A motion tabled by Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick to move for an inquiry into Australia’s relationship with the People’s Republic of China was blocked by Liberal and Labor on Tuesday.

The senator moved the motion for an inquiry to be referred to the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade References Committee with a report to be published in November 2020.

This followed an angry speech by senators led by Jacqui Lambie who blasted Liberal and Labor for their inaction on a matter which she emphasised the urgency of, saying, “This is not some wacky conspiracy theory, this is happening!”

Senator Lambie referred to statements made recently by outgoing ASIO supremo Duncan Lewis who sounded the alarm about China’s operations in Australia, which Lambie argued were being ignored.

“The Chinese government is seeking to ‘take over’ Australia’s political system through its ‘insidious’ foreign affair’s operations,” she said.

“It might take decades, he said. I don’t think it will. I don’t disagree with it. I don’t think it’s going to take decades. They’re coming in by stealth. You need to wake up.”

She reminded the senate of the treasonous actions by the NSW Labor party in receiving $100,000 in an Aldi bag linked to Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo who has since been banned from Australia.

“Does anyone really believe that money was handed over with no strings attached?” she said.

Earlier, Senator Lambie blasted the chamber by exclaiming, “We’re sitting ducks here! We’re leaving ourselves open and we’re letting the Communist Party in China come in here and undermine our democracy.

“There’s nothing to see here according to Labor and the Libs.

“People are literally showing up dead. Someone who was supposedly cultivated by the Chinese government to run as a Liberal Party candidate in the Commonwealth Parliament has shown up dead.”

Her comments referred to car dealer Nick Zhao who was found dead in a Melbourne hotel after informing ASIO that a powerful Chinese businessman had attempted to recruit him to run as an MP.

At the outset, Senator Lambie pointed out that while the government and Labor, “It’s about time the people in this place woke up to China’s attempts to infiltrate our economy and our democracy. I can tell you that the other 25million Australians out there have!

“Both sides of politics need to take a good, hard look at themselves and make sure they’re acting in our national interest. Quite obviously, over China, they’re not.”

The motion was defeated by a vote of 38 to 15, with Senator James Patterson in the negative.

James Patterson and Liberal MP Andrew Hastie were banned from visiting China because of comments they had made critical of the Communist Party. But when it came to putting his words into action Patterson was no doubt forced to tow the party line, which is one of appeasement to China.

Resources Minister and the Nationals’ deputy Senate leader, Matt Canavan, opposed the motion, blathering, “The China relationship is important and complex, engaging a full range of national interests.

“We have a comprehensive strategic partnership, which benefits both countries.”

Canavan demonstrated why the Nationals, a globalist-capitalist party, are so far removed from their supporter base.

It is getting so what the government and its ally in Labor are doing with their ‘hoodwink economics’ will require an Arab Spring-type response.

We know that the real reason they oppose the motion is that any dedicated inquiry will more than likely unearth the countless compromising deals the government and Labor have been involved in with those linked to Communist China.

As it is, both Liberal and Labor are silent on the question of what is almost certainly a Communist Chinese agent sitting in parliament, Liberal MP Gladys Liu.

It was reported today that Liu has been linked to a dodgy Chinese company involved in a probe into drug funds and money laundering.

Liu was appointed to gain access for the Communist Chinese-linked company keen to use its spondulicks to gain sway so it could begin ripping off Australians. The company used a known heroin dealer to drop off the Libs’ bribe money. It’s a shameful, dirty story.

Liu is a spy and should be hanged along with all those traitors in government who’ve put their own greed ahead of the nation’s security. If that sounds crackpot then you are part of the problem since it’s your tolerance to our national destruction that enables these quislings in the first place.


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