Sunday’s rally in opposition to the One Belt, One Road initiative which traitor Daniel Andrews signed Victorians up to without consultation went ahead on the steps of Melbourne Parliament.

It’s a pity because it was not the kind of rally that New Australian Bulletin was advocating, which should have been led by Australian nationalists (we understand an event is in preparation for early next year).

As such, it became a pro-democracy affair, unsurprisingly co-opted by conservatives as Victorian Liberal MP Edward O’ Donohue took to the mic. And this is the irritation that nationalists feel since this is an issue we have been advocating since the 1980s and no thanks to anyone else.

The rally itself was organised by Fiona Hui, who is of Chinese descent, and who is a pro-democracy advocate on behalf of Hong Kong citizens. But we don’t give a rat’s about Hong Kong citizens because this isn’t an issue of democracy, it is about national independence. It is the corruption of democracy which gave us a Chinese diaspora exceeding one million.

Moreover, having a Liberal MP address the rally was bald cheek considering the Libs are currently harbouring Chinese spy Gladys Liu as their member of Chisholm. Liu, as you might know, was linked to murdered Chinese luxury car dealer Nick Zhao and alleged spy Wang Liqiang.

However, while MP Andrew Hastie positions himself as the United States superpower advocate of ‘the west’ as it squares up to China and Russia, Scott Morrison has maintained a deathly silence on Liu.

As it happens, this week it was revealed that another Liberal party member of Chinse extraction named Liu has been tinkering with Australian politics and promoting the One Belt, One Road as reported in our weekly news muster.

Nancy Liu helped a thinly-disguised pro-Beijing political group in its fundraising efforts supposedly in support of the bushfires but in reality, to promote the OBOR. And if Andrew Robb, former Minister for Trade and Investment isn’t the biggest quisling that the Libs ever puked up, we don’t know who is.

Robb was responsible for negotiating the China Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA) and was behind the leasing of Darwin Port to Landbridge, a company led by a man linked to the Communist Party of China.

After retiring from politics Robb walked into a Sino-sinecure with the Landbridge group for which he was paid a turncoat’s ransom.

So, the sight of a Liberal and a bunch of Chinese surrounded by our flag protesting on behalf of ‘democracy’ with placards claiming we have ‘shared values’ was enough to make us consider taking up dwarf throwing. And we know who we’d be throwing the dwarfs at on those parliament steps.

O’ Donohue published on his Facebook page, “Today on the steps of the Victorian Parliament, I stand with Hong Kong and all those who believe in the rule of law, a free press and democracy.”

This is a man from the same government who had the homes of journalists raided by AFP goons, and whose government, behind all the rhetoric, is busily touching their toes for every cashed-up Chinaman who flies into Australia.

As such, the protest had a strong reminiscence of the whole kosher anti-Islam movement about it; a milieu that was infiltrated by conservatives for the purposes of conservatism.

Nationalists will be damned if we’ll let those bastards hijack the anti-China program and misdirect it once again into a perfidious conservative satellite.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no -- not THIS again!!!
And again, NO! We do NOT share the same anything except right now you're standing on our land. Help solve this problem by leaving and taking your commie counterparts with you


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