A gang of brazen African shop-raiders has been chased from a Cranbourne clothes store by staff and customers fed-up with the ongoing scourge of African crime plaguing Victoria.

CCTV footage obtained by Nine News shows the black teenagers ransacking the SportsPower store in Cranbourne before staff, customers and members from a nearby gym, gave chase.

Last Friday afternoon, the African teens entered the store on South Gippsland Hwy and began racking up clothing items. More suspicious was how they carried that merchandise, not in the direction of the cash register, which most Africans have never seen, but directly towards the store’s exit.

By the time they broke into a bolt, it was a dead giveaway, but probably not a great surprise for Victorians used by now to the expectation of Africans committing brash criminal acts in numbers.

However, rather than behave like Victorian police would, standing there sucking their thumbs, staff, members of the public and other ordinary citizens gave chase.

The store’s co-owner, Sarah Naismith told Nine, “Everyone was keeping an eye, calling out to us saying, ‘they’re down the next street!’”

In this manner, they were able to track the bolting black youth but sharing DNA with Usain Bolt admittedly gave them an advantage. This did not stop a brave bystander tackling a 15-year-old to the ground and keeping him there till police arrived while the others managed to give them the slip.

Actually, we’re not sure police did arrive, as the doughnuts were probably just too irresistible for cops to tear themselves away from.

This was no small achievement either since by doing so the good Samaritan recovered $2,000 worth of goods for the store.

SportsPower praised those good citizens who mucked in where the police would do nothing, writing in a Facebook post, “It was amazing to see so many people helping out as we looked for the perpetrators of a brazen daylight robbery.

“One was apprehended last night in a genuine citizen’s arrest and thanks to so many people giving chase and calling in tips we have already recovered over 20 items.

“None of this would have been possible without locals being upstanding citizens. As owners of a small, locally owned business we thank everyone for their support of your local sports store and our team of amazing employees.”

Who needs cops? Actually, who needs the courts either? The next step will be to frogmarch these piccaninnies directly to the airport and throw them on the next African-bound airline. Next up, to nevermore allow a plane to land or a boat to anchor that has anything other than good law-abiding god-fearing white people aboard.

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