Women kill their children while menfolk murder dreams

They live in small apartments that are smaller than they seem

On the never-never loosing ends which never meet

Eyes are full of murder when charging through the street

Took whatever swelled with hope and popped it like a bulb

Unworldly troubles that fester and woe you till you’re old

Slammed the door, changed the locks, pulled the shutters closed

Silhouettes and nightmares of dancing embryos

Askance, alack, nevermore, unto the breach my friends

Misery is the dance we share until everything else ends

Poppycock, mumbo jumbo, truth be told it is lies

Thereupon the fortune where romanticism dies

Women sleep with children because they really hate the men

Peck and peck and peck at them and start to peck again

Sound of fury, rigid steel, a bloodstain on the wall

A bone they tossed out of the crib for life itself to maul

Sickening of the will to even lift oneself aloft

Crazy is the meaning now lost upon the cross

Lost all, gained nothing, harvested no more

Blank eyes, no features, black water rolls ashore

In the invalided gardens where trees are bandaged thus 

Where the jaundiced limping sparrow hobbles twittering its pus

Woe begotten pregnancy repugnant to appetite

Best be banished from the ear, exiled out of spite

Figure on a landscape fades from earthly view

Poisoning the land to poison it anew

Dead comets, shooting stars, black holes in outer space

All of these should remind you of the human race


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