They say that boys that hang around girls’ lavatories tend to have their illusions shattered.

For Queensland’s Fortitude Valley State Secondary School there’ll be scant left to the kids’ imaginations if the internet hasn’t already robbed whatever innocence they might be clinging to.

That’s because the government in its infinite need to change us has introduced unisex toilets in their ‘vertical high school’ opening in 2020.

This means that the girls will be embarrassed and the boys will be mentally linking plopping sounds to girls that they would otherwise fancy, spoiling the thrill of illusion. Still, it’s more likely to lead to a high rate of instances of kids holding on until they get home to a familiar base before embarking on any major environmental projects.

Genius progressive developments like this aren’t about saving money, either, if you were cynical enough to think that. No, it’s not about cost reductions on two sets of restrooms for the genders. This ridiculous building cost taxpayers $80 million dollars and no one even asked if it was OK their daughters would be tinkling in a lockable cubicle next to a boy with gender dysphoria.

The disabled kids aren’t left out, either, there’ll be unisex conveniences for them to contemplate the changing nature of their crippled world.

In this old scribe’s day, if a boy dared to take a dump in the boys’ loo, he immediately surrendered his right to privacy. Unless he had good friends to guard him then several excited kiddies would scramble over the side of the cubicle with handfuls of soggy toilet paper and start pelting the hapless defecator.

Yes, toilets are a dirty business, there’s no getting away from it. And this sick progressive government is about taking away any of the gender mystiques and pitting the kids together in a nightclub scenario.

Already, school toilets are only used for what they’re intended about 20% of the time: the rest heavies take their prey to the dunnies to bash them; bad kids go to the Brasco for a sly durry, and pervert teachers make up excuses to pry on the young fold in their compromising moments. And how about the chicks, huh? how will the girls hold their gossip sessions?

This is a liberty of the most felonious kind: they take out religion from the schools; they encourage the degradation of positive gender role models; they question gender altogether outside the stringencies of science; then they choose the most embarrassing possible situation to mix them inappropriately. It’s as though the entire education department has been taken over by paedophiles.

This is the same government promoting ‘inclusivity’ and ‘diversity’ which are anathema to one another, especially where the Brasco comes into it. How many Moslem girls are going to want to crap A) where a non-Moslem has crapped and B) where their modesty is at risk?

Now, this is a good reason to deport them, but just right now it’s a good excuse to incarcerate the hypocrites behind the unisex toilet perversion. Because no matter how much they’re bent on westernising these Arabs they’ll never break innate religious codes except in those that ISIS themselves would string up and garotte with a hunting knife.

However, this school is not an isolated experiment, the “vertical high school” will start rolling out all over the country. Meanwhile, unimportant things like curriculum, maintenance, qualified teachers and discipline mean nothing. These are non-starter considerations.

Let’s not beat around the old mulberry bush here, readers, the entire purpose of this ‘renewal’ is simply to abolish the idea of gender with its inherent identity traits. After that, they wish to extinguish every other segment of natural social construct. As for those who aren’t Woke but still see no problem — we’ve read the argument that boys and girls share the same bathroom at home so why would this be any different? This is very different, because at home, they are with family and friends. 

So, while our student standards drop below those of third-world countries, at least in the minds of the paedophile progressives, everything is unicorn-rainbow on the shitters front.

How useful, not only does it have unisex toilets, but it comes with its own unemployment office for school leavers

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