November 16, 2019


China has just bought another lump of Australia’s wealth which was grinningly served up to them by the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board and (FIRB) and kosher treasurer, Josh Frydenberg.

The sale of Bellamy’s Australia to ultra-nationalist Chinese corporation China Mengniu Dairy Company for $1.5 billion went by without a scintilla of an objection — that is to say, before the sale.

Jacqui Lambie, the only conscientious person in Australian politics, has slammed the move as “an embarrassment to the country”.

She told The Sydney Morning Herald, “I think I am like millions of Australians out there who are very concerned about the Communist Chinese takeover. Every time they open a chequebook we roll over like a dog.”

Her view was shared by Pauline Hanson, who said, “Stop, just enough! Enough with the rampant sell-off of Australia. These are money-making entities, which are vital for our economy, they employ local people, and they contribute to our food production. Why compromise that?”

She added, “Here we are allowing the Chinese to waltz in and snatch away one of the leading baby formula manufacturing businesses, with little consideration for what it means for our country’s future; this takes another chunk out of Australia’s ability to produce enough food for our own people.”

The thing with Pauline is, she had no problem with the sale of Kidman Cattle Station to Communist Chinese shareowners Shanghai Cred, which owns 33% of the station in a joint venture with foul oligarch Gina Rinehart. In 2016, she made a video for her followers telling them, “It’s all right, I’ve spoken to Gina, and there are no Communists.” Oh, dear woman, how practical of you to think of your powerful rich friend while putting the truth second.

Further to that, on the matter of the Asian takeover, Pauline totally recanted her position, denying she ever said Australia was in danger of being swamped by Asians. Instead, she hopped on the then-popular anti-Islam bandwagon looking for renewal in purpose.

Meanwhile, happy idiot Barnaby Joyce has said it was “disappointing” to hear about the sale, which might just be his way of being understated.

These are all very correct observations, even from Ms Hanson, whose advisers have finally found her a sensible nationalist issue to speak out on. In the case of Ms Lambie, being a Senator on behalf of her Tasmanian constituents, the matter is personal. Bellamy’s Australia started out in 2003 in Launceston as Bellamy’s Organic, a small food and beverage company specialising in goo food. Before long, it was going great guns, and in 2014 it was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

The writing was on the wall when in 2017 a Chinaman named John Ho, founder and chief investment officer of Hong Kong-based Janchor Partners joined as a non-executive director. He was no doubt already faxing sensitive information about the company’s financial condition back to his dark masters in Beijing, paving the way for the inevitable takeover.

It only got worse when former Chief Operations & Strategic Officer and Jewish swindler Andrew Cohen was appointed in 2017 as the company’s acting CEO and then chief executive.

Frydenberg has dismissed concerns about China now owning another sizeable chunk of important Australian business and food production. He named special provisions that the company board must be run by a majority Australian board and be located in Australia for the next ten years.

As if an “Australian board” wouldn’t answer to its masters or that ten years even matter to a nation like China which has expansive plans of world domination and who spawned a philosopher who coined the phrase, “Slowly slowly catchy monkey.”

She may not be a nationalist, but we think she is OK

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