Sydney’s air is currently less breathable than a hosepipe attached to the exhaust of a monster rig.

If the apocalypse has arrived then its first destinations have been Queensland and NSW. Yet, because of the remoteness of much of the bush which has been blazed into ashes with all the attendant loss of life and property, it’s when that ash and those embers hit the city you know things are growing spooky.

Sydney has for days now been covered in a thick blanket of bushfire haze. The sun, veiled by this asphyxiating screen, has turned a blood orange, and it would be a beautiful sight to behold if it was not signifying end times.

There is something post-nuclear about Sydney in these conditions and it’s not unusual with the air being so cloyed to spot ambulances stopped outside the homes of the elderly. Mind you, it could also be the heat, which on Thursday reached a whopping 33 in the shade. You could literally fry a bacon-and-eggs breakfast on the pavement and that includes the toast.

In the CBD, it’s so noxious that it resembles an Asian city as office workers get about with their faces covered by surgical masks. However, just like cockroaches could survive atomic devastation, it’s smokers who get the final laugh in conditions like this, since their lungs have been trained to inhale the cloudy garbage. So, spare a thought for every smoker you’ve shooed away; they are more likely to outlive this toxic emergency than you are.

While we bring an element of grim levity to this disaster — since we can’t do anything about it except support our fire service which we’ll get to in a moment — it’s rapidly becoming scary.

Currently, bushfires are blazing on the peripheries of the city itself, and if any damage to property occurs, we pray that Chinese who’ve bought houses lose everything including their lives. We are technically at war with them after all, or rather, we should be. How many Chinese have donated anything to the bushfire effort, or lent a hand with the volunteers? We shouldn’t say that because either the ABC or SBS is likely to produce a profile on some.

Two of the most hazardous fires are burning on the north-western edge of the city, a mere 30km west of Campbelltown, at Gospers Mountain and Green Wattle creek where there is a 230,000-hectare super blaze. This is aside from fires burning on the Blue Mountains, pumping smoke across.

Suburbs at risk in the encroaching fires are Warragamba, Silverdale, Werombi, The Oaks, Lakeland, Thirlmere, Buxton, Balmoral, Bargo and Hill.

NSW Rural Fire Service had urged residents of Colo Heights and Nattai to evacuate the area on Thursday. Now, they are advising them to stay put and seek shelter from the heat as it’s too dangerous to try and leave.

New Australian Bulletin encourages everyone to donate directly to the NSW Rural Fire Services. Don’t bother with any other mob, go right to the source and give it where it can be the most benefit in combatting the fires.

NAB has already donated and hopes that nationalists in a position to do so can follow our example. Just click the link below. Our fireies are heroes, fair dinkum, ridgey didge, no wukkas, dead set heroes!


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