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The Age calls it ‘fear-mongering’, the Victoria Police deny it’s a problem, but the families of African gangsters are taking action where no one else will

It was reported this week by the Herald Sun that parents of troubled African teens are choosing to send their kids back to Africa to avoid becoming involved in Melbourne’s burgeoning gang culture. What does it signify when Africa is a safer option for Africans than Melbourne?

South Sudanese Community Association Victoria chairwoman Achol Marial is quoted in the Harald Sun as admitting that families from South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya are “resorting to taking their kids to boarding school to learn discipline and respect.”

This is just as much an indictment of African parents, we assume since their grandparents are being tasked with what they cannot accomplish.

“It’s seen as a retreat,” she said, “it’s a time-out”. We doubt she means a time-out for the suffering Australians burdened with these people and their struggles with evolution but rather their parents.

And why can’t the parents control these African gangsters? Firstly, the Victorian Trotskyite state has done its best to deconstruct the family unit. Secondly, it’s given a free ride to young offenders through a judicial system that refuses to punish them especially if they’re a so-called ‘minority’. None of this makes a better society like the ‘progressives believe’ living as they do in their ivory towers, but rather it is a cause for anarchy.

Worse yet, Africans are by their nature a primitive and warlike people with very little respect for the parent culture of the western democracies that import them.

Marial made anecdotal claims of a mere ‘six families’ who made the decision to send their kids back to Africa. Out of this, she cites a stunning success rate of two kids who returned here to study at university and get jobs.

“Things are stricter back home,” she said, “there’s no drinking or substance abuse. The schools are quite harsh. The kids have to perform well.”

There are a number of things we can say about that, firstly being, we don’t WANT your kids to return. Secondly, if things are safe enough to send your kids back to Africa then why are they here in the first place? Thirdly, it says a little something about the discipline needs of Africans that they achieve better results back in Africa, so again, why bring them here? By all empirical evidence, multiracialism is a lose-lose situation for all concerned.

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