Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith is advising wannabe new recruits not to join the armed footsteps.

The Aussie war hero is so ticked off with the state of the forces which he served so gallantly that he is calling for defence top brass to be unceremoniously fired; preferably from a cannon. Uppermost in his mind is the dreadful way that veterans are treated, which he likens to the forgotten heroes who returned from Vietnam.

Moreover, he reckons that the army bigwigs are all about their own careers, and couldn’t give a rat’s about the fighting digger.

Roberts-Smith told The Daily Telegraph, “My opinion is the Australian Defence Force needs good young Australians… but when you look at what is happening at the moment it gives me pause to think, ‘Is it a good option for somebody to do that’, knowing that at any point you could be injured, leave and not be supported in a way that is expected and that you should be supported because you have chosen to serve. So, from my perspective at the moment, it would take serious consideration before you would be advising people to join the ADF.”

Mr Roberts-Smith served in the Australian Defence Force for 20 years, from 1996-2015 and was awarded the Victoria Cross and Medal of Gallantry for his heroics on the battlefield.

But having taken a look around at the lack of care given to returned servicemen and women who are likely suffering from a range of conditions linked to post-traumatic stress he could spit.

The best the government has managed to come up with thus far is a shitty lapel pin and a discount card for a range of garbage most squaddies couldn’t afford in the first place.

And when you consider that all of this damage that they’ve sustained is by typically fighting illegal operations against Israel’s enemies rather than defending Australia which is what they should be doing (right now from China) he has added reason to start blowing chunks.

What is worse is, in Roberts-Smith’s case, he found himself defamed by the usual assassins at Fairfax Media (Nine), especially an underpants’ stain of a journalist named Nick McKenzie who is linked to a major Melbourne anarchist.

Currently, that is a defamation matter that is in the legal process. With our own comrades falling victim to the Fairfax slush we wish this Aussie war hero all the best and hope that McKenzie is sued so badly that he has to resort to prostituting his own mother to make ends meet.

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