and export capital.

Still, the news wasn’t all bad, Bob Hawke finally died leaving everything to his floozy missus Blanche d’Alpuget which he threw over Hazel for. Later on, as the family were squabbling over the massive fortune that he made from selling Australia out to communist China, it was revealed the stinking old Trotskyite hushed up the rape of his daughter just so’s it didn’t affect his chances of taking control of the Labor party.

Again, there was Greta Thunberg everywhere you looked. Greta Thunberg, the child saint, who is now world-famous for having Asperger’s and believing all it takes is a serious young girl with an angry face to change to the industrial cultures of every country on earth.

Anyway, we’ll be dedicating a movie list to her shortly, as we investigate the Ten Films Most Likely to Push Greta Thunberg Over the Edge. We’ve started on this list and should have it up shortly. But in 2020 we will continue what we started with even more NAB Radio and our usual diet of new nativist Australian culture all parcelled together in a website which is like a whole compendium of politics, literature, and general entertainment. Who needs Facebook when you’ve got us? Huh? We’re serious!

We send out a special salutation to the heroes battling the terrible blazes reducing our bush to ash and filling our skies with poison smoke. We especially salute those fallen heroes who have died fighting the fires, and all those poor Australians whose lives and homes have been claimed by this terrible catastrophe.

Barry Spall

The Big Cheese

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