A 100-strong gang of berserk Africans have terrorised a Melbourne suburb after inflicting $45,000 worth of damage to an AirBnb home.

The chaos began when complaints by locals led to police investigating noise coming from a house on Ashley Street, in Box Hill North around 6am on Sunday morning.

It is unclear whether the arrival of the police triggered the chimp-out or if the African rampage of destruction had led worried locals to phone police. However, up-to a hundred Africans were seen charging through the street, terrifying locals, as they brandished planks of wood and other weapons.

A local resident told Nine News that the gang’s raucous behaviour had gone on “all night”.

“They [the police] had them against the fences, they were searching them. The kids were just laughing, no one was taking anything seriously.”

Africans know that ‘being black’ there will be no serious repercussions for their behaviour as the court system will be lenient towards them because of the privilege of their black skin.

Talking to The Daily Mail, a police spokesman admitted, “It is believed a brawl broke out on the front of the house with a large number of youths. Police shut down the party with up to 100 youths dispersing from the house about 6 am.

“The house sustained major internal damage and police are investigating whether items were stolen from the address.”

In other words, police did nothing, and no arrests were made, further emboldening the Africans to even greater acts of lawlessness in the future.

It is reported that one token African female was arrested for laughing when cops tried to confirm her identity. But both she and they knew she had to be released and subsequently she was allowed back on the streets.

Vision from inside the house has revealed a mess the likes of which could easily be made by a military drone strike but was the work of 100 out of control black youths with hate for this country in their small hearts.

After investigating, a shocked property manager told Nine News that the damage inside resembled a war zone.

“I think they [AirBnb] need to identify the people who book the properties more carefully,” he said dazedly.

However, as we all know, Victoria has no problem with African gangs and anything that happened to the house was due to trauma these African kiddies experienced when told about conditions in refugee camps back in Africa where none of them has actually set foot.


  1. Australia for Australians. Not all cultures are equal.
    The social engineers who run our societies are not stupid. Nobody could be this stupid. It’s being planned and we the people have no say in how our country is being changed.
    We must stop the immigration program and multiculturalism immediately. If we need to grow our population then we should incentivize marriage and reward child birth.

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