November 14, 2019


A Sydney council has become the latest seditious local government body to dump Australia Day celebrations in favour of some bogus Woke cobbled-together Abo-bullshit.

Inner West Council, which takes in the most ‘Woke’ suburbs in Sydney such as Leichardt, Balmain, Newtown, and a whole lot of migrant-filled cesspits like Ashfield and Hurlstone Park, has agreed to ditch Australia Day celebrations. Instead, they want to direct citizens to an Abo Yabun festival.

We have no idea what a Yabun festival is, and we don’t care, because Australia Day is about Anglo-Celtic-European identity and not primitive Aboriginal hogwash; with all due respect. Abos don’t have any real festivals except their corrobborees and they are pitiful heathen excesses. This stuff is made-up by revisionist elitist trendies such as Inner West Council Mayor Darcy Byrne who is leading the attack on our national identity.

Byrne, who we have been told is a rampaging homosexual who leaps on whatever the latest Woke campaign may be, is a staffer for Labor leader Anthony Albanese. This means that Albo and the ALP are 100% behind this desecration of Australia’s most significant national holiday.

Byrne released a statement on Wednesday, saying, “Attitudes toward 26 January are changing in the community. For Aboriginal people, the date represents the beginning of colonisation, dispossession, the removal of children and deliberate destruction of language and culture.”

He means like him and his cultural vandals’ destruction of Australian identity and culture starting with Australia Day.

Frankly, this kind of American-style identity politics has no place in a piddling council, which should be concerning itself with maintaining parks and getting the rubbish collected on time.

The story of the Aborigines is actually a very positive one that began the same day, January 26th 1788 when NSW’s first governor Arthur Philip rowed ashore at Sydney cove and claimed this land for Mad King George III.

While some nationalists might not regard this as a convincing date around which to express Australianness it remains the reality of how we got started.

Thanks to Phillip, the Aborigine has been lifted into the modern world and was done so at the time with due care and diligence by men of great conscience such as the first governor of New South Wales, Arthur Phillip. Phillip’s policies towards the Aborigines who dwelt around Sydney Harbour was humane in the utmost. His orders were that none was to be mistreated and that any found guilty of killing an Aborigine was to be hanged.

Even when on Manly beach in 1788 an unruly and savage Abo speared Phillip in the shoulder he ordered no retaliation, making him a better man than us, who would have dealt out white man’s justice on general principle alone.

Sure, there were a few hiccups for the Abos at our arrival, and not all governors shared Phillip’s tolerance. Macquarie was tough but fair and used a carrot-and-stick approach to taming the hostile natives. And let’s face it, if the Aborigines had instead been dealing with the Chinese the only Aborigine left by now would be stuffed and standing in a People’s Museum.

Much misinformation has been written about Anglo-Aboriginal relations. The truth is the Abos were a tad suss of us at first but then embraced us and, with the exception of smallpox, the wonderful gifts we brought, such as rum, and sugar. Indeed, as the old adage goes, you cannot make an omelette without cracking a few eggs.

Yes, it was probably a mistaken idea to “assimilate” Aborigines, we don’t argue with that, although we could point to a tremendous amount of good that was done. We could even invoke that wonderfully hilarious and pithy dialogue from Monty Python’s Life of Brian where it is asked, “What have the Romans ever done for us?”

Don’t forget, it was not the cruelty of Australians perse but that of the colonial overlords and remembering that those who would be the forefathers of the colonials came in chains it wasn’t a merry picnic for them either. It was a brutal, gruelling, tough passage with such hard labour as can kill a man, and indeed, many died.

But this nation would not be here now, and it would not be in a position to be so introspective about the Aboriginal people had we not triumphed over adversity. There was no way on earth that this country would have remained inhabited solely by the Aborigines, and they themselves came from elsewhere, with their own history of genocide against the pygmies.

Scum like Byrne makes it about their own diseased consciences, which are fettered with the decorative ideas of the idle elites. Byrne is a cry-baby too. Earlier in the year the Labor councillor used a council motion to request an apology from a Greens and an independent councillor over comments made, not by them but left on their Facebook pages.

The comments criticised Labor’s support for a dodgy 1100-apartment rezoning in Marrickville.

Nonetheless, he and his entire anti-European council have bugger-all power to stop us from celebrating our national day in their suburbs if we choose to. For instance, those nationalists who have a mind to make a point about Australia Day might sacrifice some time to get in a loud convoy of cars, bedecked with Aussie flags and suchlike, and hammer your horns as you proceed through Byrne’s electorate of Balmain. There is good parkland up there for a picnic and you can crash the local pubs and make a noise too.

If need be, roll up to this Yabun festival and really get the willies up them by burning an Aboriginal flag. They burn ours enough; let ‘em know that they aren’t about to become so sacred that just by being Abos they are beyond question. As to their “culture”, it’s time to get iconoclastic about it. Their paintings suck, their didgeridoo sounds like a wallaby passing an apple core, and their Dreamtime stories are sillier than anything dreamt up in the Bible or wherever goofy creation myths have existed.

Australia Day belongs to the people, not shitty councils.

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