Victoria police forgot the golden rule “thou shall not police Africans” when African gangsters began brawling on a Melbourne bus in the exclusive seaside suburb of Chelsea.

Rather than following VicPol procedure and standing by munching on doughnuts while savage Africans ran amok in the dance of diversity, they instead reached for their pepper-spray to quell the rioters.

Police were responding to the presence of the tribes who had set upon Chelsea to terrorise locals, a practise which has strong cultural significance for the young men of African backgrounds. At around 9:30 pm on Wednesday police began rounding up the hooligans and herding them onto a 902-bus back to Springvale, the centre of African ‘civilisation’ (sic) in Melbourne.

Yet, for some reason, only God himself could answer, instead of boarding the bus peacefully and observing the rules of polite society the highly advanced African youth began brawling with each other. Police were momentarily amazed at this unimaginable turn of events and in their alarm began pepper-spraying the scrapping Sudanese and Somalis. They stopped as soon as they realised that this went against all rules of policing in the socialist Victorian state; as by law, they are only allowed to pepper-spray and arrest white people.

The aftermath of this hands-on policing resembled scenes that these traumatised teens had witnessed in the refugee camps they watched on TV. Teens were dragged off the bus and one arrest made while police took others to a nearby station to hose the spray out of their eyes. It is the very basis of a complaint to the human rights commission on the treatment of these youngsters.

VicPol must show much more cultural sensitivity when dealing with youths from African backgrounds.

Africans have developed a proud tradition of menacing citizens at Chelsea beach, which is a favourite for them because of its affluence, and the rich pickings it offers for muggings. Last year, like a rite of passage, they descended on the beach to bash and rob swimmers. This resulted in a teenager having a glass bottle broken over his head and beachgoers being relieved of their wallets.

In the two years beforehand, they had managed to inflict spinal injuries on one woman and batter a shopper at a nearby Woolworths carpark.

Without this kind of vibrancy Australia would be stuck back in the 1950s in a time of monoculture and predictability when it was so boring you could leave your house unlocked. Mass immigration has been a godsend for Australia by propelling it into the modern-day with exciting levels of crime and a chance for whites to atone for the decades their families spent living lives of privilege.

This debt Australia owes to Africa is now being repaid through the vigorous interactions brought by mass immigration.

If multiculturalism is to continue, we must learn to assimilate with Africans and their rich warlike traditions.

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