December 5, 2019

After a prolonged and inhumane period of incarceration accused “Far Right” extremist Phillip Galea, appearing before the Victorian Supreme Court has been found guilty of planning and preparing an act of terror.

Due to the fact that none of the writers and editors of this site had ever met the accused, nor interacted with him online, we have thus far taken an ambivalent view toward Mr Galea and his case.

Phil might be the victim of a miscarriage of justice, a setup by bent cops and security operatives or simply of his own foolishness, we simply do not know and it is our contention that the waters have been so muddied by right-wing fruitcakes, state stooges and attention seekers that we may never know the truth.

What we do know is that Galea has been mistreated by the state and, whatever his intentions were in the first place, he has been built up into a folk devil, the great White defendant that the crooks of Antifa and their masters in Spring street have been waiting for.

The Galea case is as shonky as most terrorism cases these days, the prosecution comes up short on specifics and reliable witnesses, the defendant is deprived of liberty and his defence is obstructed all the way to the inevitable guilty verdict.

What we do know for sure is that Phil was mixed up with a known agent provocateur and self-confessed police informant named Neil Erikson; now whether this odious puck of blubber was instrumental in steering Galea towards incriminating himself, or whether he sought to capitalise on the case for his own benefit nobody is really sure.

What is also true is that so-called Antifascist agents routinely seek out weaker-minded, lonely and unstable people associated with patriotic groups whom they groom by impersonating right-wingers and seduce the target into making incriminating statements, or threats, which are then handed over to ASIO and state counter-terrorism bureaus.

This is altogether a rotten case, but not unexpected in the state of Victoria, whose police officers have the dubious distinction of being the most incompetent in the country when dealing with serious crimes and the most corrupt when it comes to handling informers.

Nobody should be jailed, as Galea was, to await committal for almost three years, whatever the charge; likewise, they should not be rotated from solitary confinement, to secure mental wards and back to prison all because they refuse an insanity plea.

As we have repeatedly said, this case stinks, so do a lot of counter-terrorism investigations, this is why we don’t gloat when someone whose views we disagree with is railroaded on some bullshit terror beef.

The law applies to everyone equally and the combination of weak and vindictive government with a politicised and deeply compromised police service makes any dissenter, no matter how benign, a target for state repression.


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