November 26, 2019


Defecting Beijing agents are like Chinese meals given that two hours after having one you are ready for another.

In the case of defector Wang Liqiang we’ll definitely need a second helping since he doesn’t appear to have given ASIO anything they didn’t already know. That is, of course, assuming the whole story — which is quite reminiscent of the Petrov Affair — isn’t hinky.  

Frankly, telling us that Beijing is trying to infiltrate our political system, is about as much of a revelation as to where babies come from. The question that matters is, what is to be done about it? Now, a nationalist government wouldn’t have allowed all these noodle-eaters into our country in the first place, so blaming multiracialism is the best place to start, as far as apportioning blame.

However, as to spy-vs-spy shenanigans, don’t forget how in 1995 the US and Australia colluded to bug the newly built Chinese embassy in Canberra. During construction, they had slyly installed fibre-optic bugging-gadgets throughout the gaff. This scheme actually worked more in favour of the Yanks who gained an upper hand in trade deals with China after leaving the Aussies to do all the hard work.

That’s just a bit of history to make the point that espionage is hardly an imported hobby and that it would be more surprising if Beijing wasn’t running operations. Nonetheless, it’s not a matter of whether they are manoeuvring but how sloppy our own intelligence services are in dealing with them. The fact that Liqiang alleges China’s spies are “acting with impunity” is hardly surprising given how via political correctness and greed the globalist rulers have made it so easy for them to do so.

According to Liqiang, a Melbourne luxury car dealer Bo “Nick” Zhao was approached by a wealthy Chinese businessman to become a spy for Beijing and run for Australian federal parliament. It would’ve been easier to just take his bag of money to a Liberal or Labor fundraiser, but this cockamamie scheme seemed like a better idea to the giant brains slurping Tom Yum soup over in Panda land, or so we are led to believe.

It seems, old Bo was a bit down his luck, which for a Chinaman can prove fatal. In fact, it did, “Nick” was found to be deceased inside of a hotel room in Glen Waverley in March this year. This was apparently after paying ASIO a visit to apprise them of the plot and no doubt ask for protection, which, we can guess from the dramatic statement he made, was not forthcoming. Assuming he wasn’t, you know, retired by one or the other.

Yet, it’s a bit rich to speak of this nonentity who by all accounts was on the total fringes of the Victorian Liberal party when we find an outright walking red flag such as Gladys Liu with her innumerable ties to Beijing sitting in federal parliament. And, what’s more, we have our own quislings who will happily tell Beijing anything it wants to know such as former Liberal MP Andrew Robb. He was a driving force behind the sale of Darwin Port to the Chongs.

Just about nobody on either side of politics can be trusted where China is concerned because it provides such an easy solution to the only thing that matters to any of them which is money. We have a grave feeling that this whole theatre involving Wang, who is supposed to have already coughed up all he knows without yet being granted asylum, which seems like a very amateur bit of negotiating, is being played out for domestic consumption for reasons not totally clear. It is said that Liqiang’s young family was here and that means it’s also possible ASIO got to them and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. 

Meanwhile, Taiwan isn’t acting blase about anything, and is taking the allegations very seriously: they’ve already detained Wang’s alleged boss and handler Chinese businessman Xiang Xin and his wife Qing Gong. So innocent was this duo of slippery slopes who ran a company China Innovation Investment LTD (CIIL) that they were halfway through Taoyuan Airport when authorities seized the pair. 

Frankly, oddities pepper this story. For one thing, the “chairman” of the Parliament’s intelligence and security committee is Liberal MP Andrew Hastie, who has been banned from travelling to China, over criticisms of its human rights record. Hastie is about as suss as they come: he was the long-sought link nationalists had been hunting between the Patriot movement and the conservatives. Last year, serial rat Neil Erikson admitted to being on the Libs’ payroll after Hastie allegedly approached him in Perth at a rally for South African Farmers offering him money to make solicitations on behalf of the Liberals. In fact, Erikson did, during the election, promote the Liberals on his now defunct Facebook page. But when questions began to get seriously asked, Hastie denied knowing Erikson, who promptly retracted his story. 

Erikson had led a charmed life being constantly arrested in the public eye yet not facing a sentence, and he was known to have contacts running deep inside the murky system. It seems now they’ve set their snitch free but whatever Hastie’s current role is it bears scrutiny. He’s now banging the tub over China’s spies but it’s the Liberals and in fact the whole political class that has long put ‘the economy’ ahead of Australian security so whatever they’re up to now has to be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. 

As to Beijing, well, they’ve predictably denied Liqiang was ever their agent. Nope, they know nothing about it, must be all western lies. Instead, they gave him a blustering rap sheet which included being a “fraudster”. He isn’t the kind of celestial you should trust, they reckon. 

It’s a bit tricky here either way since the only way you can know a Chinaman is lying is when he opens his mouth to speak.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Noodle Cook: Wang Liqiang is The Spy Who Loved MSG


  1. I think it is right to be suss. Where did this clown come from and how come the media knew about it? Do they get tip-offs from the Five Eyes now? It seems an op us being run and the CIA must be in on it.

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