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A 50-year-old grandfather will have his life support system switched off after receiving devastating brain injuries inflicted when a gang of 15 African youths attacked him and his family on Christmas Day.

Anthony Clark and his family were saying farewell to relatives outside their home on Esther Crescent in Mooroolbark, in Melbourne’s outer east, at around 11 pm on Christmas Day when the brutal attack occurred.

Clark’s distraught stepdaughter Jessikah claims the violence was triggered when fireworks were let off as they stood in the street, but it’s unclear by whom. However, the dispute turned to bloodshed after the parties traded words and the family were ferociously set upon by the 15-strong gang who were armed with iron bars and baseball bats. Mr Clark, who was trying to protect his family, was stomped on, beaten, and assaulted with bats.

He was in a critical condition when taken to intensive care but his injuries are so devastating that his family has given up any hope of recovery.

Aside from the deadly assault on Mr. Clark, Mr Clark’s wife was also knocked unconscious by the gang and taken to hospital.

Jessikah told Nine, “They had bats… they smashed my car and they threw mum around like a rag doll.”

Describing the sense of stunned-loss that the family is feeling, she said, “My daughter has lost her everything now. She just wants her poppy to come home and he’s never going to come home.”

She told the Herald Sun, “My mum is worried about everyone and is just lying there with him praying. But he’s pretty much gone, that’s it. We have lost the best man in our whole lives. No-one should have to die on Christmas Day just for looking after his wife and kids.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Clark’s brother-in-law Mark told 3AW, “He’s a gentle giant and he was brutally, and I mean savagely, attacked.

“A whole gang of African guys, ranging from teenage to mid-20s, approximately 10-15 of them with cars and baseballs bats, attacked him, and knocked my sister out.”

The family has made the heartbreaking decision to turn off his life support after his relatives arrive from Ireland and Canada on Sunday as they admit there is no hope of recovery. Mr. Clark will leave behind his wife, stepdaughter Jessikah, nine children and six grandchildren.

His wife, who sustained minor injuries in the assault, has been by his side ever since.

According to The Age, a teenager was arrested at the scene but later released. However, media such as Nine and The Age are playing down the fact that those involved were all described as being “Africans”, and The Age reported that on Friday four members of the Clark family were charged with ‘affray’.

It is understood that the gang had come from a raucous celebration at a neighbouring property.

So, as the media protects the guilty, and the white people are charged for reacting to their African neighbours, once again Africans have proven that the only purpose that they serve in white countries is to kill off the host population.

They say that’s a conspiracy theory but ‘they’ also say there is no African gang problem in Melbourne.


  1. These types of crimes will continue – and probably get worse – as the number of black Africans in Australia continues to grow.

  2. It’s a disgraceful for this to happen, government take control or I ask the bikies to take control of the situation as it looks like no one else can !

  3. This is discusting Scommo has to stop letting these Africans in they just want to kill us white people as my heart goes out to this family this should not happen here in Australia

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