November 24, 2019


Shoppers at Woodend in country Victoria were blown away when a quartet of edgy youngsters entered the local Coles supermarket all dressed in black SS uniforms.

The fashion revivalists, in their homage to the famed German designer Hugo Boss, went to some effort in their costumes; the boys even donning jackboots (all except one who bafflingly wore sneakers – ED) and all four displayed the armband insignia of the extinct German National Socialist Workers Party.

We assume they were either on their way to a cosplay party or else The Antipodeans are now funding their activities by flogging baby formula.

When confronted by a confused shopper, the two boys and two girls advised the poor citizen to “Fuck off” and mind his own business; (although anyone who goes around cosplaying like that shouldn’t be surprised when punters gawp at them – ED).

Now, this is an odd spectacle, we grant you, but it’s jumping to conclusions to suggest that an Aussie pogrom had just kicked off in the Coles shopping aisles of all places. Nonetheless, the media in its predictability contacted The Jewish Community Council of Victoria for comment. Spokeswoman Jennifer Huppert didn’t waver from the script; decrying the youths’ lack of sensitivity toward the remaining survivors of the atrocities of WW2. She wailed about the Holocaust ™ and how forgetting the past will almost certainly lead to the ovens once again warming up for their kosher fare.

As it happens, I am old enough to remember a Polish lady with numbers tattooed on her forearm who worked at my local takeaway when I was at Uni; she was a conspicuous relic from those troubled times. I also had several meaningful conversations over the years with elderly migrants from eastern Europe and the Balkans about the cataclysm of the war between the National socialists and communists. I got to glean a definite sense of the period having made these significant exchanges.

Kids these days do not have that connection to that war. One of those quoted in The Age’s coverage of this story pointed out that the alleged offenders’ grandparents fought the people who wore those black uniforms. Judging by the age of those pictured it would be surprising if that were true although anything’s possible.

Nonetheless, authentic survivors of the SS internment camps would be so senile as to be questionably living; the only way they would know about this parade of partygoers would be if someone deliberately pointed it out by peeling away their cataracts and jabbing a vial of amyl nitrate up their hairy nostrils.

The general feeling I got from the old migrants and bonza Diggers I encountered over the years is that they drew a line under their war experiences when they were de-mobilised or resettled in a safe place; although there was still a lingering hatred of the enemy most moved on and forgot the past.

As one WW2 soldier I met about 20 years ago remarked, in his old age he never thought much about Tobruk, Milne Bay or the Lae/Salamaua operations that took away four years of his youth and a swathe of his mates; his great achievements in life were raising three daughters and spending the rest of his working life as an electrician installing traffic lights.

Granted it is not a great idea to go strutting about a small country town dressed like Hitler’s bodyguards — and the young people could probably have organised their grog and munchies beforehand — but is it really any worse than someone wearing a Kamikaze headband or a Soviet-style Ushanka hat for a laugh?

Context is everything and only crass opportunists such as sleazy Nine journalists and self-serving Zog agents would seek to make mileage out of a harmless prank.

Besides, it probably scared off all the daigou shoppers!

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