December 18, 2019


The contention that the United Nations fucks every country it goes to has gained a literal truth with revelations that girls as young as 10 were sexually abused by UN peacekeepers in disaster-ravaged Haiti.

A British-led study into the UN mission to Haiti has opened the lid on a scandalous Pandora’s box in which children traded sex for food with the occupying international army. As a result, hundreds of mulatto babies have been fathered to these race-mixing creeps, and it’s a good bet they’ll all be sacrificed in retributive acts of voodoo by the superstitious nogs.

It’s not as if the soldiers are about to disadvantage their pay packets to look after this demon spawn, who will probably be trading themselves to the next generation of UN peacekeepers who come down the line.

Most of these sprogs were sired about a decade ago after the political strife in the wake of the 2010 earthquakes. The locals refer to these bastards as ‘Petit Minustah’, which is too complicated to explain, but basically refers to the UN’s acronym for their mission in Haiti.

The report, carried out by the University of Birmingham, relied on 2,500 interviews with locals living nearabout the UN bases during a period in 2017. In its conclusion, the report stated “girls as young as 11 were sexually abused and impregnated by peacekeepers and left in misery to raise their children alone.”

Anyone keen to figure out the DNA running wild there in Haiti, it came from a gene pool made up of soldiers from 12 different countries. Among those were peacekeepers from Uruguay, Chile, Argentine, Canada, France, and hilariously from Nepal and Sri Lanka, so it’d be pretty hard to detect the racial anomalies in those.

While nothing that happens in Haiti really interests us, since the Haitians have a predilection for murdering white people, it’s a strong case to use against the evil of the Untied Nations. Sorry, United. Yes, they’re very united, that much we can see. But let’s face it, you’d have to be so desperate and, well, pathetic to require sex from a Haitian of any age let alone if they’re kids, which makes the UN pedos.

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